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Eternally Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go had all of us travel through the pages of Jacobus van Vrederic’s diaries. We had visited Kasteel Vrederic in the Netherlands during the sixteenth century. As we left Jacobus at the end of the first diary, we knew he had told all of us he will not end his quest until he finds out what happened to his evermore beloved. A Dutch nobleman had promised his mind, body, and soul will not rest until he finds out what had happened to his eternally beloved so he had said, “Evermore beloved, I shall never let you go.”

Today I have for you Jacobus van Vrederic’s second diary which is named Evermore Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go.

This is the second book in the, Kasteel Vrederic series. Through the eyes of an eloquent noble Dutchman, we travel time to the sixteenth-century Netherlands.

Travel through the Dutch landscapes where the people of this war-ravaged country were fighting for their freedom and independence. Here you will be acquainted with a family, who while traveling through this war-ravaged country fight another war. This war was not limited to the Netherlands as the whole world was involved in this war. This unjust war had spread throughout Europe and had all fathers, mothers, and children live in terror. The gripping fear of this war had come and landed upon Kasteel Vrederic. This was the unjust witch hunts of the world.

Come and find out how the spirits of Kasteel Vrederic, a daring seer, and a gallant knight all join a brave husband, a father, a grandfather, and a beloved lover to fight against the unjust justice burning through the sixteenth-century, war-ravaged country.

Walk through the ever-passionate, star filled nights, where nothing could keep them asleep as time was everyone’s enemy. Will time befriend the group and allow them to save the honor and innocence of the unjustly accused before it’s too late? The shrieking cries of innocent people at the gallows and the burning smells of innocents at the stakes, followed this group while they fought to save their beloved ever after.

Will Jacobus find his beloved in time?
Is she too a victim?
Will love be victorious?

What happens to the promise of “I shall never let you go”? All of the answers come to life in this eternally heartfelt, timeless, and endless romantic fiction. Love is infinite and love survives everything even when all is lost. Turn the pages through a tearjerker, a heartwarming, ever-passionate, and infinite love story where you too will recite, “Evermore beloved, I shall never let you go,” throughout time.

Once in a lifetime, you will find within your hands a very clean, fresh, and rejuvenating romance fiction, you will want to read over and over again. This is one such book. You will want to travel time to be with them. You will want to eat with them and live with them even for a little while. Today you can again have a romance fiction in your hands you too will never let go. You will reawaken your faith in true love and twin flames. You will have Jacobus van Vrederic remind you what love really means. Through his eyes, through his inner feelings, through his words, you too will again believe in true love stories. You will say, “What a man, he truly has brought back my faith in true love and its entirety.”

Do visit him and his Kasteel Vrederic today, as you rejuvenate and bathe in the ever-eternal and charmed love potion of his belief in true love.

This historical romance fiction is what you needed today to rejuvenate your complete faith in true love stories. Come travel time and turn the pages of this enchanted, passionate, and historical love story. Recite to your beloved, life might be mortal but true love stories are forever immortal. Renew your vows with the magical poetry recited by Jacobus for his beloved. Be awakened through his inner feelings for his beloved. Once again believe love never fades away nor does it die. For even after death, love lives on, making the two halves complete in union as twin flames. 

A reader sent me a letter asking if she could only visit the Kasteel Vrederic at least once, she would.

Well I tell you the reader, you can visit Kasteel Vrederic as many times as you wish, just open the pages and begin your journey.


Ann Marie Ruby


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