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“Dawn breaks open through the night sky,” is a prayer I recite each dawn to greet the new day. Like all humans across this globe, I too celebrated a bright new year’s day, with candles of hope.

This year greeted all to the pandemics of our lifetimes known to you, me, and our future generations as the Catastrophic Pandemics of 2020.

All humans have awakened to this nightmare that never seems to end yet like the ravishing floodwaters, it keeps on rising. All around us, we only see devastation and grief filled sorrows. We see no end in sight. Yet this ravishing storm had visited me within my dreams before it became a reality in the daylight hours.

“Dreams are given from the Heavens above onto all within the Earth beneath for within them lie the miracles of eternity.”

– Ann Marie Ruby (Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby)

Yes, I a dream psychic had predicted these nightmares as I had placed my pen to paper and wrote them as my witness.

Dreams have guided all throughout eternity. Through dreams, most religions have taken birth. Scientists also have proven dreams to be fact, as they researched the REM cycle, and more. As I had written all about dreams in my different books, I have also told you the only proof we don’t have through an individual’s dreams is the content of the dreams.

Through the pages of my dream diaries, I had given all of you my sightings of the catastrophic pandemic through flu like symptoms. I also talk about faith in the Omnipotent. The Omnipotent’s given blessed scientific scholars will get us through this bridge of obstacle.

“United we the humans shall conquer all obstacles of life. Always remember when and where there is no hope, there is but one, The Alpha, The Omega.”

– Ann Marie Ruby (Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby)

In another dream, I had seen the world was impacted through hate crimes.

I had warned all if not paid heed to, then we will have a catastrophic storm. I knew this storm was brewing fast and someone must do something.

“The statistics of the hate crimes are not good and have but taken their own course. The virus is live in the air and we must awaken and do something. I know I have said over and over again to myself, I am only one person. What can I do?”

– Ann Marie Ruby (The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic)

I wondered what I could do as I took my pen to paper and started to send my book out to world leaders, and you the world citizen.

“The citizen and the leader, let us walk hand in hand and protect all as we become the glowing hope within these dark times.”

– Ann Marie Ruby (The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic)

I hoped it would reach the souls of the world citizens before it too hits all like a catastrophic pandemic. Yet today as we are still fighting to stay steady through a health crisis, we face another storm I call The World Hate Crisis.

All storms do come to an end and it is time we the humans search for the root of these human-made catastrophic storms and put an end to them. In my book, The World Hate Crisis, I have talked about my personal journey through this particular storm. I have asked world leaders to pay heed and accept my book as a small step and believe in my words. I prayed these words would reach the blessed ears of someone who can help me to begin the journey to eradicate hate crimes.

In my book I had said, I am a small vehicle which cannot be seen or heard by anyone yet you the one with a big vehicle could help.

How do I reach the ears of the humans who do not believe in dreams as psychic guidance?

How do I word them in front of you who only use your computer or cell phone to write a hurtful comment to only get your hurtful words of anger out to stop my words?

Instead of doubting, why don’t you just listen and think what if?

Today, my dreams have played out in front of you within daylight hours. Yet years ago, I had given you these words of wisdom as my blessings and love. No harsh words of the hurtful critics had prevented my journey as I knew I had the glad tidings of my Lord. Not even when I only had tears as my best friends from your critical arrows thrown toward me. Nothing prevented me as I always say, it is not your love I wait for, but my love for you is greater than your painful words.

Today again, I ask you all to only read these books as now they are not just my words, but my foreseen future is the present times as we the humans unitedly walk through today.

For yourself and all others, let us unite and not criticize a person but give him or her our ears.

Life is a journey where I know we are all the travelers. Through my life journey, I will walk for you. I will place a lantern for you to guide yourself through the darkness. May the pages of my books become your friend as you accept them as your friends through these dark times.

In union, let us eradicate all racial, color, and ethnic discriminations. From this day on forward, let all children be born with hope and blessings. May they not see the differences amongst themselves as they all grow up in a world where all people are accepted.

These words may be a strange dream to your ears, but they are my prayers for this one world of mine.

This is not a painting on my wall but a foreseen future for our future generations.

Let us today promise to keep one another safe throughout the dark times. Through the health crisis, we all donate blood and accept the donated blood of a stranger. I had at a young age accepted the donated blood of a stranger. Today, I don’t know who the stranger was but I know it was a blessed creation of the one Creator.

You the stranger who is fighting against a person whose skin color, or religious belief is different from you too will accept this stranger’s blood, yet without knowing. So I ask you, why then do you see the stranger different from you? How is he or she different from you if your physical body accepts this kind gesture of a stranger?

The health pandemic that we face is a cousin to the hate pandemic that is rising around us.

If we can unite to save one another during the health crisis, then why and how can’t we the world citizens unite for one another and forget the barriers of race, color, and religion?

“The human race has one color, one kind, and is but one group, unless you are the ignorant eye, for then you can only see yourself within the mirror.”

– Ann Marie Ruby (The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic)

We can and we shall eradicate all of these crises that come upon us for I the dream psychic had seen we the humans after a storm had fought for each other, not against. Through united efforts, we the humans became victorious.

The answer to all of these obstacles was, is, and shall always be, the humans with humanity.

Awaken humanity for yourself first and all humans across this globe. Look at your own reflection in the reflecting waters of life. The answers are all there for you to see. Sometimes, it may take years for you to realize and at times, it may only take days.

It is like an answer I had written in my books regarding dreams. Sometimes, it takes only days for the dream to come true, but at times, it may take years for you to see the complete picture of your dreams.

Have faith in yourself and know you can become a prayer for all, not a curse where all ask but why did you say this or do that.

For all of you, I have my books where you too shall find my predictions which I had written years ago. I also have my prayer books which you the world citizens shall find comfort within as these words unite all race, color, and religion into one house of songs I call prayers. May these songs be my blessings for you today and your future generations tomorrow.

I know today we have humans across the globe protesting against a catastrophic pandemic to end.

I hope we can learn from this and do something to end this human-made hatred toward one another through love for one another.

Let us pray in union and believe,

“Where there is no hope, there is but one.”

– Ann Marie Ruby (Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul)

With a prayer, I know we the humans across this world will eradicate the catastrophic pandemics of 2020.


Ann Marie Ruby


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