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Practicing meditation goes back in time as it was seen in India going back to 5000 BCE. The evidence comes from artwork found in India as people were pictured sitting in meditative positions. I guess carvings were the only way one could capture the evidence at that time. The first written evidence, however, was traced back to the Hindu scripture known as the Vedas around 1500 BCE. The early saints and sages had practiced this to take control of their mind, body, and soul. Today, however, all over the world people are practicing meditation. Some have concluded a complete yogi mind or the final stage of enlightenment or the seventh step of meditation is only possible with complete celibacy.

This practice has evolved with time as it is seen as taking control of oneself and regulating the mind, the body, and the inner soul. Yet people have sent me a question I will try to answer today only through what I feel the answer would be. I will try to answer through my own experiences, my inner thoughts, and my own answers.

The question is as follows:

Is celibacy required for meditation?

Meditation has been practiced all throughout time as a way to gain peace and serenity. This practice, or concentration of the mind, body, and soul, was first talked about in Hinduism in the Upanishads, as it is a Vedic tradition.

The saints had always given their mind, body, and soul to one cause and one path, to the Omnipotent. They had wanted to be in union with the Creator and did not want anything to distract their oneness. I believe it is channeling their focus. This channeling allowed them to give up all earthly desires and only focus on their one desire to be in oneness with the Omnipotent.

The average human being cannot, however, let go of all earthly desires or the earthly responsibilities that tie him or her to his or her earthly vehicle.

The physical body overrules all other feelings for a general mind, body, and soul. Personally, I could say when I was diagnosed with diabetes, it was a very difficult time. I had other physical problems related to this such as, drastic weight loss, stress, and to top it all, drastic life changes I had to include.

When you are in pain, you cannot think of anything but the pain, be it physical or emotional. That’s when we the humans need to take help from our scientific scholars. Yet it is then we can channel our mind, body, and soul to get a different form of positivity. I call this the most powerful redirecting of the human mind, body, and soul, through meditation.

As a child, my mother had told me a nighttime tale as I had asked her why meditation had different forms and stages. I had seen my mother pray every night. She had always lit a candle during her prayers. Yet I had watched my mother had always broken her meditation if one of her children needed her.

I asked her then how were her prayers answered, or how was her meditation complete.

She had told me the story her mother had told her as a child.

There were two sisters. One became a saint and gave up her normal way of life. She remained single as she told everyone she only can concentrate on her Lord. The other sister had married and had children. One day, the sister with children had asked the saint sister to give her a glass of water without moving from her place. The saint sister replied it is not possible even for a saint to do that. The sister with children had replied I can do it, let me show you. The sister with children called her son and asked him to bring her the glass of water.

My mother told me both paths were right for both of them. If one chooses to be celibate and become a saint, it is the right path. Yet if one person chooses to have a family and still meditate and pray, that too is the correct path.

The sages and saints had chosen their way to direct all their love to the divine love of the Omnipotent through complete spiritual devotion through meditation.

This path came through self-awakening of oneself. Through their awakening, they found their sought after goal. They found peace in their journey and because of their journey, we have the path to meditation.

Yet in this life, I have found peace and self-awakening in my spiritual journey through loving my Creator, my Lord. I have picked up meditation to awaken my inner soul and restrain myself from the unwanted paths I don’t want to travel upon.

Here, I have your answer.

What is celibacy in my eyes?

Celibate from sex, celibate from all sins that are forbidden to humans by the laws of the land and each respective religious beliefs.

That means we are not forbidden to marry, so why would we be celibate from marriage? I understand celibacy as before marriage, not after. The love between twin flames was created by the Creator, so why would the Creator want his creation to be celibate and not reproduce?

Meditate accurately and do gain the complete enlightenment within your path through true devotion. Truth prevails over all obstacles. As you truly try to see the path you search for, it shall come upon you. From within the fog, you shall find in front of you a complete clear view of the truth awaiting your arrival. It is you who must travel to the truth as the truth was always out there for you to find her.

Meditation for me personally was my books as within all the pages, I found my inner love for words of wisdom.

An author finds her enlightenment through her books. A doctor finds her enlightenment through her hands as she saves yet another life. Blessed twin flames find their enlightenment as they finally find one another and know in this journey through life, they have one another.

A saint finds his enlightenment through devotion to his Creator. We find from his journey of life, the path to meditation and spirituality. Through a doctor’s journey and devotion, we find the physical healer amongst us. Through the storyteller’s blessed hands, we find books within our bookshelves to keep us company through the restless nights. Also through a blanket weaver’s blessed journey, we have amongst us warm blankets during the cold winter nights.

You the reader must know life is a miracle where we believe in the profound truth of our relationship with God and his given gift to all of his creation. Here, all of us are actually woven within the other person’s path. We need one another to survive as a society

No, I do not believe in giving up love and the pure and blessed relationship that God has asked his creation to have. I believe in celibacy until marriage, yet I will not give up my meditation or yoga afterward.

Again, let us walk to where meditation is known to have come from.

It came from the Upanishads and the Vedas, and the tantric couple, Shiva-Shakti.

It is perceived this tantric cosmology is where the universe was created from.

Even in Christianity, Christ had not asked to refrain from marriage. All other Abrahamic religions too had not asked us to refrain from marriage yet all have asked us to refrain from sex before marriage.

So my answer to all of you who have sent in this question is refrain yourself from what the society says is a crime. Refrain from what your religion says is a sin. Do not refrain from meditation or its benefits as even though the scientific scholars could not prove any religion or its origin, they have proven the benefits of meditation and yoga.

Through meditation, do practice to gain the seven enlightenments through your own safe sacrifices.

Some give up sweets, some give up carbs, and some give up sex before marriage. Whatever you choose to give up, let it be your own enlightenment, your practice, and your efforts to only better yourself.

Meditation and celibacy are a way of life. Through the journey of life, meditation can help a person be a better human. Couples who meditate together find themselves in a far better place as a couple. Examples are there from history where we had found meditation from.

Remember the tantric breathing technique had come to us from the divine couple Shiva-Shakti.

Shiva is the masculine form and Shakti is the feminine form. The oneness between this couple teaches a lot about the tantric meditation, breathing, and yoga forms. From this blessed couple, we have found a lot of the yoga positions. The earliest manifestation of meditation also comes from the twin flames, Shiva-Shakti.

Don’t look into any religion negatively but do pick up all the good vibes from all religious and scientific scholars.

Meditation has been around and will be around till the end of time. Do enjoy the benefits of this spiritual practice with complete oneness with your sought path.

Today, I would want to leave you with my own words. I have gained so much knowledge through my travels and research. You too can gain knowledge without having to give up your own path and belief. If you enjoy meditation and believe in its healing powers, then practice breathing techniques. Don’t stop the practicing because of criticism.

Learn the breathing techniques of the past teachers who have left behind for us this magical healing process.

Yet do remember you don’t need to give up any positive energies to gain these techniques. I have seen people giving up their ways of life to gain this spiritual journey but don’t last on this path. You can only gain something when your inner mind, body, and soul do not feel you have given up anything to gain another thing.

I had written the prayer, “The Travelers” in Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest at the beginning of my journey where I had said:

“Sacrifice I commit is but all my love for my Lord. No sacrifice is but a sacrifice.”

– Ann Marie Ruby (Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest)

So, my answer is meditation and celibacy are connected to the pure intentions of the mind, body, and soul.

Twin flames and eternal love for one another is a commitment made on Earth yet the promises made travel throughout time. This enlightenment is also a complete tantra. Practicing tantra requires the mind, body, and soul to be completely united, into oneness.

This practice is called tantric meditation. In this process, you use breathing techniques. You visualize and again like in all different forms of meditation, you must concentrate on the colors. This technique again is a gift from the tantric couple Shiva-Shakti to this world.

Let us spread positivity by being positive.

The breathing techniques of meditation are there for us to pick up and use to benefit oneself and teach all others the positive effects. Celibacy is giving up on things that are forbidden to one for one’s own good. So, meditation is to pick up the positive vibes from oneself by teaching the body to give up all negativity and pick up the positive vibes. Are these two paths separate or do they unite somewhere on the highways of life? I believe it is the same highway of life where one works for the other. Meditation and celibacy therefore are good for the oneness of the mind, body, and soul.

I meditate and am celibate from all negativity to align my mind, body, and soul with the oneness of positivity. Yet I believe in tantric meditation and all other meditation techniques.

Celibacy is to refrain from all negativity. So, meditation is my oath of celibacy, as through this technique, I am a far better person for myself and the society.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

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