Prime Mark Rutte: A Human With Humanity


The Hague, The Netherlands, a small European city known for its government and parliament.

This city has her Prime Minister, and her king, who oversee everything. This country is famous for her cities like Amsterdam: the tourist city, and Rotterdam: the port city. I personally like to visit cities that are not known, yet strike to me personally for untouched serenity, history, and lifestyle which attract my soul from within. I have traveled through this blessed nation before and decided to visit her one more time and just spend some quality time within The Hague.

Travelers asked me how would I spent two whole weeks within this small place. Today, I will share with all of you my peaceful retreat within the Netherlands has become The Hague. The weather decided to be my friend within this journey as the city was gifted with a very warm and dry October.

Windy and comfortable were the nights as the days were bright and sunny, yet comfortable. I will write about what to see and where to go within this blessed nation and within The Hague. Also, I will talk about my personal visits to places I encourage all of you to visit and if you only have one day what I suggest you should do in my future blog posts one by one.

I want to give individual attention to all of the attractions that have a place within my heart and I know you the traveler would love to visit.

Today, however, I will only talk about one special night within The Hague. One evening in The Hague.

After a very busy day, I was searching for a restaurant to eat where I could get something light. I had met diversified groups of people with different views. I know you all know how much I admire the Prime Minister of this country whom I had never met. Also, I had my dream of meeting up with the Honorable Prime Minister. You all know I admire him for reasons I have talked about within my books and blog posts.

I always have compared him with Mahatma Gandhi and I know time is a parallel world which never meets up with us as she has her own travel journey. I know my time period is different from Mahatma Gandhi’s where peace was taught to the humans through humanity. Within this time period, I believe we have within us yet another great man who also in his own way is preaching humanity, at least within the eyes of this beholder.

I know it’s a miracle for a foreigner to meet up with a foreign Prime Minister. As you all know, I believe in miracles. I knew one day I would meet up with him.

Within time, this miracle will be, for now, I want to enjoy this country with so much to offer and talk about her. I thought about my characters within my novel, as they too believe that miracles are just that miracles within the eyes of the miracle holders and believers.

This journey I also take as a blessing. I would love to take this sacred travel journey to the houses of all around this globe and invite you to The Hague even for once. I will guide you through my eyes as you enjoy this trip with me. After a long day of sightseeing and placing the characters of my romance fiction within these places, I wanted to just enjoy the comfortable fall night, without any thought or worries.

It was a dark night, and I thought I would turn in early as I know after a dark night, dawn breaks open to all within this world.

I had a disagreement with my group. This was due to the fact that I did not want them to spend their days sightseeing what I like or for me and my book. So many resorts and beaches are all over, I wanted them to take short trips all around and enjoy their tours. I walked back thinking about why I was so different. I like to see things differently. Also, I like to explore people and their life stories. Within my soul, I knew I just want to do something for all of humanity. I want to meet and greet people who I believe have something to teach and leave behind, something for all the humans to hold on to throughout time.

That night, I walked without watching and within the dark night could not see my steps as I fell forward.

I knew I was about to get into a situation I wanted to avoid on a vacation. I would have fallen straight onto the road and could have hurt my feet or head. Yet, felt a strong hand held on to my right hand as the left hand had balanced me onto the ground as he said, “Ahh, be careful, watch your step!”

I looked up and cried out,


He said, “Yes!”

He held on to me as I had balanced myself and he told me to be careful. I was beyond any words as The Prime Minister of a country was holding on to me as he balanced me and told me to watch my step. I think I cried as I told him I am Ann Marie Ruby. He immediately recognized me as he said he had received my books and knows exactly who I was. He had a meeting as he was running in between two meetings, yet he stood there and talked with me.

I thought today the person I admire most in this world had just saved my life and my trip.

If I had fallen, I would have hurt my already hurt feet. He asked me if my legs were okay as he thought I was walking strangely. I wondered how he knew I was in pain. That night, I had realized I was so upset over what others had told me about my personal belief, yet the Holy Spirit had in his own ways told me to never give up on any sacred belief or path.

Today, a person I had admired only through my personal dreams had come from nowhere and placed me to safety. Maybe you, the readers, think this was a coincidence, but to this human soul, this was yet another revelation from the land of miracles. Nothing is impossible in the lands of miracles.

The meeting was brief but I know The Prime Minister would remember for that’s the kind of person he is. A sacred soul who was introduced to me by the Holy Spirit. On this day, again I realized why I was introduced to him within the land of dreams. Yet today, in reality, I saw a human with a kind-hearted soul. I believe he never talks about the small kind of gestures he has done to this nation or her people. Yet, I will talk about these small yet admirable gestures. This is what is missing from this world we live within.

We all talk about politicians and how they don’t remember the citizens as they become famous and how they forget their promises.

Yet, today, I know this kind gesture was not a show off for the cameras, or the newspaper. Yet, for a human in need this kind soul was there indeed.

Today, I can say proudly I admired him. Also, I knew I was right. So many were saying these are just ways of politicians showing off their humanity. I would like all of you to know this one politician was there in the dark helping a human about whom he has no clue. He was helping just for the humanity of a human.

I pray for this human. May all see him like I have. May my journey through life again give me the opportunities to meet him properly again.

All of you the Dutch, please know, amongst you all, you have a very kind-hearted person who will never wrong you, maybe you would disagree with his ideas but he is a human with humanity within his soul, which is missing in this time period.

I have no idea why the Holy Spirit had given me the blessed dreams of this kind gentleman in the past. Yet today, I know I met a kind-hearted soul who I have admired and know I will admire. This strange night had brought miracles from the beyond within my life. I know the Holy Spirit has brought this kind soul to me on this night. Whatever the days ahead have in store for me, I will always admire this kind-hearted soul.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is a blessed citizen who walks for the people, with the people, as a citizen of the Netherlands, and also for all the humans throughout this world.

Blessings from The Hague, the Netherlands be with you,

*The cover picture was taken during my trip in the Netherlands!