When all is but lost, hope glitters through the dark night’s skies and appears as dawn breaks open.

All the planning ahead of time still does not help until life opens the door for you. Have you ever been in a situation where you have done all you could, yet life comes to a halt? All around you life moves on and all you could do is wait. Waiting for your soulmate to knock upon your door? Waiting for the perfect life? Or, waiting to bid farewell to all your physical and emotional pain? I know we have all been there.

It’s how we all live, yet with or without us life moves on.

Close your eyes and feel tomorrow knocking upon your door. The tomorrow you await for is but today within your life, as all the waiting but comes to an end, welcome her within your mind, body, and soul.

I too await for my dreams to become reality as I know dawn but reaches me through the dark skies. Never give up hope and always know just like you I too await for all of these doors to open for me. I peek through the windows and I know I must keep hope alive as she is just there waiting for me to open my windows. I have opened my windows for her and now I await for all my dreams to take life before my eyes.

What do I do when time keeps me and my dreams apart? I know time is a bridge and I must now learn to walk with her. I call this journey a bridge, the bridge of union. May all the hurdles of life be removed and may all innocent prayers of the innocent souls be blessed.

Whatever the future gifts us is a blessing and all of you the sacred souls, awaiting for your prayers to be answered, please know from afar the blessings appear as dawn shall break through the dark night’s skies. Keep hope alive always. For know, even where there is nothing there is but hope.

Blessings from Seattle,

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