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My eyes search for a person who symbolizes peace and keeps history alive, yet teaches all to lead by living as an example. My eyes search for an exemplary leader.

An admirer of historical facts, figures, and of messages carried within the vessels of ordinary men and women, I am. The Virgin Mary, The Mother so many cry to every day. Mahatma Gandhi, the leader I read about and look into the past for guidance from always. Satyajit Ray, a filmmaker whose film I watched even with subtitles. Rabindranath Tagore, whose sweet words had given him the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature. They are all people I admire and learn from even today. Just like all of you, I also search for a person who could unite all humans across the globe and bind us to one house of humanity.

Where can we find one such person?

My eyes seek for one such person who I can follow. Even in the future people like me will follow him or her to guide them through his or her footsteps. Remember the people we admired yesterday might be the people you admire or not. Yet, the lessons left behind by all the people from the past are lessons that shall guide we the present and you the future.

“Mary, our Mother, sustain us in moments of darkness, difficulty, and apparent defeat.”

– Pope Francis

I know, the past teaches the present as then the present guides all to the future. Why then do we the present try to erase the past as she is our learnt lesson? Place the pages of the hurtful or memorable past in the libraries of life, to learn from.

“Hate the sin and not the sinner is a precept which, though easy enough to understand, is rarely practiced, and that is why the poison of hatred spreads in the world.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Eradicate the wrongs of the doers, but keep them standing in front of all to witness the wrong, learn, and teach all throughout time.

As the author of The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic, I do see what so many had refused to see and acknowledge, the division of humanity through taught lessons of hate. I had warned all to step up and unite for one another and not divide one from the other. My belief is simple, humanity awakened within all humans can defeat all hateful actions committed toward one another.

So I ask all of you to awaken for each other today.

“The most important lesson that man can learn from life, is not that there is pain in this world, but that it is possible for him to transmute it into joy. ”

-Rabindranath Tagore

Allow tomorrow to be beautiful like a bed of colorful flowers. From afar, they look like a rainbow, yet close up you see they are humans with humanity.

Like myself, if your eyes also search for someone who can guide all humans across this globe to learn to love one another, do find a mirror in front of yourself.

Now, say to your reflection, you can help by changing your own self. Listen to the person in the mirror as he or she told you to change yourself first. We can begin from here. We can start to change our own self first. Then, our eyes will find someone who will unite all of us for one another.

”I never imagined that any of my films, especially Pather Panchali, would be seen throughout this country or in other countries. The fact that they have is an indication that, if you’re able to portray universal feelings, universal relations, emotions, and characters, you can cross certain barriers and reach out to others, even non-Bengalis.”

-Satyajit Ray

In my book The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic, I had searched for one such person. I searched for a person I could ask for help. A person who could see even when he has wronged and admit it. A person who could cross barriers and move on to do right. I had followed my dreams as I had one such person shown to me within my dreams, as you all know I am a dream psychic.

The Holy Spirit in my dream had told me I would come across this person. Somehow we would meet, through the pages of life.

Through the journey of my life, a faraway land had come into my dreams. I had witnessed this land and her history in my dreams as mentioned in my various books. This is the land where the famous Peace Palace stands as she guides all to peace and justice. The Holy Spirit showed me this land over and over again. Her history, her people, and culture became my sacred love for this sacred land. My love poured through my pen upon the pages of my book, The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams, as I found out my love was seen by so many across the globe and this book became my international #1 best seller and one of the top selling books on Amazon Netherlands.

ANN MARIE RUBY/ Connecting the world through words

Year after year, I was told to go and visit a person from this faraway land. Yet, I asked my Lord how would I a beholder of a small vehicle meet one such person you want me to meet? The Lord had said, time would allow this to happen. Yet, never to forget this person is a good soul and does love humanity far beyond any differences. He lives amongst the people with the people not beyond or above.

I had on one cold fall night, come across a person who had helped me from falling, as I did not see the uneven ground I was walking upon.

Walking with a group I was, as we were trying to go to our destination and not be late. I almost fell yet a very strong hand had held on to me and told me to be careful. He guided me back onto the sidewalk and told me to watch out as these roads are not even. No camera was present nor any human to take a snapshot of what the person had done. A small gesture from a stranger did go unnoticed by all the cameras but was noticed by my soul. I know my Lord too was smiling as he had returned my faith in humanity.

This was the person I admire. I have seen within so many dreams the person I should ask to lead us to a more united world. In my fight against hate crimes, as in my book, I had asked this leader to guide us through this world pandemic. This person is the one who had guided me back onto the sidewalk.

Fear gripped my voice as I did not mention anything.

I knew a world leader would not have time to listen to my words. However, I had the determination that one day, I would try. I would find my voice and ask him for help. My voice is not loud enough to reach the ears of all even though the pandemic of COVID-19 was predicted in my book, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby. My pen is my found voice and I know I need someone to guide me to my goal.

I also wrote my book, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic, as within this book I again warned all about hate crimes and how this would become a catastrophic storm that would take over the lands to only deprive the humans from their own humanity.

I had seen The Holy Spirit guided me to a person.

Someone who could at least start with his calming voice of humanity to awaken all within their own humanity. I will again ask this person for help.

I saw this person had said he wants to eradicate Zwarte Piet from his own land. Earlier, he believed this was just a fun event during Christmas. Yet as he had met young black children, he had awakened from within and knew he was wrong. The children did not find this fun. They felt hurt because they thought people ridiculed them.

I know as a human with humanity, we only want to see love and happiness within the faces of all children across the globe. We want a world where children don’t see colors when they look into the mirror reflection, but only a face that smiles back and says you are a beautiful human with humanity.

A child in my dream was crying. She asked me how she knows she is beautiful.

I told her to look into the mirror and say “I am the most beautiful person in the world. The magical person in the mirror will say the same thing with you because that is the truth.” This young girl kissed me and said, “Thank you great-grandmother.” As I hugged her, I knew I will also have a family lineage. Yet, the most beautiful part of the dream is what I told the child as I believe it to be true.

I want a world leader to take this great burden upon his shoulders. With his powerful voice of wisdom, let him walk with us through this catastrophic storm I call, The World Hate Crisis.

I know this world leader was featured in The New York Times as a human with humanity within the article “Playing by the Rules: Dutch Leader Offers a Sober Contrast in a Brash Era.”

Even before the article had come out, I had published my article as I believed him to be a very modest leader who did not have the ego of the high class upon his shoulders but is a son of a land who has devoted his career to awaken all to be a friend, a neighbor, and a gentleman first.

I have personally met a lot of world leaders as I had traveled around with a diplomatic family. I know how arrogant and ignorant a person with power could be or become. Yet, this person, I am calling upon did not hesitate to give his hands to a stranger who needed them for support.

You all know this person as Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands, a historian and teacher. He calls himself a son of The Hague. I call him, a human with humanity.

Today, again I ask you the honorable Prime Minister to help me and take upon your hands The World Hate Crisis.

I have seen you would be able to help in the eradication of this catastrophic storm that invisibly brews within the inner hearts of so many all around us.

I believe in my dreams as they become alive within the pages of reality in front of me in daylight. Today you all are witness to these forewarnings. I received them within my dreams, written within the pages of my books, years ago.

As these dreams have now come into daylight, I would again ask this honorable Prime Minister to help me eradicate this crisis as I had also seen that part.

Time is a journey through the lives lived. I would wait for this part of the dream to come true.

Today, I ask this honorable man to help me and all through this catastrophic storm. Begin the eradication of yet another catastrophic storm. The Lord had warned me beforehand about this storm and asked me to take the help of this one person.

My visiting birds come within my birdhouses. They leave as it is their time to go. Without any notice, they come and go. Today, we the humans have found humans across this globe who were also temporary visitors, who left during the COVID-19 pandemic without any public events or notices. I watched an honorable Prime Minister, too obey the country’s set rules and not visit his mother as they too had said their farewell in private.

This message, I wish and hope reaches through the doors of welcome and you place your blessed hands and help with the eradication of all hate crimes.

I believe you shall begin something from the land of the Peace Palace, and help. My book The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic, was sent to the Honorable Prime Minister. The kind and beloved Queen Máxima of the Netherlands received this book with love. I received a letter on behalf of her. All throughout the land love Queen Máxima. She is a devoted queen, wife, mother, and an immigrant herself. She lives with the people for the people and also rides her bike amongst the people.

May my blessings be with this land and all of her people. This magical land feeds one third of the human population across the globe. I know and pray this land gives us the hope we all need right now. This land will help eradicate all hate crimes as this land is a symbol of peace and blessings.

“When calamities but appear from the unknown, it is then we the humans find our inner humanity for each other. Within all apocalyptic crises we see all around us, humanity but awakens.”

-Ann Marie Ruby (The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream)


Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby



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