The sky above my home was cloudy and dark as I greeted her with my morning coffee.

My hands felt warm as they touched the warm coffee mug. With the big jolt of caffeine, my sleepy body had awakened with the blessed morning prayers upon my lips. The cold night had finally ended as I came upon the door of dawn.

From dusk through dawn, I travel with hope as my faith, and know hope is out there as the sun breaks through at dawn. Life always teaches me the lessons as I journey through life.

The hope of a bright sunny day was just my door of hope as I let positivity be my guide. I believe all the clouds upon the dark skies eventually leave us as proven by science and we the human witnesses. Proving my positivity is the right path, the clouds evaporated as the amazing sun appeared from beneath the clouds. From a cloudy dawn, I had a beautiful sunny day upon me.

Life is an amazing journey and throughout this journey, we the travelers of life must never give up on the door of hope.

Let faith be your guide and remember whichever path you travel upon, be safe and always follow the right path as you shall be your own guide. Drive your Earthly vehicle safely as The Lord, The Creator has bestowed upon us our own Earthly vehicles for this blessed journey through life.

This winter as I was traveling with total strangers on a Delta Air Lines flight, I realized we were all passengers on the same flight with different itineraries. The destination was the same, yet we were all sitting in different spots. Some were sitting in first class and some economy class. Yet, all the travelers reached their destination safely.

How you choose to travel through life is your chosen path.

Respect the fellow travelers even if they are different from you. Even upon this flight, we the travelers had different menu choices. As a vegetarian, I had opted for the vegetarian meal. Other travelers had their own meal choices and we all respected each other. Different travelers had different movie choices with so many different language options. All the travelers were entertained and kept themselves busy.

The world citizens united on a flight where for nine hours we all sat together in union. There was no race, color, or religion separating us as we were all the travelers. I realized here if for nine hours, we are the travelers, then is it not true that this life too is a journey and we are all the travelers?

From birth through death, we are the travelers, taking a journey through life.

On this journey, learn to share the path with all different travelers. Know your life is your written journey through your chosen path. Destined to destiny you are not, as you create your own travel diary through your footsteps.

Like the travelers upon the plane, I wondered if you all write your own travel journal throughout time, then we the different will all learn from one another. We could create a guidance journal for all throughout time. These journals would bridge the differences and create a rainbow of diaries for all to learn from.

As my journey from Seattle to Amsterdam had come to an end, I realized I would again take this flight back to Seattle and have one more chance to meet and greet all different travelers.

The journey through life, however, is a one-way path where there is a no return policy. So let us, the different, in union take this journey through life and create a rainbow diary as a life guidance journal. Let all of the journals be on different pages of the complete journal through each individual journey through life.

For better or for worse, let us walk for one another as we are all the travelers of life. May we write these pages with honor, dignity, and courage. Let us stand up for all the weak or lonely travelers if they need us as a walking cane. For the cold and stranded travelers, hand out warm blankets to keep them safe throughout the cold chilly nights. Carry a jug of cold water for the lonely travelers in a heated desert road, where sharing your drink will increase your wealth, not decrease it.

Today, do take a lesson from your trip as you take a road trip, or a trip through the air, or the sea. Remember how you had shared this trip with different travelers. Learn to share this one world with all the travelers of life.

May these small lessons be your guide as you become the teacher of life.

Teach all of your students the same lessons throughout time. Then, eventually there shall be a teacher watching out for all throughout time. As we fall, he or she shall be there through the humans and their profound humanity to pick us up.

Life is a complete journey you the individual travel through. All travelers must walk upon this path alone as they complete the journey. Here, remember to walk for yourself and be there for others whom might need you. Respect one another even if you are different. Always remember the path is the same, the journey is the same, the only difference between you and all the other travelers is you the individual who is taking your journey through your individual life.

Life shall bind all the different travel journals into one book called the book of life and you the travelers shall have within this book your own page. This page is your journey through life.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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