What is spirituality?



Spirituality for me is a personal choice. Awakening from the inside is a spiritual journey. I have taken this upon myself only for the love of humanity.

Religious beliefs are also a personal choice and differed from group to group.

Spirituality within my own mind, is to combine all religious, social, and scientific beliefs into one house which I call, we the spiritually awakened.

Within this house, there is no separation between the mind, body, and soul, just like within this belief all race, color, and religion are viewed as one creation of The One Creator where life is valued equally and the sacred souls of humanity awaken as we the different race, color, and religion unite under this tree of spirituality.

Today science has moved on to within a house where even scientists have said meditation, yoga, and spirituality heal the body in ways which even scientists have no clue as to how yet they admit it is true. How is it possible? No one knows.

I call it the faith of all humans combined.

When we the different unite with complete faith, honor, and just towards each other, we have the awakened spiritual blessings.

I watch the pouring rain or the sunlight streaming onto our one Earth, and realize they are burning or drowning themselves to only be there for us. I realized I too must do something for all of the human race. Somehow I must unite all of humanity within themselves, I must bring back humanity.

My journey started through words. I put pen to paper and had written, my prayer, “Candles of Hope.”

Where there is total darkness, if only we could be like the candles burning without giving our opinions or advice and just be there for each individual to find his or her way back to their own respective home in peace, then all the houses within this spiritual Earth will light and be in peace.

I believe there is only one path and that is the path of humanity.

Today in the times of so much stress and cultural differences between lands and races, we should take advantages of the basic human values.

Awaken your basic human values as you awaken first. Be the candle who glows within the dark nights skies to give light to all the travelers of life. Be like the lighthouse guiding all whom but come within her path. As you take this journey, you shall be the spiritually awakened soul. You shall be the soul who becomes the lighthouse for all the known unknown travelers taking a journey throughout time.

I believe the spiritually awakened souls are but spiritual lighthouses guiding all throughout time.

Today we have landed upon a time when spiritually awakened souls are but rare. I want you to awaken for yourself, your family, your friends, and maybe through this awakening you shall awaken for me too.

Spirituality is a gift to one’s own soul. Feel the blessings of this awakening, for no religion, race, or color can come in between this sacred awakening. Spirituality is but the sacred blessing of eternity. The nectar all the time travelers have but searched for is but hidden within this eternal gift.

Today, you can give yourself this nectar of life, by just awakening from inside through spirituality.

Blessings from Seattle,


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