“Gain your own wisdom first before you spread wisdom.”

I believe wisdom but is hidden within the pages of history. Wisdom is but hidden within the lessons of life. Wisdom is but found through the journeys of life. I, the traveler, have upon my journey the obstacles of life. Throughout the dark nights, different doors have opened with nothing but obstacles. A single woman who lives within the moral values of spirituality I but am, who has but so many road blockages spread all around me.

At times, I feel like that’s it my Lord, I can’t breathe amongst all of these unjust obstacles of life.

With dawn, I see the sadness disappears from this Earth, yet, the obstacles of last night are still roaming around my doors of life.

Humans without basic moral values, or just selfish thinking of all about me, have but removed peace from their life and all of whom they touch. I feel they are like a wild storm ravaging through the dark oceans and flooding all the homes upon their path. Destroying all around you, yet, you don’t see, or hear, or feel the pain you but have caused.

This is the life we all have but landed upon. I know all of us are hurt and suffering from someone’s harsh words, wrongdoings, or ignorance.

I ask all of you to stop in your tracks and take a deep breath. Think of yourself as the complete human race. Place your own self upon all the faces across this globe.

Now, do you see the tears you had placed upon the faces standing in front of you? Now, do you even feel the pain you had given another person who was but a stranger and now is but your own face?

I have walked upon this life always placing the others first. Always I had thought, but, what about the others? I had always placed a candle upon my hands to light all around to be the candles of hope. Yet at times for this nature, I was the one burnt.

I had seen this world had taken advantages of my nature.

This life had betrayed my belief and taken away my basic belief in humanity. I knew I am but the traveler and at that moment, life had brought a cyclone with waves beyond my standing. The Earth beneath my feet had all become soft and I knew, I must find an anchor to hold on to.

I found my Spiritual Lighthouse within my soul which I shall keep lighted for myself and all whom but seek. I knew within all of the obstacles of life, I must be strong and be positive about my own belief.

Lost and stranded souls who but pull you and force you to fall because they are but the fallen, have powerful voices of the wrongdoers, the sounds of an empty vessel that but float upon the ocean of the lost and stranded. I knew this was something we all must avoid.

Within my dream last night, I had seen the Holy Spirit asking me to hold on to my belief and not worry about the sinful oceans.

I had cried and spoken to him about my life journey. I had asked why humans are but walking without humanity. Wrongfully, they have taken upon the roads with cars going in all directions. As long as you have the loud voices of injustice, you can run over all whom you but want.

I saw the Holy Archangels walking with me as I cried and let the tears fall upon the blue ocean. I knew this life would always bring obstacles upon our path. Some of us would always have physical, emotional, and financial burdens looming around us.

These obstacles come without announcing their arrival as at times these are but human laid obstacles. I knew at all times, we have our guiding angels watching over us. At times, I felt they too shed tears for us not because we are suffering or not suffering, but for our humanly mistakes we but intentionally commit.

I had asked within my dream, “How is this fair for a person who might be shedding her tears on this lonely night, maybe scared of an illness, the unjust humans biting over her, or the financial burdens that but loom around her house?”

They just watched me and said, “Watch.” I saw I was just sitting on the side of the road, scared of the huge trucks trying to offside my small vehicle. I walked into my vehicle and got back onto the highway of life.

I knew this journey I must complete and it is in my way I shall journey through this life. Scared I shall not be of the big trucks coming from the wrong ways as amongst all obstacles I know watching from far away is but my Lord and all the Angels in disguise.

I knew I must learn to walk for myself. I must walk for you too. In union, we the found spiritually inspired souls, must walk for each other. I knew I have to light a candle for myself to be guided through this journey of life. It is after the first candle that I must also light the candles around me, one at a time.

Throughout all the hurdles of this given life, I must be strong and learn to swim even amongst the opposing waves of the ocean. Are you sitting all alone in a dark room, waiting for hope to knock upon your door? Please know, you must open the door for hope to enter.

Stand up for yourself.

Do not let the bullies of life knock you out.

For always, believe in yourself and the right path of life. This world but knocks upon our doors with blessings and obstacles. It is then, you must know where you stand and knock out the obstacles with blessings and mercy.

I had a blessed dream come upon my door in which I knew my life journey had been again knocked out with yet another obstacle. With all my faith and blessings I must learn to walk.

As dawn had come through my windows, I had walked with my Lord all night. I had been blessed with the prayers of the Holy Archangels. Yet, I knew throughout the day, it is I the lonely traveler of life, who must take this journey through life on my own.

I know one day I will have my soulmate, walking with me or at least giving me hope throughout the day and company throughout the lonely nights. I know always, I the traveler have the glad tidings of my Lord.

For you the traveler taking a trip through the obstacles of life be it physical or emotional, know always within the dark ocean there is a Spiritual Lighthouse glowing to give you direction.

Whatever your faith may be, upon the night’s sky, you shall find the glowing stars guiding you. Upon the dark ocean, you shall find the Spiritual Lighthouse guiding you. Upon all the obstacles of life, you shall find the candles of hope guiding you, throughout eternity.

I had asked the Holy Archangels, “Why had we taken this journey through life within all the obstacles?” They had smiled and given me a huge shawl to cover me from all the obstacles of life. As I had awakened I wrote, “Gain your own wisdom first before you spread wisdom.”

I don’t know why I had written this line, but I guess I must learn from my journey through life. Today, I want all of you to take the lessons firsthand from your own journey through life. In union, we shall but guide all whom need guidance. It is the future generations who but shall call us the wise as they learn from our stories of life.

For all of you, my friends with humanity, again I have come up with another blessed book of prayers I call, “Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.”

As you the blessed had my first prayer book, you can also have my second prayer book, on her way out to the homes of all whom but seek her. Each book has one hundred prayers, I but call songs, a gift to all of you from my sacred soul.

Blessings from Seattle,


*The cover image was taken during my visit to Brussels, Belgium of the St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral.



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