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My sacred book Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul is now available for all to purchase. Find your copies right here: I have created this sacred book for all whom ask, seek, and knock upon themselves for a prayer. At times, I felt lost thinking how to call upon the doors of the unknown. I know life is a struggle between oneself and all the obstacles of life. Even when and where we but find peace, then the dark clouds but appear from nowhere. The journey, however, continues with or without any obstacles.

The traveler I had become, always trying to stay afloat or alert as to not fall off of the straight path.

I also carried a candle within my hands to keep the lights going for all of the other travelers whom were lost or needed a glowing light to guide them back. I found out at corners, I had been knocked out by strangers whom but want nothing but destruction. Be they were humans, just illnesses, or other unwanted guests. At these stages, life seems lost and the doors of hope seems so far away.

It is then, I knew I had to struggle and stand up somehow. For support, I needed a shoulder or a hand from the unknown to give me support. I found none within this Earth, but from within my dreams, I had found The Holy Archangels visit me and give me words of comfort. It is then, I but found words for all of you whom but feel lost or stranded. As my words became prayers, I started to sing these sweet tunes of harmony for my Lord.

A prayer was but the awakening call for my inner soul. I had received requests from so many, for a prayer to guide them through their obstacles.

My only answer was, how do I, a human, but help another human with a prayer? So, I prayed for the sick, the healthy, the pure souls to repent, redeem, and awaken. I prayed for all to find hope where there was no hope.

This is how I now have my second prayer book upon my hands. Within this book, you shall but find sacred prayers I but call songsPrayers of a sacred soulmate but calling upon the Lord to guide, prayer of a repented soul to be guided and awakened from all the worldly sins, prayers of innocent souls calling out to be healed, prayers from all over this world to be protected from the hidden beasts, prayers from we the humans asking the Lord to guide us away from all temptations, prayers from a beloved creation to the beloved Creator to be guided. All of these prayers have no religious affiliation, yet unite all humans within one house of prayers.

For where and when there is a human in crisis, be it personal or a common disaster, we all are but sharing this obstacle and we ask for a prayer.

The prayers of a human soul, tears of the humans united, shall but never get lost.

I believe when and where we all unite, is but the victory of the humans alike. For we all but have one house of The Omnipotent.

For all humans to awaken within humanity, and all to stand in union with hands held up to the unknown unseen force we all but call The Omnipresence, is but our only hope and found grace within this Earth.

In union, let us the humans sing the sweet songs of these prayers where there is no difference in race, color, or religion, but one force, the human force, calling out to the One Force, The Omnipotent.

Today, I ask all of you to open the pages of this sacred book and feel the peace and blessings. For the sake of all humans, awaken your inner soul within humanity. Today, as you hold the hands of a stranger, think of a nurse, a nun, or a doctor who but holds the hands of strangers just to comfort their souls. Today you too could become the human with humanity as you awaken through your inner soul.

For you, I have written my sacred prayers. Within each prayer, you shall find the teardrops of a stranger who is but your sacred friend. I have gathered my blessings within each page of this sacred book for all of you, whom at this stage are but seeking a prayer to hold on to.

May these sacred prayers be with you as a shield and like a friend, as you call upon your Lord, your way, within these sacred words.

Let us the different unite for the tears of all humans for humanity, through these sacred prayers, I but call songs.


Blessings from Seattle,

*The cover image is of the official Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul book cover and an image taken in Amsterdam during my trip in the Netherlands!


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