Are you being guided by dreams? Do you believe in dreams?

Mystics, religious scholars, and scientists all have walked upon this road. I have walked upon this path, alone and at times lonely, yet always I had with me – my faith. I have heard about faith-based miracles, faith-based religions. These theories, I call a perspective of the personal mind. I wondered how does a mother know her child is in trouble as she awakens from a dream? How does a beloved know of his or her soulmate to be in trouble, just by having a dream?

Personally, my dreams have guided me to another spiritual awakening where I knew with knowledge, education, and a lot of research, I could walk and travel upon this unknown, unseen path guided by my own dreams.

I was asked, “How do you believe in the unknown, unseen?”

My answer was simple, “With faith.”

Faith is believing, not questioning. Yes true, I also questioned and did my research on dreams and came to a conclusion. If so many different religions have awakened because of dreams, so many scholars have risen because of dreams, and to this day we have even scientific scholars tapping into this subject as they too agree dreams are but a reality, then I too believe in this miracle and have written my own personal dream diary. Throughout my dream diaries, I walk upon my own dreamland, always being guided by my Spiritual Lighthouse.

I found miracles awaited me throughout the struggles of my life. Like dawn breaking through the night’s skies, I had awakened to miracles one after another. I had awakened myself first as this was the hardest stage of my life. Believing in my own dreams and walking with them as life gave me miracles one after another through my personal dreams.

At all times, facts and guidance had also accompanied my journey throughout time.

I was also very lucky as I had my friends and close family members come to my door with interlinking/interconnecting dreams where one person would see one part and the other person saw another part of the dream. I have touched this subject in my dream diary, as I wrote about this within my Amsterdam dream. Also, I talk about this within the last chapter.

I believe you too could be guided through your own dreams where you are the firsthand witness. In this day and time you have so much proof of wisdom and the wise guiding from the past to us the present through the future. Dreams are there for you to be guided by.

Why follow your dreams?

I believe dreams are but the answers to our unasked, unknown questions, the questions this world has no answers to or for. It is your personal journey through your personal quest.

This is how faith-based religions were born. This is where even science had to agree, yes dreams are but true – yet why and how we have dreams no one knows.

I believe dreams are but the unknown guiding us through the unknown. Dreams are but immortal throughout time. For within this sacred land, the dead, the living, and the future walk in a parallel world where all unite yet within one land, the unknown land. Have faith and let your dreams guide you through your life as dreams were given as the biggest miracles of life.

Believe in life and believe in miracles. Believe in your own dreams. Let your dreams guide you through the miracles of your life.

Blessings from Seattle,

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