25 facts about Ann Marie Ruby



Learn 25 interesting facts about Ann Marie Ruby!

  1. I have traveled all around the world, except Africa. Hope I am also able to visit Africa at least once!
  2. I am a vegetarian.
  3. I have type two diabetes due to genetics, but have cured myself to become borderline diabetic.
  4. I have a small black and white puppy.
  5. I live on a farmland with twenty acres in Washington State.
  6. I am an author, and blogger.
  7. I am single and believe in soulmates.
  8. I gave all my love to my Lord.
  9. I believe in dreams, psychic abilities, miracles, and soul families.
  10. I love cooking and can cook something by tasting it once. I can also cook all different ethnic cuisines.
  11. I believe in forgiveness.
  12. I believe in prayers.
  13. My favorite drinks are water, and coffee from Starbucks (Hey I am from Seattle!).
  14. My favorite food is bread and butter.
  15. My favorite song is “Heaven” by Bryan Adams.
  16. My favorite movie is “Sleepless in Seattle.”
  17. My favorite place is, “the Netherlands.”
  18. I can speak five different languages.
  19. I never like to publish pictures of myself, and like to be the unknown face to whom all can relate.
  20. I believe life is but a day, live like there is no tomorrow, avoid sin, repent and redeem everyday, enjoy the blessings, and learn from the obstacles of life.
  21. My favorite store is Amazon (may be biased #Seattleite).
  22. During my spare time, I love to write when it is pouring down outside with thunder and lightning playing in a synchronized tune.
  23. I love gondolas, and want to go on a gondola adventure at least once.
  24. I love visiting old dunes and temples, as there is always peace and harmony within them.
  25. I believe in reincarnation.


Blessings from Seattle,



    1. Thank you Trace, diabetes is a struggle and an achievement at the same time. Struggle, because you are being stopped on your life track and everything needs to be adjusted. A lifestyle change, is the hardest. Being a vegetarian, you would think helps – but in my case it was yet another struggle.

      Vegetarian food such as wheat, flour, lentil, rice, and some vegetables are really high in carbs. Fish and poultry are actually low on carbs. I had to go over all of the carbohydrate intake and adjust my diet completely.

      Determination, will power, with proper diet and exercise helped.

      Lemon water and bitter melon juice helped too.
      Languages are just my love for all different cultures.

      Please let me know about you and have a blessed day!

    1. Thank you for your warm comments. Love to be in touch with my blogging family, in union we could make this world a blessed home for all. Blessings from Seattle.

    1. Travelling is a sacred journey for all souls. When I can afford — I travel through the lands, and when I cannot — I travel through the eyes of other sacred travelers. My favorite part of traveling is coming home. Blessings from Seattle!

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