Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby

I had written this special book as a personal journey through time. I had published this book on December 14th, 2017.

This book has given me the spiritual insight to dreams, through mystical, religious, and scientific aspects of life while always keeping an open mind to all different views, be it religious, scientific, or mystical. The dreamworld is but the unknown parallel world. We the humans travel through this world, yet don’t remember completely.

Sometimes we know something happened. Or, we feel tired as if we just came back from a journey through the unknown world. There within this miracle world, life had existed differently. We meet people and are bonded in union as if this is life. Yet, as daylight approaches, all change and here we are awakened to another life. Movies have been made. Science has jumped into this zone. This has given all religions. Yet, this is still unknown and remains a mystery.

Come walk with me through one of my dreams.

I had shared the details of this dream within my book. Here, I will only talk about it briefly. I want you to know, dreams are given for sacred unknown reasons. I always believe they have a secret message hidden within them.

Today, I talk about two parts of my first chapter. I walked upon a complete unknown path where I was just an observer. Yet, I felt like all of this was happening in front of me.

Recently, I had a call from one of my fans as she said quite bluntly, “The first chapter of your book just came to life.”

I asked her what was she talking about. I had asked all not to go overboard but sleep on it. Also, I stated to let us look into the news and all of her sources and figure out if it has come true, or is about to come true.

After going over all of the available proofs, I must say yes the dream has just taken course. What does this mean? Why after so long is this dream in front of me happening in the daylight hours? I had also mentioned this within my book. Each dream has its own course and can take up to twenty-two years to come true.

I have no answer as to why this happens and how the timeline works out, or why some dreams seem like a circle dream, meaning they takes course every few years or so.

I must say, most of my dreams have come true or do come true. However, I never thought of publishing a dream before it came true. Or, witnessing in front of my eyes the dream from the pages of my book coming to life within the daylight.

I had named the chapter: “Chapter One: Messages From The Grave, All Thirteen Are Back.”

One part of the dream I knew I heard over and over, “All thirteen are back.” I compared this to the teacher Jesus Christ and His Twelve Apostles. In reality, a teacher and his twelve students were all out and safe as the news reported all thirteen are back.

I knew this was a time frame for something more powerful happening within our lives as the Angels repeated, “It is but the end of time.” In this same dream, I had also seen another part where I had the chills of the night follow me through the daylight hours.

A coffin man was kept hidden for a long period of time. I had compared this to the times of Christ, or even before.

I had seen a man being kept inside a coffin as he was somehow alive and dead at the same time.

I knew some evil force has kept the body safe in a coffin for thousands of years. I have written within my book that this man had caretakers who had watched over the body for years. Also, I heard within the dream, every forty-five years, months, or something about the number forty-five. There was a lot of emphasis put on the number. Forty-five.

In reality, my friend just told me that there was this news on her social media about a coffin being recovered. In Egypt, archaeologists and scientists have recovered a two thousand years or older sarcophagus. The sarcophagus is made of black marble that weighs over thirty metric tons. The coffin was not disturbed within two thousand years or so. Yet, just now this is being uncovered and shall be taken out to the labs for more research. Also what shocked me is within this coffin, there were three men.

I was shocked as I had seen the coffin man had caretakers taking care of him. Does this mean these people think even in death they can have their caretakers buried with them? I don’t know the answer to this. I don’t know if this is the coffin man from my dream or not. However, it gave me a shock to see both parts of my dream being told in reality in the same month of the same year.

Yet, I knew I had seen this dream years ago.

It is also very unusual as these men were buried unlike any other mummies yet discovered. There by the side of the coffin was found the statue of a head of a man. The statue was hardly recognizable as it was damaged very badly.

People are comparing this to evil being released on Earth once again. Some are saying it is nothing, just a coffin, and that life will go on. In my dreams, I knew the coffin man had powers as his coffin lay inside a huge mansion or maybe a lab and was being opened.

I knew this coffin would be opened at the same time there were a news outcry about “All Thirteen Are Back.” Also, the number forty-five was also linked to this time period.

I realized we are living in the time of our Forty-Fifth President in the United States of America. I was watching the news network with these two stories being told side by side, as also there were news reports about the Forty-Fifth President. It shocked me as I knew all of this was a timeline.

I knew these thirteen had no involvement with Christ or the evil being recovered. This was a time frame as I had heard the Angels say over and over again, “The end of time is but upon us and remember time is but an illusion.”

I knew when and wherever there is the power of evil, there and then the greater power of good spreads and in union we all survive.

The teacher who had come and taught all of us to be brave and not fear even death is always with us through prayers, wisdom, and blessings from the above. Today another Earthly man, a normal teacher, from his own courage and blessings of the unknown has brought all twelve of his students to safety. I heard over and over again, all throughout the news network all thirteen are back.

The coffin man and two of his guards being discovered, the thirteen being rescued, and news about the Forty-Fifth US President came all over the news at the same time.

From the pages of my book, yet another dream has come to life as I had published this book last December. Now within daylight I see the dream more clearly. I know there is no fear as I have complete faith within my Lord. I know the Holy Angels roam around guiding all. At the end, all shall be just fine. The war between evil and good shall continue but at all times we must walk upon the path of good. Let our faith and belief be upon our Lord, our Creator. Never get lost within the ocean of sin.

Personally, this is yet another testimony given to me by my Lord to have faith within dreams.

As throughout time, dreams were and are but our only connection to the unknown and unseen truth of eternity.

I only write about this as this for me personally is another testimony to have faith within dreams as a complete miracle of life. All throughout time, we the humans have had dreams to guide us through religious and mystical journeys of life. Dreams are given as a sacred helping hand from the beyond. Within this subject, all religions come to a union of agreement that yes dreams are true. Science now has also jumped into this subject and a lot of research papers are out testifying dreams are but a sacred reality. Everything on this Earth is but for the believers and their personal belief. I believe perception is but the personal perspective of the perceiver.

Today I leave you with only one sacred door, the door to dreams where all the answers of the unknown are but hidden. You alone have the power to open this door as you open your personal mind to your personal dreams.

I give you my personal dream and the proofs of this dream coming to daylight years after I had but witnessed this truth. Like I had said, “Dreams are just that, dreams, until they become reality.”

Read the complete dream, within my book, “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.”

Read about the events from my dreams:

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Blessings from Seattle,




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