Do you only see yourself in the mirror?

I have lived my life within a prayer, filled with love, hope, and peace. All around I have had obstacles, hurdles, and the unasked, unwanted, battles of life that kept coming towards me.

How do I survive, what do I do, when the chilling shivers of the inner soul just refuse to leave? Who do you confide in? Who do you hold onto, when you walk alone within nothing but fear?

I live within a prayer. This is the gift of my life. I light a candle for myself and I look upon the mirror of my life. Yet within this mirror, I see the faces of all the strangers walking upon the same path lonely and lost. I leave a message through my pen and paper for this lonely stranger as I know you are not alone. I was there before you and someone will be there after you. Even if the time machine does not allow us to meet and greet each other, our path and messages that we have left for each other would be there throughout time.

These messages would hold hands and build a sturdy bridge throughout time.

Where no wind, or storm, or fear would get a hold and break this bridge bonded throughout time through the powerful words of wisdom.

I know life is a miracle filled with obstacles, and at this time I know my stranger friend you are going through the biggest obstacles of your entire life. I your unknown stranger friend from the past, the present, and the future, travel through time with the help of my friend called words, to give you a steady hand. Hold onto my hand and know yes I was there.

The face in the mirror is not yours but was also mine and others before me and after you. I only ask you today to hold onto my hands and stand up strong and look into the mirror and say we are strong and we shall all survive all the obstacles of life. I shall be there for you the future to guide you through your pain and sufferings as I see you in the mirror and I know I must be strong for you my stranger. I must write down my struggles, my obstacles, and my solutions and my way out from this maze of obstacles.

I must guide you to how I survived so you shall find your way out.

I see all the faces of the strangers looking at me and I know I am but a stranger yet I am you and you are me through the struggles and blessings of life.

All throughout time we must be there for one another, for all humans, all mankind. I ask you if this is so hard please place your child’s face on the face of the stranger, if you have a newborn do remember this newborn shall grow up to be an old man In need of a helping hand.

I ask all of mankind, see in one another your own child. Look into the mirror tonight and see the person in need is but not a stranger but your own kin from the future asking you for help. So when you see the stranger in front of you, please do not think of him as a stranger but your own child.

Awaken all of mankind and know within this stranger, you see walking the life of a stranger within the struggles of life is but your unknown child.

Love one another as a human to another human. Be blind to the face but only see the face of a child. Love all and spread love through this bond of humanity.

Awaken yourself first and then your love shall awaken the person next to you.

This world is a school where we enter alone and must leave alone, yet throughout this journey of life we unite and love one another.

My life I live in a prayer, my prayer for all is, see the other person in the mirror in front of you. Be blind to the face, not to the person. Touch the person through your soul not what you see. Feel the pain even if you do not see the tears. Know even if you cannot heal the other person at least do not be the reason of pain for the other soul.

May your words bring peace upon all souls and not be the thorns thrown out through the open windows.

Time passes by and the mirror stands still, it is your face upon the mirror you see tonight, yet tomorrow it shall be the face of another. Let us unite throughout time through humanity.

Live life like a prayer, be the prayer of one another. Hold onto the hands of the past, the present, and the future, through the union of humanity. Be the prayer.

Blessings from Seattle,

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