Life is the only sacred teacher for we the present are her topic, and the future are but her subjects.

Every life matters, respect yourself first.

Life is a journey through a one way lane. There is no return to rectify our mistakes or live forever within the perfect moment. Life moves on as the sun sets and rises each and every day warning us another dawn but approaches.

I believe we live life for each other, not just our own self. Each life becomes an example for the future to be guided by. The mistakes we made and wish we could live again to change things will be changed within another person’s life, as he or she reads through your life and knows what to avoid and what to expect within the taught pages of life. This is where life is a blessing as she teaches all throughout her journey. She waits for no one yet she teaches all along the way. She is the sacred teacher who only teaches through life and blesses all as she moves on throughout time.

I am a witness only as I turn the pages of my own life and I know all that is wrong or all that is right is but a guide for the future as life travels throughout time. May all life be blessed knowing they too have been a part of this sacred journey of life.

Live life to the fullest and know you too have a part in the sacred lessons of life.

Blessings from Seattle.

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