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Dear Obstacles,

Today as I stand on the shore of life, I watch all the world citizens standing on the same shore. All around us, there is nothing but the poisonous water that touches all. Yet I tell the obstacles drowning all of us, I am not afraid of you. I shall be an ark where your waters can’t touch me. For you oh the obstacles, I shall be the desert mirage. You can see me but never shall you reach or find me, for my faith is in all that is good. For this reason, I know I shall always be victorious against all obstacles of life.

Remember to be positive and always do only good to the others.

Don’t ever begin a journey to harm the others because within this journey of life, your intended harm unto the others shall come back knocking upon your doors. Even if you don’t believe in karma, he does believe in you, and knows your doors.

Do I believe in karma?

Yes I do, for I have firsthand witnessed his visits. For this reason, I keep my anger, resentment, and my hurt buried within the blanket of forgiveness as I move forward with blessings and love. I found this strength from a dream in which I had seen the Archangels had given me a blue shawl and asked me to walk only with the pure and purest mind, body, and soul.

My love for this one world grew like the everblooming hopes through the pages of my books. For all of you, I had written my books of prayers, asking all of you to unite for one another. Within my blessed books of Spiritual Songs, I had given a song to sing or recite at dawn. I sing the blessed words as I meditate through the first peek of dawn, “My Lord, as dawn breaks open through the night sky…“ At sunset, again I sing when the day bids her farewell until another dawn, “My Lord, with the sun setting in Your vast sky…”

Even after my prayer books were published, I knew I had to do more and share with this world some of my dreams, as I am a dream psychic.

Yes, I have predicted some of the unknown futures. All is unknown to some yet to others, things are known.

What we know now is known. What we don’t know is unknown. The unknown becomes known through time. Yet as a dream psychic, the known to me was unknown to you and today I forewarn you all again. Pay heed to the words of a person who only wants to spread positivity, good vibes, and help all, not create fear. For creating fear, you will burn within it yourself. You need to be the firefighter who extinguishes and prevents fires, not one who creates them.

Remember when you see things in front of you, it is sometimes too late. I had asked my Lord why do I have psychic dreams. Then I knew the answer as I was able to prevent some unwanted obstacles through these forewarnings through the door of dreams.

“I have tried to pass on messages to the families but it is hard when I really don’t want to leave my comfortable cave and be exposed as a psychic who can see only what The Lord wills….”

-Ann Marie Ruby (Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby), pg 93

In 2017, I had warned all about a dangerous virus I saw spread throughout this world.

I compared the virus to dengue and Zika. I knew there would be fever and headaches. Somehow, I knew this virus would spread quickly through the bloodstream, and as in dengue, the symptoms must be treated.

I also told you this would come from a fish market, from a scientific experiment gone wrong. I saw scientists were somehow doing something with mosquitoes, animals, and I saw even fish and meat were affected. Yes, I did see much more.

I knew the blessed sun and Mother Nature could help in the cure, as scientists would finally know the cure as they finally admit the reasons behind this pandemic. I had published my book hoping people would at least know what they might have to face. No, I am not a person who writes after the effect, but I am an author who had published her books years before the storm had come.

Frequently, I am asked by people what is the cure to this pandemic.

I asked all of you to follow the blessed scientific scholars, abide by their prescribed prescriptions, and wait for the poisonous waters to be healed.

As a dream psychic, I did see there was a cure in a vaccine as I had written in my social media and website way before it was again proven I was correct. I had written there would be a vaccine, an injection that we would have to take in dosages.

Now aside from this pandemic, I had also talked about the hate crimes and if not paid attention to this invisible storm, it too would be a catastrophe we the world citizens shall face in the near future.

Now, I want to ask all of you to not fear the unknown but walk within this dark path with a candle of hope within your hands. Say to all the unknown or known obstacles, you are bigger than all obstacles combined.

As you have come to visit me through my article, I want you to give meditation a chance. Learn to breathe out all the obstacles and breathe in all the positivities.

Future is a path in front of you. Your past is where you came from. You are the driver of your own vehicle. Drive yourself into safety. Do not cut off anyone to go in front. Do not follow the drunk drivers. You alone can take yourself to safety through driving your Earthly vehicle, your mind, body, and soul to safety.

Life is a journey where you cannot follow a psychic or a scientist or a religious guru but your own self through your own wisdom.

The doctors can only guide you through a virus. The religious gurus can guide you through your combined beliefs. I, a dream psychic, can only share with you the dreams my Lord has bestowed upon me. I only see what the Lord shows me.

Life is a journey where we the present world citizens walk through together. We were guided by our past world citizens, as we will guide our future generations through our lived journeys. Here let us not divide and be the critic or the negative person this world only shall remember through negativity. Let us be positive and only spread positivity.

Life will bring obstacles and blessings upon all of our doors. Yet I have taken upon my path the blessings of positivity. Forever, I shall only spread positivity. Learn to always look at the glass half full, not half empty. Then, in union, we the world citizens shall face whatever life brings upon us.

Throughout all of my obstacles and blessings, I recite my written prayer song, “Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be” from my book Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul, as I always carry my rosary with me.

Today, you too recite with me blessed be the will of my Lord and learn to walk with the scientific scholars, your religious gurus, and your own will your way.

Yet always know and remember to do only good to yourself and all of whom you cross through the journey of your life.

My grandfather had taught my father not to be mean with anyone. Once a common family rival who had always badmouthed my forefathers had knocked upon their doors. My grandfather, a person in his elderly age who could barely walk, had brought a chair for the young visitor who stood and watched him. The visitor had gone back home and asked his family why they were so mean and unjust. This new young family member had from then forward taken care of my forefathers and all of our neighborhood. I grew up not ever knowing there were any arguments amongst our families but only good stories about my grandfather who was a well-respected high school principal.

I know we do not always find people who know they have wronged, but we can move on with positivity and know the wagon of karma has a hand in our future.

In front of the ocean of life, I stand and always talk with her, with tears of sadness and happiness. Throughout the blessings and obstacles of life, I shall hold on to the hands of positivity.

So today, I ask you all to talk with all the obstacles of life and let her or him know we are not afraid of them.

In this battle of life, the victory will be for all the good. The bad shall all drown within the poisonous waters of their own creativity.

As I am writing this article, on all of our behalf, as a dream psychic and a believer of my Lord, The Omnipotent, I give a notice to all the obstacles of life,

Dear obstacles,

We the good shall always be victorious and you may drown all negativity but will never be able to touch us.

Believe in yourself and always believe in the power of positivity as the only healing mantra of life. Write a personal letter to the obstacles of your life and tell them, with faith and complete belief, we shall be victorious against you, my dear obstacles.

Ann Marie Ruby

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