What are interlinking dreams?


Dreams are guidance from the beyond.

Throughout time, mystics, psychics, religious scholars, and scientists have tried to decode the mystical land of dreams.

Messages have come from the dead, the yet to be born, or the unknown. They try to give us a helping hand and guide us throughout our journey of life. You could ignore all of these people. Also, you could ignore your own dream as just that a dream. I ask you, how do you ignore the after effects of the dream, when in front of you your own dream from the unknown has come to life in daylight?

The clouds disappear. All the unseen unknown become reality. The faces, and the names of strangers received within this world of dreams walk in front of you in the daylight. What are you to do at this stage? Panic? Stress? Fear? Feel anger? Feel sorrow? What do you do when all of these feelings come creeping up inside of you?

I faced reality with heads up and researched why

I realized throughout time, before me, dream travelers have walked upon this path. Even today, dream travelers walk upon this path. Throughout eternity they shall walk upon this path.

These travelers have upon their hands, guidance for themselves and all whom seek. I have asked myself how do you trust a dream traveler or a dream psychic as you may call them? The answer came to me easily. Trust yourself and your Creator. Listen to all whom want to share their thoughts but follow your heart. Follow the good not the bad. Follow the right not the wrong.

The best answer was given to me by a child entering kindergarten years ago. I asked her to be safe and always know the answer is within herself. This child I met at an interfaith reunion, stopped and had asked me, “Which religion is the right one as all of them say they will go to Heaven? Who goes to Hell and who goes to Heaven?”

I was shocked as to how this young child was exposed to these thoughts.

I saw how her parents were engaged in an argument with another couple from a different faith. The child was best friends with the other girl. I will not disclose what faith they both belonged too. However, I will only say that both groups were confident they would enter Heaven and that the other group would not.

I don’t know why the child chose me to ask the question. Yet, I hugged her and asked her what she thinks. She said she loves her Lord. She would ask her Lord to take her friend to heaven for her. Her friend also replied with the same answer. They said be good and that’s it.

I loved their answer and told them, yes, they are right. Perfect solution. That night I had a dream. The Lord had given me a prayer, “Let Us The Judged Not Be The Judge.”

Now, I will talk about interlinking dreams.

I woke up from that night’s dream with a peaceful serene feeling. I received some family friends. They all came in individually wanting to talk about a dream. I had written my dream in the morning on my iPhone. All of them wrote their dreams individually as well.

We had all seen I had received a prayer when a storm had come. Only those with the prayer within their lips had been able to board the boat which was our only way out. I watched everything was going under water except we the ones whom kept on praying and had complete faith in our Lord.

Every one in the room had the same dream. The strangest thing is not all of us believe in the same faith. Yet, we all believe in One Creator and all the humans as the creation.

We had recited prayers that day in union.

Interfaith prayers are recited in union without offending anyone but including all whom come. I had written down the prayer given to me within my dreams. I have written a prayer book where all with different religious beliefs can gather up in union. All can pray through the pages. These pages were all written for the creation of The One Creator.

Interlinking dreams are so powerful. They guide you to the basic answers your heart but searches for. They are like the boat in the ocean guiding all to shore. I compared the lighthouse as my guiding Angels. When and where I am but lost and I need help, my dreams appear like the lighthouse guiding me back to shore.

That day we all agreed all religions are like lighthouses guiding all to the right path. Who is right or who is wrong is not for us the judged, but only for the final Judge for the Judgement day.

Let us not worry about right or wrong but walk through this life in peace and serenity.

The Lord forgives all as we repent and redeem, so we are not to be the Judge. Look into your own path, your own way, and hold onto the miracles of life. Know all around us even throughout the daylight hours, miracles await at all corners. Throughout the dark nights, miracles appear like the blinking stars above the skies. Personally for me, my biggest miracles are but my dreams.

Interlinking dreams where more than one person of the same family or friends have the same dream, is common and have also been examined within the scientific world, mystical world, and religious world.

Keep a watch out for the interlinking dreams for they are given for your attention. When someone else comes in front of you and repeats the same dreams as you have just awakened from, it is then you must listen to the messages being given to you. Believe The Lord, The Creator wants your attention. It is then, you must pay attention to your dream message. These messages come directly from Heavens above. Even and where there is no phone connection, or SMS, or any of the worldly devices.

These are but pure miracles from the beyond.

No one will be able to decode the reasoning. We are all traveling through this one way highway where our path stops at the end where there is no return. Believe in these miracles. Know the miracles do not stop even after life stops. After life, there is the door of reincarnation as believed by some. I will talk more about reincarnation on another day.

Today, I leave you with an advice from the stranger whom is but your friend for life. Believe in the child next door as she holds the hands of your own daughter. Within the near future, they shall all rise like the colorful rainbows. They shall say in union,“Let Us The Judged Not Be The Judge.”

Believe in dreams and interlinking dreams, as a miracle from the beyond.

Blessings from Seattle,



  1. Hi, because you thinks that with some people we almost never dream and despite having it very present in our mind we almost never dream of it and if we dream we are short and unclear. and with other people the opposite if we see them once we already dream about it and are very dreamy

    1. Dear Missy,

      I believe your question was why some people remember their dreams and why some do not.

      Dreams are but a sacred blessing from the beyond, where and when there is a message that has been sent to you, for your loved ones, or for the society in general. To this day, scientists are still trying to figure out why some people remember, yet some people know they had dreams and cannot remember. There are different stages of sleep, and different types of dreams, some are worldly and some are messages from the beyond. Not all are able to cross this bridge, and this is why not everyone can remember their dreams. As an example, religious, mystical, or scientific scholars have historical figures as the dream messengers such as Jacob and Joseph from Abrahamic religions.

      I personally believe all of us dream as it is proved scientifically. I also believe, we can improve our memories by sharpening our acceptance and allowing the positive vibration to enter our mind, body, and soul.

      Life is a sacred gift and know within all miracles there is a sacred door you open yourself. Accept the miracle, and then you too shall see how this sacred door opens to you. Basically, I believe if the mind, body, and soul in union accept the truth, then this truth shall become known to you and you too shall remember your dreams.

      Hope this helps.

      Blessings from Seattle,
      Ann Marie Ruby

      1. Sorry, the question was because there are people we never dreamed of, I mean, for example, we never dreamed of a guy we like. And there are people with whom we see and dream and are very clear dreams.
        anyway I liked reading what I wrote. I love your blog

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