Water cleanses the earthly body. Tears but cleanse the mind, body, and soul from within.

-Ann Marie Ruby

Life is a blessed journey where things keep on moving like the ocean keeps on flowing. As she travels through the land, she touches the different lives she enters and yet keeps on moving. The clouds appear upon the skies from a faraway land and move on without warnings.

People too come within our life and part their own ways as guests are just that, guests. I have watched the Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains frame the serene picture around my house for the last few years. This sacred nature has given the inspiration and had become the inspiration for my personal sacred awakening. Yet like all of nature, it only lasts for a while.

I have made the decision to move on with my life and have placed my house on the market.

Blessings poured as the rain had poured within the grounds of Seattle and now I must say my farewell to this blessed sacred house which once I had called home. Life brings upon our plate choices and at times we must choose the next door we must open. I have made my choice to open a different door as I know through this door lies the sacred journey I must take. At this stage, I have opened the door for the new owner to enjoy her blessed home as I walk through the door of the unknown.

If a house has any blessings, I know this home had her blessings stored for me within the past as in the near future she has her blessings awaiting the new owner. The present though has us walk by each other and upon different routes. Please say a prayer for me today so I may find the house that awaits my arrival, opens her doors, and makes herself my home.

Home is where love finds a blessed couple, a blessed family and all the blessings from Heavens above.

May I find the home that waits to give me the love, the joy, and blessings of life. I will write about my new home and the journey to her as she awakens and shows herself to me. May my blessings be upon all of you on this day as you travel through the journey of life. Keep love and blessings alive for yourself and all of those strangers you might bump into tonight, for remember I always believe strangers are but Angels in disguise. For always within my life, I have had my sacred friends awaiting me to acknowledge them. I accept and know forever, “Tears are but my best friends.”

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Blessings from Seattle,


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