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Life felt lost and stranded within a dark ocean, no shore within sight. I had for my companions, all the obstacles life but could bring. At times, I thought but how is it fair, life is so complicated? I only want peace but peace runs away from me as I search for her everywhere. I am a person who trusts all and never once thinks, but what if this person harms you? So, my life has been a complete battle fighting my faith and belief with humans without humanity. I awakened to reality. I realized there are thorns amongst all that is good. How do I find the answers to my prayers? Where do I find peace and harmony?

Who could I trust to be there for me?

I walked in my home where I had always felt safe, as I broke down and cried for days realizing this world but is the home to good and bad. I did not know where I could find a person whom I could but open up and cry on. Just a shoulder, I could lean upon. I had stopped trusting people. My honest and open nature always had betrayed me as I welcome all within my home without hesitation. I had a person who had delivered some things to me today say, “Ann Marie, these days please be aware, you are too nice and kind, people will take advantage of your nature.”

Again, I broke down as why is it within this world, trust is but gone? Why can’t I trust people and let them trust me too? Why can’t truth be our guide and not greed or lies?

After a struggled life, I brought my pen and papers out. As I sat watching the blank notes I asked, sought, and knocked upon my inner soul.

Whom do I trust and where do I go to find peace? As I kept on searching, my pen and paper gave me my Spiritual Songs. I realized “Where there is no hope, there is but one, The Merciful.”

I realized these were but the sweet songs of prayers written by me, calling upon the ever greater power beyond human comprehension.

The answers to all of my questions were within my written prayers. The inner call from my innermost being was to the only force that but exists within all. The Alpha, The Omega, The Omnipresence. For why would I ask seek and knock upon the doors of a human when they but have their doors closed to my knock?

The only door that is but open and shall always be open for all is but the door of the merciful Creator of all the creation.

My tears dried within the cool nightly breeze, as I knew it was my Lord wiping them for me.

My innermost feelings and all of my obstacles are known to but one, my Creator.

I know I wanted the humans to hold on to me throughout this journey of my life. We all want to be held on to by someone. I know the invisible shake of protection my Lord but places upon me is there, yet we the humans want visible hands holding on to us. However, I knew the only answer that came to me was, “May my love for you and your love for me be my protection throughout eternity.” This is a line from one of my blessed prayers.

Love – the eternal wisdom, the eternal blessing, the eternal truth, is why we search for humanity within all humans. Within all of nature, within this earth. I knew for me, my love for my Creator became the first blessing of dawn and the last blessing of the day I take with me as I but await for yet another dawn.

I know throughout this journey of life we need something to hold on to, for me it is my faith. Also, I know life becomes very lonely and I shall have throughout those lonely days my blessed prayers which I but shall recite for all of the humans.

For where does it say you must also love me? I can love all of you nevertheless. I shall pray for you the lost and stranded, the hopeless, and the sick and healthy to awaken through the doors of a prayer.

Accept my book of songs. You shall find the inner peace this book has but brought on to this sacred soul.

Within these pages you shall find the blessed teardrops of we the humans. Where we knock, seek, and ask, until we find each other and within this found truth we find our Creator. Today, I must say I believe in love and I know my true love awaits for me somewhere, within the complete guidance I shall find him as he shall but find me too. Even when we are but united, I know my prayers will guide both of us throughout the obstacles of life. As where and when there is but complete love, the Omnipotent is but found. I have also included soulmate prayers. In these prayers, a soulmate but calls upon the Lord to be guided to only his and her true soulmate. As you all know, I believe in soulmates.

I believe in all humans as even if you are lost and stranded, if you are the cause of pain for another soul, then I ask you to forgive yourself and then give a helping hand out to all whom but are also suffering.

If you are trying to find faith yet are confused within all the religious fights of who but is greater and superior, then walk for yourself and trust in your Creator. You too were created with love by The One Creator who but has created all different race and color.

Today, I give you all my sacred prayer book, where there are no differences between houses but just one house, one family, the human family.

I accept you even when you but don’t, for it is but my Lord who had created you. On this day, I say “Let us the judged, not be The Judge.”

For the sake of humanity, I wiped my tears and let out a deep breath as I realized, these tears are but mine. These pain are but mine. These feelings are but mine, and all of these obstacles are but also mine. I prayed may these obstacles be no more as I placed my pen to paper and now have for all of you, the prayers I but call songs.

Within these prayers, you too could sing in union, let there be no obstacle, let there be peace, let there be love and joy.

Let us in union say, “Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.”



Blessings from Seattle,


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