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Ann Marie Ruby at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.


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Today in Seattle, we have a very cloudy and blue day. The past few days we had snow, freezing rain, and rain with high winds, all packed in one gift package spread globally. I asked myself are the skies above our world crying? Or are the skies above us having a spring cleaning before spring arrives? The world is a school as we are all her students. Within different classes we have all entered yet we all must graduate at the end from the same school called Earth. Here, you and I must learn to live in peace and spread peace amongst all around us. How can one be in peace, spread positivity, and attract positive energy? I had asked myself this question numerous times and knew I could achieve this and all other positive characteristics through the attraction of positive energy.

Do you all believe in the law of attraction?

I believe in the power of positive attraction. Always, I teach myself I must be positive to spread positivity. I must acquire peace within myself to spread the message of positivity. I will always find something good even in the gloomiest day or during the worst journey through life. Yes, I had to travel through the positive and negative gifts of life. Yet always I thought to myself not why I was in the situation but how could I get out from the situation.

I always believe and believed life is a school as I am a traveler through this school of life. Through success and failures of life, I must learn the lessons. I had taken all the hurdles life could give as my teachers whom I would observe and try to learn from. Did I like all the teachers called obstacles of life? The answer is I don’t have to like or dislike any of the teachers but have my respect for them. So, I took my life lessons from my travel journey through the school of my own life.

Here I added to my carry-on luggage, the law of positive attraction. I realized it was easier to travel light.

So, I only brought within my carry-on luggage positivity and discarded all negativity.

Throughout the journey, I collected a lot of souvenirs from around the globe. From India, I collected meditation and yoga. I realized my positive energy needed a boost of energy through a clean shower of meditation and yoga. From the Netherlands, I brought the serum of brutal honesty and directness. I realized within my bag of positivity, I had no space for lies or dishonesty, so it was easier to accept the truth serum of love, honesty, and positivity from a land I call my dreamland, the Netherlands. From my home country the USA, I learned to accept diversity as my land gifted me a melting pot and a salad bowl where all race, color, and religion find the positive energy to live with one another in peace. So, I accepted this amazing salad bowl which I carry within my carry-on luggage.

Through my travels, I have learned the best language to talk with one another is through an innocent smile.

I needed no lessons in the school of language as it never was a big barrier, for I always carried my dictionary called my complete love for all humans along with me. My friends commonly tell a story about me as they believe when I smile, the world smiles. They tell me when I am sad, the world feels sad. I have seen even on my social media, people have commented on my pictures if I was sad or if I was not smiling. I told everyone I only have the bag of positivity with me and have no space for negativity, so I am happy.

Do I cry and be sad at times?

Yes, crying out the tears is a good exercise for the mind, body, and soul just as smiling is a good exercise for the inner and outer mind, body, and soul. When life brings sadness or pain and hurt, I let the tears roll out from within my inner soul. I don’t want the thorns to stay within my eyes or inner soul, for then the negative energy would win. So, I forgive and move on with a smile and I utter to myself, the famous song of the Beetles, “Let It Be.”

The year 2020 has been a teacher for all of us. The past year has taught this world to unite for one another. Find something good in one another and spread the positivity from that one good thought. We had all stayed apart from one another not to spread negativity but positivity, health, and love. This lesson of being apart from one another to care for one another will go and become historical throughout time. This world had participated in union to only spread positivity and not any virus or negativity to one another. This past year was our lesson through the law of positive attraction.

This world has given us a lesson as her gift to all of us to be safe and keep all others safe.

I too wanted to participate in my gift giving to all of you. I believe all of you are my family. This world is our home as we all journey through life. For better or worse, we are all in this together. While we have all stayed away from one another, I have kept myself busy within the pages of my books. Here, I have created a world where you all can travel to without even leaving your home. When you are traveling within this unique world, you will feel rejuvenated and blessed. You the world citizen will be able to travel time. You will visit a place and time in history where you get to see new places and meet people who are there to give you a vacation from reality.

They will take you through a land, I call my dreamland, yet the sixteenth-century Netherlands.

Who says you can’t travel from the safety of your own home? I say you can travel, rejuvenate, and be safe through the pages of my book.

A gift for you today and the future tomorrow are all my books. I have kept my spiritual growth alive even through the time we are all asked to keep away from one another. I have found a portal to connect myself to you through the pages of my book. Here you will get acquainted with a very positive person named Jacobus van Vrederic, who will through his evergreen self, rejuvenate you all as he retells his life story. He will invite you to meet and greet his sixteenth-century family and home, which are in the current-day Netherlands.

This book, Eternally Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go, is my gift for all of you, to keep as a keepsake throughout time.

For those of you who are romantic at the heart, this is a heartwarming, historical romance fiction you will treasure throughout time.

My message to all of you is simple. As you are all staying away from your beloved ones, try to focus on positivity. Give back to this life something from your inner soul. You can start by accepting the positive energy. The law of attraction has a lot of steps, yet you can grow with this energy as you accept one step called the law of positive attraction. Carry her in your hand luggage of life. Spread her around and like a boomerang, soon you shall get a knock on your door as this positive energy you had spread will find her way back to your door.

Today, as you awaken within the dark and cloudy skies around your home, do know spring is around the corner.

She will come back into your life soon. All you have to do is accept positivity within your carry-on luggage of life. Be positive through all the obstacles of life for remember my quote from my book Spiritual Ark: The Enchanted Journey Of Timeless Quotations, “Obstacles are teachers of life, for when we cross them, we have learned our lesson.” You can bring back within your life all the positive news you wait to hear. All you have to do is be positive and attract positive energy.

My message and my books are all my positive energies I have bundled as my positive gifts for all of you. Accept this and go attract positive energy.

Love and blessings,

Ann Marie Ruby

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