What is death?



What is death? Why is it we are scared of this eventual truth?

As a child, I was taught not to talk about this subject. The fear of the unknown truth grips houses after houses. We build a home and raise a family, yet at times this unpleasant path hits upon the door as the biggest fear of reality. So, within my book “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light,” I answer this question for all of you. I have received many questions regarding this issue. If you fear death or are wondering where your loved ones are, or how the journey back home was, then pick up my book for comfort.

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Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light By Ann Marie Ruby
First of all, let us in union take a deep breath and realize all of us will be taking the same journey as we are all travelers of life.

Don’t fear the known as the unknown is but known to all upon this Earth. Life I believe is a day and ends as our vacation upon this Earth ends. From this vacation, we take upon us – the memories and pictures implanted within our souls to the door of death. Where do we go after our journey ends and how do we go through this door? I have talked about this in detail within my book, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

How do we overcome the fear of death?

I want all of you to release the hidden fears of this unspoken truth and know life is a blessing. One day from dawn through dusk we are taking a journey through this Earth. A test, an experience, or for the will of The Creator, we are all taking a journey through this same lane. Alone it seems we travel, yet upon this path we have the past, the present, and the future generations traveling. So, even in death, do know you will have company as other travelers are also taking the same route. Always with us are the guiding angels of hope whom never leave us alone.

Read my book and hold on to the eternal truth. Never fear the unknown, for this path is shared by all and you will not be lonely.

How is life fair if life expectancy is so different?

I have also talked about this in my book. Yet, here I will say life is complete within the beholder. A child or an adult has his or her own travel itineraries where whether we stay for a day or one hundred years, that’s our complete itinerary.

Also, I believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation I believe is the door we travel through when our work on this Earth is incomplete. I had a nice dream where an Angel asked me about reincarnation and my thoughts on it. I answered saying it’s like a movie I had watched, where the guy had failed so many times he had to repeat the same class over and over again. Or, in the case of a child, he did not get a chance to fulfill his life’s purpose so gets to travel again as The Lord is merciful.

Why are we born if life ends upon the door of death?

Why take a vacation if you know the trip will end? Or, why go to school or even get a job if there is always a chance of failure? The challenge is not to let the negativity take over but be positive about the whole situation. Believe in your own faith. Know your Lord awaits for you like a parent, to come back home after the holidays. The stay upon this Earth is your test completed, or you have graduated into the next level. The travelers taking this route don’t feel the pain or loss, it’s we the family and friends whom are left behind and feel their loss.

Like within a dream, we travel through a lifetime as we awaken at dawn and can’t remember the dream. Yet, it felt like we lived a lifetime. Or, at times we travel to unknown places and even have interlinking dreams with different family members. Yet, how did we travel when our bodies were left in the same bed the whole night?

Death in medical terms is the end of the circulatory and respiratory system.

In my mind, it’s leaving the body and moving on with our souls to the next part of the journey. No feelings are left behind like a dream. No fear or pain, yet memories kept alive through the doors of reincarnation, resurrection, or the judgement court, whatever your religion follows. I follow my Lord and all of the creation are the travelers of this one life.

Life is fair and just, when you accept the complete truth and know life is a day. Travel with me through my book “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light” and learn not to be afraid. Yet, just be happy as we all are the travelers taking a journey through life. You are never alone as there is someone before you and someone traveling after you. Like in life, let us in death be there for one another and in union we are all humans with humanity. Learn to love yourself and all around you – the ones with similar beliefs or different beliefs, as within this path of life we the different or similar are all travelers taking the journey of life.

No fear, only hope, and blessings for all of you,

Ann Marie Ruby

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  1. Although I can not honestly say that I have no fear, I look forward to seeing my loved ones that have passed before me and giving them hugs and saying hello! xoxo

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