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“Obstacles are teachers of life, for when we cross them, we have learned our lesson.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

I lived my life through this quote as every corner I approached there was an obstacle awaiting my arrival. Or, rather I was waiting her arrival. However, our paths did cross. With struggles, hope, faith, and determination, I crossed each obstacle. After the event, as I looked back at my obstacle from further down the road, there she was on top of the hill teaching me the ways of life, and how now I am strong and I know how to avoid that curve.

So as we learn to drive, we learn to avoid obstacles, but we collide with them however we try to avoid. At that time, with hope, and courage, I know we cross that bridge and when we look back it is then we realize, she only met with us as she was a teacher and because of her I am now stronger and I know whatever comes ahead of me – I shall stay strong as I know obstacles are but teachers of life. My complete faith in the truth of life, as I have written within this quote.

I follow it, I believe in it, I hope you do too.

Blessings from Seattle,

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