Dawn through dusk, I walk amongst all the blessings and obstacles of life as I bid my farewell to yet another day while I know the year ends with her too. The new dawn awakens with a bright new day, we the humans call her 2019.

I the traveler await her arrival as I walk through the pages of my journal through the year 2018. Always my sacred mind collects the blessings and obstacles within my life journal. A human unknown to most humans across this globe, I but am. Yet, I too leave for you my sacred words of wisdom. Through my blog posts and my sacred books, I spread around this globe – my blessings.

Within the pages of history, my stories might get lost as without a face all but are just sacred messages from sacred souls.

I have taken pen to paper for you the unknown. Prayers I have written and left within the pages of my books for you the unknown. Blog posts I have written for you the sacred souls. For you to know, humanity is but within the sacred souls of all throughout this globe. My life is a journey through obstacles and blessings. I the traveler know blessings are but hidden within the humanities of all humans.

My sacred eyes from dawn through dusk search for all the sacred souls whom too carry within their souls, humanity. Walk with me through my books, my blog posts, and social media, as I know in union – we shall awaken all humans to their inner humanity. This year has been a journey through again obstacles and blessings. As I dawned upon each event, I knew I must keep on walking and not let the cold shivering events, or the heated burning touches, stop me. I the traveler shall keep on going. It is then my journal through the journey of my life shall but be written.


This year had begun as I had said my farewell to my sacred home. A home overlooking the ocean with ferries taking all the passengers home, was my inspiration through the lonely nights. Life had other plans for me. Wit a big smile on my face, tears hidden within my inner soul, I had sold my home. I knew that night as I had checked into a hotel, I cried all night and knew, tears are but my best friends. I had sold my house for I had neighbors peeking in throughout the day and throughout the night. Therefore, I needed more privacy being a spiritual single woman.


My sacred cottage had been my first peak of dawn break as I found my new home, within the foothills of Mount Rainier.  Never had I imagined I would be able to live within a log cabin. I must say I had fallen in love with this cottage in a very short period of time. The twenty acres of land with ponds and a walking trail through the forest are but a vacation resort. How much more privacy can you get, than being on secluded twenty acres? This move had a lot of obstacles hidden within her as I had encountered so many hurdles. I had to take a break and begin my meditation to get through day by day.

I know we the creation must keep on going as life but never stops or never allows us to look back and freeze time.

“How do I keep on going without falling over the hurdles?” I had asked myself. The answer was simple, even when you fall, just get back up for this life is a one way highway. How do we get up? I knew for me personally, my blog had been a blessing in disguise. My books were my devotion and my blog was my meditation, and you the strangers were but my dedication. This was my bridge over all the obstacles I had encountered.

I had begun my journey through words of wisdom within the pages of my blog, while always thinking within the dark nights, out there, lonely and lost, is another sacred soul. Therefore, I wanted to be there for that soul as he/she searched for guidance or just words of comfort. I had received letters and recognition from you the lost and stranded, seeking guidance through dreams, through reincarnation, through meditation, through spiritual healing, or just for comforts of the human mind. For the wellbeing of humans, for humanity, I survived through my own obstacles. I was there for you, yet, I felt through you I was also able to walk through these obstacles of life.


In union, we the humans have somehow awakened humanity within each other. I had always written only to inspire you and through this journey I had become the inspired. I realized one day, I looked at this journey we have begun in union, as I had received a email acknowledging my blog as one of the top 75 Spiritual Blogs by Feedspot.


Through my social media journey, I had encountered so many blessed bloggers. They have begun their own journeys through the world of words. I realized as we had held hands and begun to support each other, we all only grew and became a family of inspiration of all the inspired. Through this journey, I had received much more then what my sacred soul had known could be, yet, came upon my door. Love, honor, and blessings from the blogging communities came upon my humble door as I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, Flawsome Blog Award, Liebster Blog Award, and Blogger Recognition Award.

Each one of these nominations and awards were for me an acknowledgement that my words of wisdom but have reached the doors of strangers whom I now call humans with humanity.


The year had come to an end and here again, I have been nominated within the Wellbeing Category for the UK Blog Awards. What happens after this? I don’t know, but for this sacred soul, life is a blessing when even strangers but acknowledge you to be here. Invisible and lost I had felt all throughout my life, yet, my words are but visible within the humanities of the humans worldwide.


Life is a blessing and sometimes I felt like if I could only write and be within my world of words. Yet, to survive through this world, one must have financial freedom and abilities. This year, I have also started my own business. This is an ongoing situation where at times you just want to quit and give up for as when and where there are blessings, there are people whom become an obstacle. What could one do when people but become an obstacle? I learned my lesson and knew it is good to forgive and move on, yet, at times one must fight for their rights or otherwise this world shall wipe off all of your existence.

Like words must be written and kept safe away from the eraser, people too must walk and be safe to avoid the erasers of life. My business is an ongoing situation where I shall but be victorious. As within all aspects of my life, I have within my hands, truth, honor, just, and blessings of my Lord. You ask what is my business? I own a wedding venue. Yet, to be opened, but with the grace of my Lord soon shall be open to all sacred souls.


I have become addicted to this sacred country within my soul, even though I do not live there, at least yet. My love, honor, and blessings for this sacred land are but hidden within my old soul. Somehow, I feel like if a country could be a parent, I would be her or his child.

My sacred dreams of William The Silent and the orange tree had taken life within the pages of my previous published books and yet to be published future books. Today though, I must say I had a blessed journey through this sacred land for my upcoming romance fiction. As I traveled through her, I had started my blog series, “A Traveler’s Journal.”

Through my eyes, you too could visit this sacred land. The land where kings and queens still live and within the past witches had found safety from being burned through the weighing machines. Within this land, windmills sing the tunes of love as tulips spread this romantic songs throughout time. I love this country and I had dedicated my previous and upcoming books. Eternally, I shall but keep this country within my soul. I don’t know but as I do believe in reincarnation, I sometimes wonder was I but living there in my last life? Or what is my connection to her?

My characters within my romance fiction have some answers for you. I however don’t know my connection as of yet.

Maybe, one day I shall find out. Until then I would like you all to read one of my blog posts about a “Human With Humanity.” A person I have admired for being a sacred soul. I had never met him or known about him. Yet, within a blessed dream through the Holy Archangels, I had met him. From there on I follow him as a leader I admire. It is not necessary for the leaders to know you or even acknowledge you, or to be political. Never will I be politically influenced for I only follow humans with humanity. I had the blessed blessings of my faith. This person I talk about is a human with humanity. I ask you to look into my thoughts about this person, not any other humans whom would be influenced politically. For I had not met or known him.

I had met him for a very short time and had the blessings of my thoughts to be acknowledged as the truth. This trip had ended within a handshake from my admired, as I the admirer had seen within my own eyes, humans are filled with humanity. Nothing in this world is bigger than humanity for all the humans alike.


I also can’t forget my one day tour to Brussels, Belgium! I loved visiting the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula. Where else would I go? A sacred soul finds a sacred Church, lights candles, sits, and prays there. What a blessed feeling it was!


After my travel through the Netherlands, my goals for next year have been very clear. I must publish my books.

My blog post shall be dedicated to the wellbeing of all humans as I only search for humans with humanity. I would ask all of you to say a prayer for me tonight as I start my business and make her a big success.

Also, may I find my soulmate, as I believe in true soulmates.

I know you who sit today thinking your life has come to an end and there is no one out there for you, there is someone waiting to see the remainder of the sunsets of his life with you. It is never too late, for love is eternal and soulmates are blessed in union throughout time. May we the believers find within our life the true wisdom within our belief. Sacred souls are but waiting for each other. May I find him, and I pray may you too find your soulmate.

Do not get lost within the sinful ocean of life as you travel the journey through your blessed life.

May you all of my friends, find your true dreams, your true soulmate, good health, enough wealth to keep you blessed throughout this year and all throughout next year too.

My blessings be with all of you as today I release the front book cover of my new book. You can read about my upcoming book right here!

Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul


*The cover image is a collage made from some of my pictures from 2018. This includes some taken in the Netherlands, Belgium, and my new home in Washington State.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so glad you enjoyed reading.

      May 2019 bring blessings, love, and joy upon all doors.

      My blessings be with you,
      Ann Marie Ruby

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