Glimmer Of Hope For All Humanity

Glimmer Of Hope For All Humanity

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As always, I watch out for a glimmer of hope for all humanity. With all things going around, it seems like hope is just that, a glimmer away, waiting to be found. I had hung spring flower baskets on my front porch, beautiful and so vibrant. Also, I heard noises inside the basket and saw a mama bird flying around the basket. I walked away as I saw she flew right back inside the basket protecting her babies. All the hope just bounced back into my heart as I knew, “There is no orphan on this Earth as long as there is a mother or a father alive.” This is a quotation I had written in my book “Spiritual Messages: From A Bottle,” as I take it to my soul. We are all related. I know different we may be. Yet, if the world starts to crumble, we will hold onto each other even though strangers we may be. May my love be enough to love all of you without any bond or relation, just a creation who loves all the children of The Creator.

Blessings from Seattle,

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