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Twin flames are mirror images.

As the sun set, I watched the glorious moon appear upon the night skies. The mirror image of the moon’s reflection shining within the rivers around this Earth has created romantic songs. Eternal twin flames find themselves dancing within nature’s glorious musical dreamland. Like the moon’s reflection is it’s mirror image, the blessed twin flames through their eternal love are through their eyes one another’s mirror image.

The concept of twin flames and the faith upon this subject has been hailed throughout time.

The first step is faith, second step is belief, and third step is eternal truth. Within all theories, one must have faith. Then, one must believe in her or his journey. Within all journeys of life, the eternal truth is only found at the end of the journey.

This world has taught me that life is a long journey through time, where all answers are hidden only within the doors of time. I believe in the concept of twin flames. I know the answers are hidden within the obstacles and hurdles of life. It is a hard journey where one must not go off the track or else the biggest loss for this world, known as the loss of faith, will occur. Keep faith alive, for remember faith, belief, and eternal truth do not die even in death.

The wagon of time and the wagon of karma pay a visit to all humans across this globe.

It is up to we the humans to get on board with this concept and realize everything on this Earth and beyond is based on belief, faith, and the eternal truth.

I believe in twin flames and I know wherever life takes me, it is all good. For when we meet or wherever on Earth we both are, life will eventually take us to one another. Like the waves of life that come upon shore, I too will go to his shores. It is my belief, faith, and the eternal truth that shall take me to him.

During this time of waiting, however, I am happy and independent as the reason behind the theories of twin flames separation is to independently become oneself. Twin flames are complete in union yet they separated to become independent individuals. They can survive independently yet they complete one another in union.

The concept of twin flames is a spiritual belief and journey.

When a soul awakens to this belief, the soul awakens spiritually. I had a dream a long time ago where I had seen my twin flame sleeping on top of a sea. I knew he was deep in his sleep and I have to awaken him somehow. Time will answer my questions. Yet, I had decided to live this life within the commandments of my Lord and stay celibate from all sins known to the human mind.

As you all know, I have written my book Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light, where I talk about twin flames and other eternal truth concepts of life. To answer some of the questions you all have sent my way, I will only say, do not ever give up on hope.

During the pandemics of life, remember as all storms of life do come to an end, this storm too will end. Until then, keep holding on to the hands of hope.

If you have fallen off onto the wrong tracks within your love life, do not give up on love.

You will get the answers to all your questions as you get back up on the right tracks of life. Within a road trip, we all get off on the wrong path and get lost at times. We must take a U-turn and then get back onto the right path. The lessons should be guidance like the street lights standing upon the highways. One should never cross the red light, and one must be patient and wait for the green light signal to turn on.

Humans learn through trial and error, yet on this path we must wait our turn. Life is a one-way path where we shall cross the paths of all the other travelers on the same path. I only ask and pray to my Lord, may I the traveler not go astray or fall prey to the wrong travelers upon this path. Temptations left upon this path may be warm and cozy on a cold winter’s night, or like the cold welcoming breeze upon a hot summer’s night. Yet these temporary temptations are not for me and shall never be mine.

Forever I, the yogini, shall walk upon the path that my mind tells me is right.

On this path, no guide is needed nor any directions as the travel guides on this path are my basic moral values.

Believe in yourself first and know it is then you shall learn to believe in your other half, your true twin flame. The questions regarding twin flames will never be answered as the questioners asking are still searching. The answered couples have moved on within their path in union only leaving behind their memories and short tales of life. We the seekers, however, can never be satisfied with their examples or left behind tales as our tales are yet to be completed.

Look into the waters of life today and know your reflections will be of your twin flames. Somewhere on this Earth, he too is watching at the reflections upon the mirrors of waters, and they are of yours. How is this possible?

It is easy because life in itself is a reflection through the mirrors of your eyes.

Through your inner eyes, you will find one another. Open your inner eyes to your inner faith and then wait for life to take its own turn. Awaken your mind, body, and soul to the pure essence of your inner truth. Then, see this world through your awakened soul.

It matters not what you believe in as long as you are happy within the journey of your life. If you have questions, then take a break and wait for your inner green lights to turn on. You alone have the directions to this path, as the journey is yours written and you are the sole traveler upon this path. Blessed are those who have upon this lonely journey a partner with whom to share the struggles and blessings.

My father had said he wanted to be someone’s walking cane as she too could be his for through this journey, they wanted to be one another’s support.

In union, they would become one. Yet when they were separated, they were individuals.

I have taken the support of serenity, peace, and joy as my support of life. When lonely, I take support of serenity and she takes me to the musical tunes of life. When anxiety knocks upon my door, I welcome peace as my support and meditate through positivity. Also, when the tears of life come pouring in through the open windows of life, I welcome my support called pleasure through the pages of my books to bring joy within the lives of others.

I am complete as an individual and I hope all of you are complete too. When I do eventually meet up with my twin flame, I will share my found serenity, peace, and joy, with him. My home always has a lantern lit with hope for all throughout this world. Do light a lantern filled with hope within your home and in union we shall all have homes lit with hope.

My answer to all of you is never give up on hope, and never break down because you have taken a lost turn.

The path is there and so are we the travelers. All you have to do is get back upon the right path of life. Don’t rush to be on the path as then you might get lost.

True love exists within the inner souls of all twin flames. All you have to do to find your twin flame is believe in this fact. As you walk through the journey of your life, you shall find him within the reflections of your inner soul.

Remember always waiting for you on the other side of the riverbend looking at the reflections of his inner soul is your twin flame. Like the water that travels from one end to the other, you too shall travel to him and reach shore.

Remember the canoe you ride upon is your faith. The power of your oars is your belief. When you finally reach shore, is the eternal truth that shall take you to your true twin flame, your reflection, your mirror image.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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