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Be selfless, do not commit a crime against humanity.

Today, I ask our world citizens to be selfless and give without any expectations or conditions. The “I, me, and my way” has become contagious. The selfish ways of the human mind today have created a group of selfish people who are committing crimes against humanity.

This world needs all humans with humanity to open their inner doors of peace, love, and harmony. We the humans living in the year 2020 need to awaken our inner love and the spirits of blessings for one another. Hold on to the hands of your community, neighbors, family, and friends spiritually from a distance. Keep a distance and wear a mask not to keep hiding from them but to keep all of them healthy and safe through this wild catastrophic storm of 2020.

I am astonished by the selfish words of humans across this globe.

I see so many people walking in groups not wearing a mask or keeping a distance. The reason for this is their freedom of right. They walk for their rights placing a blindfold within their heart and soul as they keep the scientific scholars’ shared knowledge hidden from their inner eyes of humanity.

Humanity has found itself lost within their inner soul as they only see themselves. They are not worried about their own lives. Their faith in the Lord makes them walk out with their wrongful yet powerful mouth, breathing out like a violent weapon filled with the virus of 2019/2020. I ask you what is the difference between an angry gunman walking with a deadly weapon or a person walking with a deadly virus, shooting the virus around?

The justification you have is you did not know you had or have the virus and you did not want to protect yourself or others as that is your right. The angry gunman also had a gun he did not know was loaded. He did not know his children or friends had taken it. Yet he is responsible for what happened. The wild gun and its owner are responsible for the unjustifiable sin committed by the beholders of the weapon.

Take responsibility. Even if it is belief in God that prevents you from wearing a mask, then read the Commandments of the Lord again.

Is it not God who has given all of us the Commandments, that says “Thou shalt not kill”?

You don’t care about your own life and you think your faith will keep you afloat. But it is God who has gifted you with the scientific scholars to help guide you through life. I believe in my faith. I know the Creator would never want me or anyone to go against the Commandments of our Lord.

You want freedom for your wrongful actions. You are using faith to justify your wrong through your forceful, powerful, and wrongful voice. This action does not justify your taken actions. All lives are precious as all lives belong to the one Creator. All humans across this globe deserve to have a complete life without anyone taking it away from them before God’s will. A man or woman’s wrongful will is not God’s will for God would not have given us the most powerful Commandments given to humans, “Thou shalt not kill.”

You want your freedom and don’t want to be responsible for your actions, but you are responsible for the last breath of another.

Your freedom has cost another life. So, I ask you, how is this God’s will if you are a breathing weapon of destruction? This sin lays with you and you alone. On Earth, taking a life is a sin punished by the laws of the land. Within Heaven, this sin is punished by the final Judge.

I had watched people gather in huge groups all across the USA and other countries where they had wanted to express their freedom. I watched people mock other people with underlying conditions. Also, I watched young and helpless children with underlying conditions hold on to their parents’ hands in fear. How are these people at fault for being born with diabetes or just by being elderly? How could you call yourself a human if you see yet don’t see the pain and suffering of the others?

For centuries, people like yourself have refused to wear protection as they went out for wild sex adventures spreading viruses. Today, people with a sexually transmitted disease will be punished by law if they spread it without protection.

For centuries, we have drunk people justifying their actions by drinking and driving. After taking a life, these drunk drivers are being punished by the laws of the land.

I want a person in 2020 walking around without a mask and by not keeping a distance to be punished by the laws of the land.

I don’t want these people to wait for centuries to be punished for their committed crimes. They have the scientific scholars’ words and evidence, and the death counts of humans across the world against them.

I watched a world leader I had and always will admire as I called him a human with humanity work for his citizens. He tried to work for his citizens and tried for months to guide them by being kind. Yet I watched him be stern recently as that is the only way he could save all the vulnerable and non-vulnerable citizens. You all know him as Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands. I call him a decent human being with humanity. He had tried to give his citizens chance after chance as he tried to ask them to do what is right. After people had listened, yet some had not listened, and the ratio of COVID-19 had spread like wildfires, he became stern yet still compassionate. He has now made it mandatory for his citizens to wear a mask and keep a distance.

The only reason I am mentioning the Netherlands is because I have written two books on the Netherlands. Therefore, I have done a lot of research. I love the Netherlands as you all know it is the land of my dreams.

I would like all the world leaders to follow, give your citizens a second chance, and if they don’t follow then make it mandatory.

These world leaders are standing against the crowd. They are taking a risk by not asking for fame but doing what a human with humanity would do. A single human life lost is too great of a loss.

You the world citizen looking for fun and games, do remember, your fun and games are taking away humans across this world. This action is causing COVID-19 to spread like wildfires, across this world. Your anger is burning down families. This burning has left some families nothing but ashes, and wives who are going to bed without their husbands. Mothers are not there to tuck their children in bed at nights. There are empty chairs in schools. The teachers are missing in the cafeterias, to guide the children through lunch or classes. The hospitals are full with patients but the caregivers are missing as they too have become victims of their patients. How is this justified, by your basic moral values?

The audacity of people and their unjust wild actions will go down history.

These actions should be publicly called out by the families of the empty chair holders. These actions are never accepted by any religion, culture, race, or by God.

If you are walking out without a mask or if you are not keeping a distance from your fellow humans, you should be responsible for this sin. This is not your privilege or your freedom of right. This is a crime.

I call this, a crime against humanity.


Ann Marie Ruby


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