More than 38 million people suffer from migraines within the United States alone. Migraine is also the 3rd most widespread illness in the world.

I am not a healer. However, I also suffer from this unknown fact of life. I have treated this through meditation. New research has now shown meditation may relieve migraines.

As meditation can control the brain wave, it can help reduce the suffering.

There is no medical cure for migraines, even though the cause is known. Stress and anxiety, our life, and all the obstacles that come upon this life contribute to migraines. Research has also shown women suffer more from migraines than men in general.

Some have found dark quiet peaceful places help with migraines. Why does this seclusion help with this pain? I asked myself this question as I started to meditate. I asked myself if I take my mind, body, and soul into the spiritual bliss and begin to meditate, I could eliminate the stress out of my life, my world.

Stress is something that lands upon our life. At times we have no control, but things just happen. I started to meditate. By doing so, I got help in curing my migraines. You can also find a cure within this spiritual bliss.

Meditation is very hard. It is a learned bliss that the mind, body, and soul gradually get used to. You cannot find this spiritual bliss overnight. However, time is the healer and the teacher of life.

I have found out for myself. Meditation meant to take myself away from worldly worries or even pleasures and just find that peace of nothingness where you exist. You are in direct connection to your inner self. Letting go of all the worldly thoughts is the first step.

Don’t doubt your peace, but bring peace within yourself.

This part has taken me years. I always thought but what about my family? I need to do this and that, and take away these ten minutes from their world. Yet, I could not spare time for meditation. I made it my guilt and thought this is a luxury I could not afford.

However, I was wrong. This was the first thing and only thing I could do for myself and all around me. To be for another, I must be there for myself first. It is the same lesson the flight attendant in the airplane teaches all the parents. You must place your own life jackets on first, then of your child’s in case of an emergency.

I have to stand up on my feet first, then fight the obstacles and all of what life brings upon my door.

Tomorrow will come. Whether it be better or worse, I shall be ready for it. I shall stand up for myself and be there for all of you too.

This is how I started my meditation. Sitting, standing, or even if you are in bed, you too can meditate. Learn to breathe first and feel the air going in and out. Enjoy the clean breathing and start from there. Let go of everything except yourself. I always think of a tunnel and how all enter this world alone and leave alone. Peace, bring peace within yourself and know at all times there is hope and that is your belief in yourself. You are spiritually connected to your Creator and there is no separation. Feel the powers and let the powers from the eternal truth come and heal you. There is only one way to meditate, that is your own way. Feel the connection, the oneness, the pure blessings of the eternal peace with your own soul and with your Creator.

Within my life, I knew there is no one way to meditate, but let my inner soul be one with my Creator through the spiritual bliss called meditation. Reiki, reflexology, spiritual knowledge can guide you to heal yourself first then be there for all whom need you and be there for all. Today all over the internet, people are guiding you to be the healer. We are blessed to have the doctors, the nurses, and all the miracles of life. Yet I feel blessed for now we the humans can heal each other through spiritual awakening.

When medical healing, reiki, reflexology, or spiritual guidance fail and there is nothing left, remember there is still hope for then you have your Creator watching over you throughout eternity. Even when you thought no one was watching, your Creator was always watching over you.

Have faith and know, “Where and when there is no hope, there is but One, your Creator, The Alpha, The Omega.” For all of you, I had written a sacred prayer given to me through my blessed dreams.

I have written this within my book, “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest.” May my prayers be with you as you recite this and feel the spiritual blessings.

Blessings from Seattle,


*Always seek the advice of your medical advisers, these are solely my views.


  1. I’ve never had a migraine, and I can’t even begin to imagine how bad they must be. Sorry to hear that you suffer from them, but it’s nice to see that you’ve found some ways to at least manage them!

    Jas xx

    1. I used to suffer from migraines. Migraine was a visitor in my house, but I shut the door and she has not returned. I have cured migraines through meditation and natural remedies. I hope others can also find help through meditation, yoga, and this blog post! Thanks for your comment!

  2. I have never had migraines but I can only imagine how horrible they must be. I have heard a lot of positive about meditating and yoga, how they are healing body and mind. So glad you have found help from them :). I’m doing yoga and I love it!

    1. Meditation, yoga, and self-healing are sacred blessings which have been given to us throughout eternity. May we all find the healing powers within them and help each other throughout time. 🙂

  3. I don’t personally suffer from migraines, but I DO suffer from unbelievable anxiety which sometimes gives me chest pains. I can honestly say that yes, meditation has helped a lot. It helps me to create a different relationship with my stressful thoughts. So I can see how it could ease the pain of migraines.

    1. Feet massages are really helpful to relieve stress through Chinese reflexology.

      All around us, we carry in the worldly stress and bring it within our mind, body, and soul.

      Today, more people suffer from stress attacks than we could ever imagine.

      For this particular issue, please try reflexology as this has been used throughout China and other places throughout time. You can look up this method online and help yourself and others who are suffering from this.

      Hope you too find help within this healing journey. Always follow your doctor’s advice!

      Blessings from Seattle.

  4. I’m pretty lucky as I never had migraines. I eventually get strong headaches in periods of big stress or if I have my period, but pretty much nothing close to the pain you get with migraines I imagine.
    Meditation seems to be an interesting way to relax and get good vides, so I think I should try this. It can not be bad for sure 🙂

    1. Meditation, reflexology, and reiki are ways of awakening the inner soul to heal the mind, body, and soul, on top of medication. These are blessings from Heavens above as are the doctors and medication. With help and guidance from both, we are within safe hands.

      Blessings from Seattle.

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