Today, let us walk down the path of spirituality. Time and tide have led us all to a path where some of us believe in a form of religion and some of us don’t. Personal perspective is always an individual perception. Where there is no scientific proof or what the eyes cannot see, always creates difference in opinions.

In 1869, Thomas Henry Huxley, an agnostic biologist, had said about God and religion, “It simply means that a man shall not say he knows or believes that which he has no scientific grounds for professing to know or believe.” If science can’t prove it, does it mean it is not true? What if there are so many who do believe? This is where I believe personal perception is beyond any scientific proof. We the creation come from somewhere and we return back to somewhere. Scientific proof cannot verify this fact, yet it still is a fact that we are born and that we die.

Through the journey of life, we have difference in opinions. So, we have different religious beliefs spread throughout the Earth.

Throughout time, we have spirituality awakened within the human soul. Throughout time, we the believers of religion have interlinked the spiritual person to a person with faith or a person who has a religious background. A person, however, can be spiritual without any religious affiliation, where the person awakens his or herself to a higher belief and believes only in the higher Creator, not any one particular religion.

“Ruah” is the Hebrew word that means the “spirit.” Religion or no religion, a person can be spiritual and have a direct connection to The Creator. I believe in my religion, but I know there are so many who do not belong to any one group. Why can’t they be spiritual?

Find yourself first and know beyond everything, the “ruah,” your inner spirit is directly connected to your Creator.

Believe in this Creator and know it is only your personal mind, body, and soul that need to find peace within your belief. You can have complete faith within this force and not belong to any religious faith.

Spiritually connected to the beyond where there is no one but you and your Creator is a journey we the creation travel upon as our inner spirituality awakens. You could be on this path whether you belong to a religion or not. Within this path, there is no criticism and there are no critics waiting to pick you up. You are the believer. Your inner spirituality believes in your Creator.

I believe beyond all religions, there is the inner spiritual journey where I have a direct connection with my Creator. Also, I confess all of my inner sorrows to this Creator, not a human who would judge me. I cry to this Creator, not upon the hands of a human who would again only judge me.

If any one human awakens to criticize a human for having a direct connection to his or her Creator, then that one human must be higher and above all humans.

Is it not strange that we the judged are judging one another?

I absolutely love the spiritual aspects of a mind where you grow from within your soul. Your inner spirit calls upon the beyond and has complete faith in miracles from the beyond. Spirituality is within my mind one of the biggest miracles we the humans have.

Through this path, we have meditation, where your inner spirit awakens to the invisible power of the beyond and gains wisdom of the mind. Within this path, your inner spirit is awakened within a glow of light from the beyond. Your focus is upon your mind, body, soul, and the higher power of faith.

Devotion is your knowledge through your inner spirit, where again you have your mind, body, and soul immersed within the love of your Creator. No one voice can make you walk away from this divine intervention as this is your complete spiritual awakening.

Spirituality is a blessing. Whether you belong to a religious group or not, do awaken spiritually from within your inner soul. Call upon the blessed miracles of the beyond as you meditate or even try to do yoga. Clear your mind first from all negativity. With the help of positive vibes, connect your completeness to the oneness of the beyond.

Find your inner wisdom to guide you through your spiritual awakening.

Spirituality for me was to find myself first, then my inner self guided me to the oneness of the beyond. Through belief, meditation, and yoga, a person can find his or her inner self and awaken within spirituality. Life is a blessing when you do not become the critic but can see the differences as a blessing from the beyond.

I call upon all religions to be in peace as they spread peace through spirituality. Within the path of spirituality, the religious and the ones who do not believe in any religion unite.

For this divine love, I have written my book, “Spiritual Songs” in two parts where my love for my divine Creator is felt. These prayers, which I call songs, are my divine love for my Creator. So, I call them spiritual songs.

Do recite them as you meditate or try to do yoga or if you just want some inspiration to awaken spiritually.

Spirituality is a divine gift from the beyond where we the creation unite, for the divine love for The Creator. Spirituality awakens as you the individual awaken with it. There is no difference between religion, race, or color within this path. The path was created through individual awakening of the individual mind, body, and soul for the divine love of The Creator.

I call spirituality my inner wisdom and love for my Creator.

Awaken spiritually and let the blessings of peace befall upon you, as you shall have within your inner self – the peace you seek. It has been the sacred knowledge of the wise, that you the individual hold within your inner self – the door to peace. I believe for me, peace had come upon my soul as I had awakened to the divine wisdom of spirituality.

What is spirituality? What is the definition of spirituality?

For me, it is the divine connection from my mind, body, and soul to The Divine Creator.


*The cover image is of my property in Greater Seattle, Washington.



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