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Today around the globe, world leaders are on the stage trying to keep their citizens safe through scientific guidance.

The invisible enemy of 2020 has drowned the Earth within its invisible water. This poisonous water burns all as it slowly takes down all on her way. The rich and famous are trying to find their own ark and float within this invisible river. I see so many world citizens swimming in this poisonous river without any thought about themselves or any other innocent citizens they might drown along the way. I watch the harmful musical flute of the wrong flutists around the globe scorching all ears to only drown with them.

All over the globe, I travel in search of a powerful musician with a sweet tune and his flute to sound the warning sounds. May his powerful flute reach all ears and help guide people back onto the right path where the scientists are there with their oars waiting for a right ark. I pray we find amongst ourselves one such sweet warning flute player who can bring back all the wrongdoers onto the right path. I pray the world leaders become the voice for the right and be louder than the powerful voices of the wrong. Also, I ask all the world leaders to join the scientific scholars and bring back all above the ark of safety.

Today, you the world leader who had taken an oath to keep your citizens safe be our voice, for you are on stage to give voice to those who can’t talk for themselves.

Today, the world faces its worst pandemic ever seen within our lifetimes. This pandemic can be won by us through wearing a mask and keeping our distance from one another. This distance we keep from one another is for one another. The message is easy, work for one another not against, as this is our saving grace. Yet today there are so many of you who refuse to work with or for your fellow citizens.

My question is why?

Why would you risk your fellow citizens and why can’t you wear a mask? Why would you not see the lives lost to the pandemic of 2020? How does your inner soul not cry for the mother, the father, the son, the daughter of an unknown citizen across this globe who have lost their family members because of people like you who refuse to abide by the only given cure of the scientists?

The world leaders who are trying to guide their citizens are being criticized by the citizens because they refuse to wear a mask or keep a distance.

I watch people gather up for another concert and another dance party or in a crowded bar to celebrate life. Yet across the yard, why don’t you see the people who can’t even gather up to bid their farewell at their beloved family member’s funeral? How can you be ignorant if you are gathering to witness a musical concert? You see the dance shows yet you do not see the funeral service?

I watch the world leaders trying to gather both groups. They take on the burdens upon their shoulders and ride the arks to safety. I watch them playing their flutes as they try to guide all through the unknown storm. Yet why are you not taking the life vests they are trying to provide for you through their scientific scholars? Anyone refusing to wear a mask or keep a distance is refusing to be with the group of selfless people. They are from the selfish group of I, me, and my way.

Why do you an adult need to be told by anyone to wear a condom when you are having unprotected sex? Why do you need to be told to not drink and drive? Then, why do you need to be told to wear a mask and keep distance as that is our only saving grace of 2020?

The world leaders are in the spotlight, under the scrutinized eyes of their electors.

Yet do we the citizens even remember why we chose these candidates? Why are they in the spotlight after all? Some candidates have spent their whole life serving their communities, and some come in the spotlight to only be in the limelight. Amongst the world leaders, we find through history some are full of grace and some have fallen from grace. Yet why do we not awaken ourselves from this nightmare and be responsible for ourselves and all around us? These leaders are on stage yet you are the powerful voice they are on stage for. A singer finds his way upon stage through her fans. An author finds her courage to write more from her fans. A leader finds his votes through your voice and your support.

I have found through the wagon of time, this world gifts her children graceful leaders who only want to unite all through their lessons given through life. Yet within this world through the wagon of time, we have learned our lessons of falling for the wrong person. In life, we all fall off track by the sweet songs of the wrong.

We fall off track by the wrongful powerful voices of the wrong.

We also fall off the track as we get onto the wrong track following the wrong person. Life is a lesson learned through time. All the answers are only hidden in the future, not in the present. It is not humanly possible for us the present to get advice from us the future until we have taken the turn.

I know we cannot see the future yet some of us are blessed by the tunnel of light. I had seen the light at the end of the tunnel through my dreams. The scientific scholars have called this stage as the REM (rapid eye movement) cycle. I had warned all of you about COVID-19 in my book published in 2017. Yet today I want you to be there for your own world leaders.

Some of them are simply wrong and that is when we teach them how it is to be graceful and ask them to not fall from grace. Yet we do have world leaders who have walked with grace. They need to be appreciated. All need to be reminded within all groups of people we have good and bad.

I have found within my lifetime some world leaders I do admire.

Yet I feel like within this flood of poisonous water, we are losing hope from despair. We must stand up as citizens and find the glimmer of hope within the dark storms of 2020. We must not fall off of the ark and throw out the only skipper who can save us and him or herself. To distinguish the difference in the leaders is simple. Does he wear a mask? Does he keep a distance? Also, does he do as the scientific scholars are advising? Or is he making up his own rules as he walks for himself?

Life is a stage. We are all the audience as the person on stage has volunteered to be up there as a guide. If the person on stage is lost, we show him the path from the audience. I had been to a concert as a young teenager. There was a very well known sitar maestro playing his sitar. Yet the microphone was not working. This legend did not shout or say anything to anyone. Yet, he laughed and waited until everything was working as he began his musical show of the night. The musical maestro did what was right as he had said:

“It makes me feel rather hurt when I see the association of drugs with our music. The music to us is religion. The quickest way to reach godliness is through music. I don’t like the association of one bad thing with the music.”

-Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar’s words today are my musical flutes which talk louder than any words.

Where we the citizens search for our leaders and their words to only guide us and protect us, we must find these words from humans whom we place upon a stage. If the words recited by a leader take us astray and make us get lost within the walk of life, then we have wronged. I search for world leaders who through their stern voices can take us onto the right path and not place us upon the path of the harmful wrong lanes.

Around the globe, we do have great world leaders who are trying to guide us upon the right path. You the citizen must not through your wrongful voice drown these world leaders and drown all the people around you. We need to make sure people choose the right leader not the wrong one. You the citizen have a voice. You should not place the wrong leader upon the stage and then live to regret. Today, we fight life and death as this world stage has placed all of her world citizens upon a poisonous river. We must help one another. Try to listen to those who try to guide us through this storm.

There are always two teams and two leaders, team of the right and their leader and team of the wrong and their leader.

Each individual must choose his or her own team. The leaders can only voice their rules and regulations, and their words of wisdom. The path for both teams is different. One is known as the right path and the other is the wrong path.

Which path an individual chooses gives might and power to his or her own team. The leader of the right path picks up his group and continues the journey as does the leader of the wrong path.

Here the leaders are not to be blamed for each person is walking on his or her own path.

The world leaders can create a path for all who want to travel but you the individual must walk on your own.

Only time will share the stories of the leaders as both become history. Today, I ask all world leaders to become the skippers of the right path. The followers will come traveling on their own feet as they listen and be guided by you and their basic moral values.

Look out for the skipper who is there to guide you out of the storms of 2020. Throughout this storm, you are the audience. You are the voice as the world leaders are there to perform a concert where it is your words and your musical tune they are performing for and through. The world leaders are there on stage with your voice.


A father of the fatherland I admire and have written poems about in my book, The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams, is interred here in the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft. It is an honor to have been lucky enough to visit the church and pay my respect to him. From the past, he inspires me as I also admire the current Dutch King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima, and the current Prime Minister Mark Rutte. I hope they can spread some positivity around this globe.

I am blessed as these three honorable humans across the globe received my books. Letters of appreciation were sent to me on behalf of them. I know humans across the globe are busy with their lives. Yet, these three honorable people take time out of their lives to show a person like myself they are all aside from being Royals or a busy Prime Minister, also humans with humanity.



Ann Marie Ruby


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