My heart cries for all human beings across the globe. I want to hug each one of you personally. Also, I want to wipe your tears, and sit with you as we talk. I want to walk with you as you suffer through the obstacles of life. I want the message of hope to be within all throughout eternity, the past, the present, and the future. Time moves on as she makes we the present the past, and you the reader but the future. This is how we unite throughout time.

Pain and suffering are hard as I had walked through this path.

Be it physical or be it emotional, I have crossed both bridges. Sometimes even loneliness gets to the human core as we are social beings, used to our social upbringings.

So today I awakened to this thought of the human mind, body, and soul as I meditated for my personal meditative soul. I realized how loneliness during the holidays can get to your soul and it affects your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

How do we awaken from our physical or emotional troubles of life? I know there are a lot of us who like to hide all our troubles under the bridge.

For physical healing, we go to the scientific community. For emotional protection, we search through the scientific, mystical, and religious communities. Where do we go for spiritual enlightenment, to unite the mind, body, and soul? How do we awaken ourselves and then help all of whom need awakening to awaken themselves?

I realized I must do something for the wellbeing of my human family.

As I learned to awaken, fighting all obstacles and learn to live and laugh, I found a new dawn awaiting my arrival as I but welcomed her. There were times I thought dawn was but missing from my life, yet, she was always there. It was I, who was not but welcoming her. Today, I thought of you who is but walking through the same obstacles I had but left behind. I placed my own life jacket on, yet, I want to place your life jackets on you too.

I realized my only path to all of you was through words, through my virtual paper and pen. Through technology even from my home, I could send my prayers of hope to all of you. I could give you candles of hope. These words of hope are my virtual hug and blessings for all whom seek, knock, and ask for the words of comfort.

For the last few days, my barn has been infested with a lot of beehives. I watched the bees getting in groups and knew I needed professional help. I realized they do not bite unless they think their life is in danger.

My thoughts went to how the bees like to be in a group.

I know we the humans join different groups to get emotional support. I watched my fish within my pond had come with joy as I had sprinkled their fish food. It is a pleasure and joy to see how they were in a group, yet, they fought each other for the food. They stay in a group under the water lilies as they hide from the herons and cranes, who come and hunt the fish.

Why is it we group up in union when we need protection and when we need support, yet, divide again as we like to be individuals with personal individualities? This is prehistorical from the dinosaurs to the Neanderthals to us the humans as we all have the same behavioral patterns. Yet, we all have different personalities because of our different lifestyles. This is an impact due to social upbringing.

How do we escape our own feelings?

How do we escape the loneliness, the low self-esteem, the self pity which I call the fall of a human mind, or the self-destruction of the human beings?

This is like when we feel low, we group up and make all feel low. Another feeling is when one’s self pride takes all of his group to destroy all others around him, only to uplift himself. Again history testified these events such as the witch burnings. I know we might not agree with another’s personal view and that is normal. We are the greatest creation the Lord has created as we can think for ourselves. We don’t need to hunt down all for disagreements or their personal ways or lifestyles. For is it not why we are but different from the animals? What is the difference between an animal and a human? I have written previous blog posts about animals also seeking comfort as they too feel but do not have the intelligence of humans.

The mind, body, and soul, are the difference between the savage human and the human with humanity, the awakened and the yet to be awakened soul. When the mind, body, and soul are aligned, it is then the stars above guide you. It is then you can awaken yourself to the biggest spiritual gift you but have, your own humanity hidden within your mind, body, and soul.

No loneliness affects you then, for all of the human creation but await your love.

Even when there is no one for you, be there for all through your gift of humanity. Be your own answered prayers, as you walk alone this night. Awaken with love and blessings for all, as you let love, joy, and peace, awaken within your soul.

Tonight watch the stars and know they too blink in happiness as you the human have awakened for yourself. Be happy for your known or unknown neighbors. Pray for your friends and your enemies too. May your friends be there in time of your need and you be there in times of their need. For the enemies, do say a prayer they find peace, joy, and forgiveness within their mind, body, and soul for the answers to all prayers are but hidden with peace of self awakening of the human mind. Within agreement or disagreement, we learn to live separately, yet, within the same humanity of all humans.

This holiday, walk through history as she teaches the difference between we the humans and the prehistorical living beings. She teaches the difference between wrong and right. She also teaches the difference between the solitary and the solidarity.

There is no wrong way, as long as your way is not blocking off another person on his ways.

I like to say, do not park your human vehicle blocking off another vehicle. Life is a sacred learning journey through the lessons learned.

If you sit alone this holiday, meditate your meditative soul to awaken spiritually and live for all. I say even if there is no one for you, be there for all. Through this journey, you will never be alone. The saints have walked this path to teach us, throughout history. I know we can live for them too as they were our teachers of the past.

If you live within a group be there for them throughout the good and bad times. Do not become an animal and become their hunter as they become your prey for that is the difference between the man and the animal.

For all humans walking through the journey of life, I pray today you all light a candle of hope within your soul.

Walk with this candle as you show all the light and blessings of the human life. Be there today for the present. Tomorrow be there for the future, and as you walk to the future, your message is but left with blessings from the past, to the present, for the future.

Today I had received a question from a reader asking, “How do I know if I was wrong or right?” My answer to you and all is, always try to do right. Always know only the future would know if you were wrong or right as history records your deed for the future generations. Time is but our only sacred truth. Travel with dignity and honor, never block others or be the reason of blockage.

Be happy and spread love and joy throughout time for the wellbeing of all humanity.

I know you and I spend a lot of time buying material goods. This holiday season, may we spread love and blessings around the globe through our blessed gift bags. I give you my blessings through my words of wisdom. The cover photo is of me with my gift bag in The Hague, The Netherlands, know this is a metaphor of me sending you my blessings!

May my blessings spread throughout this universe through my words of wisdom, 



  1. I am repetitively reading your post and it’s beautiful. I am always contemplating about life. I try to be kind to others (humans and animals); there are some glitches at time though especially with fellow humans. As much as I try not to hurt other people’s feelings, these people have no regards for mine. That’s when I become very nasty and then I regret it. It’s not worth the while because life is very very short. I must learn to mellow down. Thank you for sharing your post and thanks you for letting me share my thoughts. Hugs and love – MZ

    1. Thank you!

      I completely understand your feelings. I was thinking about my personal journey through life as I read your comment. Your inner feeling is the first step you have taken to awaken spiritually from within, for regret is but the first step to awakening from inside one’s soul.

      Does this mean we the beholders of regrets are wrong?

      No, it means we have chosen to take another route through life, the path of awakening from inside.

      I am currently working on another topic where I ask myself, why are we the normal humans different from the mystics, the saints, and the religious scholars? We chose to live life with all the glory and obstacles, yet they gave up all to gain a personal relationship with their personal belief.

      You and I can take their learned lessons of life and learn from their wisdom. Even though we cannot be like them, we can all learn from them. I know they have studied from our mistakes and knew what to avoid and what to do. So they too have learned from our lives.

      Life is a blessing and I am glad you have awakened from within as you learn from life. There is nothing wrong in your feelings, as this world is filled with humans with humanity and the humans with inhumanity.

      We choose our own path and they choose theirs. I am blessed as you have found my words to be comforting within your traveled path of life. If you like my blog, please vote for me in the UK Blog Awards as my sacred journey has given me this opportunity as I have been nominated.

      My blessings and hugs be with you!

      Ann Marie Ruby

    1. It is such a comforting feeling to know another soul was touched through my words. I shall be there for all whom need my hugs and blessings! Sending virtual hugs and blessings your way!

      Ann Marie Ruby

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