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Today the moon passes through the Earth’s shadows. This is an astronomical event and beautiful sight which will be visible to millions of people throughout this Earth.

The event however has been prophesied by prophets of the past like Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus) through present day preachers.

This is a sacred belief carried within the souls of a lot of our human families.Whether we believe, or do not believe is individualistic. I have left my personal perspective within my home as I open the windows to all humans and have a blessed dining area where all of the humans with different perspectives gather in peace.

Within this area, you are the one who speaks. You are the one whom we listen to. Your opinion is all that brings you to this table where we respect each other. As we take turns through the invited guests, all different cultures and religions with different beliefs take a turn. That is how I have weaved my seventh book, “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.” In my book, I only talk about my personal perspective based upon my personal dreams.

However, today as I open my social media, different cultures are talking about different perspective views regarding the blood moon. Why is it this amazing night attracts all different cultures and religions to the same dining table? We place upon this table our personal opinions.

Some think it’s a sign, the end of time is upon us.

Some Christian preachers have linked this to ends of time and biblical prophecies. It has been mentioned within the Bible as claimed and prompted by Christian Ministers such as John Hagee and Mark Blitz. Jewish texts also talked about the blood moon as a wrath coming. In Hinduism, they also talk about a blood moon and lunar eclipse with a demon drinking the elixir of immortality. The sun and the moon being twin deities, decapitate the evil, but as he had the elixir his head lives on.

Some think it’s something to do with witches. They believe it’s the time of spiritual awakening. You can spiritually be closer to your own understanding of the higher reasons of life. It is the time of peace and serenity. Within the Wicca culture, this is a time of peace and harmony. Yet, some have linked it to evil and see this as nothing good. For example, the Incas from modern Colombia thought it to be an evil force.

Astrologers have also commented upon this sacred day. They have linked this to spiritual energy. Today astrology and zodiac signs have attributed these events to the human behaviors and life changes.

Maybe the biggest read about prophecy comes from the past. This is from the pen and papers of Nostradamus.

He had written and drawn his theories. However, these are still being interpreted by all differently as we travel through time.

Maybe this is all a passage to the unknown. As we travel through life, we live within the unknown. We are meant to live within this unknown knowledge within peace. Today as we all try to enjoy this miracle from the unknown, I read a lot of you are trying to link this event to our current situation.

The sarcophagus was opened in Egypt.

Has the evil force been released through the opening of this sarcophagus? I don’t know. However, I believe the good force you have within yourself is greater than any evil existing. It matters not what your faith or belief is. Just with good versus evil, victory shall be with good always.

The unknown is always tempting and will always grab our attention. Yet, it is always safe to just be safe. Ignore we could the unknown, or just call it nothing, but then are humans not mortal? Have we found the answers to afterlife?

Through religious scholars, mystics, and even science, we know there is an afterlife.

The same scholars also believe in the blood moon and the land of dreams. The answers are all hidden within this unknown knowledge given to some yet hidden from most. Maybe because most do not believe or could not handle the truth.

I as a dream psychic believe in the unknown and all of the miracles of heavens above. Also, I do believe in psychics and prophecies from the past, the present, and all of the prophecies we the present leave behind for the future. I believe science is also a miracle given to us the humans for guidance. Combined lessons from all scholars are but just that lessons passed throughout time to guide all through life.

I want all of you to walk through life in peace and harmony with your eyes open. Today is the day you have as a gift to create your future for yourself, take the advice of the past and move on with your life your way, no regrets but only hope and believe in yourself. Don’t knock out the travelers you meet upon the journey through life for each traveler has their own vehicle and their own belief they carry through their journey. Share this path and be yourself, and let all other travelers be themselves.

The blood moon, well maybe just maybe one day we all shall know the complete truth of this eternity, until then in union within peace and harmony let us enjoy the blood moon, longest lunar eclipse of the century, and mars.

Blessings from Seattle,


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