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My eyes had searched for peace, love, and positivity all around this Earth. My mind, body, and soul detested all the negativity and sin that grow within a human body like an undetectable virus. I searched all around for an action that could bring upon this Earth peace and harmony. My heart desired a world free of hate and anger.

I prayed all night until dawn had come shining through my windows. It brought a smile and acknowledged the answers my heart desired. I will find all of these when I find myself first for all the answers are found within the inner soul of a human.

I knew I must let go of all the anger, hate, resentment, inner pain, sorrows, and negativity from my mind, body, and soul.

All around me, I realized I see what I want to see. I don’t see my Lord yet I know my Lord is there. I don’t see my Lord’s love for me yet I know I love my Lord. This union of faith is through pure blessings, letting go of all the negativity and bringing upon my mind, body, and soul only the positive vibes.

I felt all the pain, anger, hate, and negativity disappear like the dark night’s fog as dawn appeared within my inner mind, body, and soul. I realized when my anger subsided, I felt no anger around me. When I felt no hate, I saw there was no hate around me.

My rejuvenation has taken place as I felt I had taken a shower under the waterfall of accepting myself first. I let go of my anger first. I let go of the feeling of hate within my mind, body, and soul. Even though this dawn was years ago, I felt that day had been my entire life lived in one day.

The morning taught me to let go of all the feelings I want to see the world let go of.

The day was hard yet I knew I must first become what I want to see and feel around me. At dusk, I realized what the difference between dawn and dusk was. I had started the day with hope at dawn and always feared the dark night at dusk. Yet this day was different as I knew I only fear what I can’t accept. When I accept myself and all around me, it does not matter what happens for I shall see as I feel. I knew this night was a blessed night as I waited for another beautiful dawn ahead of me.

My spiritual journey had begun as I saw my mind, body, and soul in peace. I find you and your mind, body, and soul as you desire. In between, we have peace as our friendship bracelet tying us in a bond forever. If we think alike, we can be friends and if we disagree, we disagree in peace and let there be peace.

Remember it is you the individual who needs to be in peace and free of anger and hate.

For then, you shall see as you feel. Your mind, body, and soul need to be awakened to this truth as this truth shall set all humans free from all negativity. Positivity brings only positivity.

I had found proof of my actions as I set out and started to live my life the way I felt. My friends and even strangers would comment my smiles are contagious. They would say even my tears are contagious. I felt like the sun shining above the skies trying to bring some peace around me through a simple and honest smile. When I felt upset or sad, all the people around me would ask if everything was okay and if I am doing fine. I knew it was as if the sky above me was crying and pouring tears.

So I knew I must keep the direct connection of positivity open for all of whom accepted.

I send my positive vibes to all of whom seek positivity. This world is one home where within my eyes, no race, color, nor religion make any difference for all are my family members. I united the world citizens through my prayer books I have written for all race, color, and religion.

The human mind, body, and soul find peace when and where there is peace. So if an individual awakens to peace, he sees peace. If an individual has no anger or hate, then he sees no anger or hate. If an angry person filled with only hate comes and confronts you, it is then you can go your separate ways without any confrontation.

Always in life, our paths separate through our beliefs. If a person has a different belief system than yours, then it is completely peaceful to walk on separate paths. Where confrontations come, there is no peace. Always in life, walk in and for peace and harmony.

At dawn, I had seen the morning dew had fallen upon my grass. It felt cold and chilly outside, but within my mind, body, and soul, I felt warm and cozy.

I knew this is how the saints had healed themselves.

Through devotion and meditation, we heal our inner mind, body, and soul. Through medication and scientific treatment, we heal our physical mind, body, and soul. Where the two paths, the spiritual and the physical, meet is where peace and fulfillment of the mind, body, and soul are found.

Find peace within yourself and watch all the inner anger and hate you want to eradicate from this world disappear like the morning fog after sunrise.

Try to be the drop of hope this world is seeking. A drop in the bucket is seen as only a single drop. I would rather think it is still a drop. Start with yourself and with complete faith believe in yourself and know the human population throughout this world seeks peace and harmony.

Humans across the globe don’t voice their thoughts in fear of the others. Yet somewhere, someone has to be the first person to start the walk. Be the first one, the only one, yet be upon the right path. The path is there and we must get upon it for the journey to begin. It is when each and all of us the humans awaken for ourselves to peace, is when peace shall find us.

An Indian mystical poet named Kabir Das from the 15th century had said,

“All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.”

-Kabir Das

Find peace. Remove anger and hate. From your one action, the reaction shall be, this Earth shall evolve within peace and harmony.


Ann Marie Ruby





*The cover image is of my property in Greater Seattle, Washington State.

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