Journey Of The Travelers by Ann Marie Ruby



The autumn wind blowing the loose leaves off of the trees reminds me of myself and the loose leaves of my traveler’s journal. The traveler I am, writing my journal to guide all whom need my guidance. I always compare each day of my life to a page of a diary, or a loose leaf of a tree.

Life is a journey and all of us are the travelers.

Each individual life has his or her own travel journey written upon the memory lanes of his or her own traveled path. I always wonder to myself what happens to the traveler who does not write down his or her travel journey? Do these stories get lost within the path with the traveler?

I believe they find their places within the memories of the co-travelers and from their words of mouth, they too take place within the pages of history. This is how we collectively have the the journal of the travelers.

Like the loose leaves of a traveler’s diary, these pages find themselves within the hands of the future generations. These pages guide us and protect us from the unknown obstacles of life. Within a dark stormy sea, these pages become an ark and take us to safety.

Today, if you the traveler are going through a dark stormy situation, do not lose hope and give up. Your journey out of this obstacle will guide your future generations and all others whom you shall meet through the bridge of the same situational journey.

Do we the travelers meet each other as we share the same path?

Yes and no. The present meet each other and we gift one another our shared lessons of life. The past travelers have left us their life stories as a gift. We meet them through their learned lessons of life. The future generations are blessed to have us the present as their guides. For the sacred lessons of life, we shall gift the future generations, our learned lessons of life. These journeys we the travelers take through life is the bridge of union that bonds us the travelers throughout eternity.

Today, if you are depressed thinking why have you landed upon this hurdle, know it is only temporary and the clouds will evaporate soon. This hurdle though will be a page in your personal diary to guide the future generations. Do not feel depressed or lonely tonight as you are the guiding lighthouse for the future generations.

Always keep the candles of hope glowing throughout the dark nights. Share your nightmares and sweet dreams with all around you. Guide the lost through your words of caution and give hope to all through your sweet dreams achieved.

As I awaken to another autumn morning, I watch my trees have yet lost more leaves.

I know soon as spring shall knock upon my door, the trees shall bloom with new life and hope. Take lessons from nature and know tomorrow shall come upon your door.

Today though, do take your pen out and write down your personal journey through this day of your life. Share the days of your life with friends and family. For even though some of these stories won’t take place upon the pages of history, they shall bake fresh breads from the memories of your friends and family. These breads shall be shared upon the kitchen tables of all whom need them or want them.

This life is a journey and we the travelers are writing a journal through our lives lived. Let our lives be lessons from a cautionary guidance book for all whom are arriving as the future travelers.

The travelers who have finished their journeys are now upon the night skies, shining as our guiding stars. Their stories lived through this journey of life are but their blessings left behind.

So today, I ask you the lonely traveler not to be scared of life or death for throughout all we have as company, the present, the past, and the future travelers of life.

Enjoy life and let life bless you as you bless her with positivity, hope, and love. Bless yourself and all other travelers ahead and behind you. Soon this path we the travelers journey upon shall have blessings from ahead and behind us.

My blessings be with you all, as you try to overcome the obstacles of life. Become the traveler who carries the candles of hope throughout the storms of life. Through your journal, light the candle of hope for all the travelers, as they journey through this Earth for we are all The Travelers Of Life.


This blog post is for inspirational/spiritual purposes. If you are going through depression, remember to seek medical help as needed.


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