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Hate spreads like weeds and takes over land after land. The beautifully planted gardens get ruined. For years, we the world citizens have worked with one another placing our differences aside, working for a better future together in a nation where liberty and justice prevail. Yet today the obstacle known as hate is growing ever so fast, it has become the eyesore for this one world. Let us today in union remove these wild weeds of hate from our inner soul. Awaken oh the world citizens and hold my hands today as you plant within your soul, your garden with beautiful flowers of love. Let us the world citizens in union remove the obstacle known as hate and plant love.

In the USA, we are facing an election which has divided my fellow Americans.

I wish on the eve of this election, we can all come together as one nation under God.

Everyday, the death toll from COVID-19 is rising. The family members of the victims are facing a life-changing decision. Fear, anger, and resentment grip the surviving family members and all of the neighbors across the world. Financial burden is looming around the corner. How much burden can a human bear I wonder?

Then, my yogini mind takes over my human mind. I had foreseen this pandemic in my dreams, as I had also warned all about this catastrophic storm. I had seen the hate crisis as I had also warned all about this catastrophic storm. As the next catastrophic storm, I had seen the financial crisis that is to come ahead.

In my dreams, I had seen much more but today let me warn you about the financial and hate crises that loom around the corner.

Be aware and take control of your actions, as all of our actions have reactions.

Yes, we will have a cure soon in the future from this catastrophic illness. We will all survive the financial burden after a lot of pain and suffering that lay ahead of us. Yet I want all of you to awaken today and ask yourselves what can you do in this situation.

Wear a mask, stay six feet apart, and don’t spread the virus. You don’t need to blame your leaders or anyone for this situation. Be the leader and do not be a part of the spread but be a part of the prevention.

Financial burdens shall befall on a lot of families and at that time, do not worry about it but be happy you are six feet above the ground and not six feet below.

You have come to a crossroad where you shall find difficulties but dawn shall peek through as you shall find an angel in disguise to help you out of this crisis.

The angel who had given you a helping hand was a person you were taught to hate by the spreaders of hate. First, they spread the virus. Then, they made you go broke and now they are trying to divide you from your basic moral values.

Awaken yourself and learn to be yourself, not the person feared by all around you. Remember your inner hate that you have disguised in a cloak to cover up is only invisible to yourself. You are the naked person standing on stage. Yet you don’t see yourself for remember you can only see yourself in a reflection.

Call your inner humanity and do what is right by basic moral values.

Don’t be the naked person all the humans see but yourself. Let today be a volt of reawakening.

I ask you to go and take a bath of reawakening and rejuvenation. Be reborn in this life with a clean wash. Wash off all the inner hate and awaken within the blessed showers of love.

Go start planting the seeds of love through your mind, body, and soul. Let the first ray of dawn touch you from outside and awaken you from the inside. Then even within all the obstacles of life, you the awakened soul will know life is a blessing.

Today is there for us to be guided by our own failed mistakes of yesterday. Tomorrow is another day where we rectify our problems through the learned lessons of life. Never give up on yourself or any other person who you might think is lost.

The wagon of time only moves forward with all the lessons of life as a teacher always guiding from the past.

Tomorrow at the first sight of dawn, do remember to recite, “Glory Be To My Lord” as you have upon your life yet another blessed dawn to wash away all the inner troubles of life. Tonight at dusk as you wait for tomorrow’s dawn, do recite, “Candles Of Hope.” There is always hope as dawn shall break through.

I ask all of you reading this article to go and plant some bulbs in your flower pot or your balcony or your garden. Let these bulbs bloom next spring and do name this flower your candle of hope.

In union, come let us on the eve of yet another election say we the world citizens shall eradicate all hate crimes. Hate is the wild weed that has overgrown and taken over our land and nations. So everyone in union say with me, let us plant love and remove hate.


Ann Marie Ruby

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