The Merciful



Distanced through space yet united through prayers

As we are socially distanced through space, may we unite through prayers, for one and all. “Where there is no hope, there is but one.”

The sun shining through the dark clouds, reminds me there is always hope even throughout the darkness. Today, as I walked my puppy within my twenty acre property, we had a rain shower on a sunny day. I believe it is called a sun shower. This afternoon, I watched a coyote run and hide within the forest behind my property. I used to be frightened by all the wild animals around us here within the foothills of Mount Rainier. Yet today, I am not frightened by the wild animals. I remembered my mother’s wise words as she had told me at a very young age when it’s sunny and raining outside, wild animals or tricksters are getting married.

Science however teaches us differently.

Usually the wind blows the airborne raindrops to areas where there are no clouds. So, we the people standing in a sunny area still find ourselves with the rain showers, also called sun showers.

Today, as we the humans fight our war with the deadly virus, COVID-19, we try to respond and fight it with all the remedies available around us. Please know you must seek your doctor’s advice while fighting this battle. You are not alone here as these miraculous healers are out there fighting for you and all around them.

Like the shining lighthouses, they are trying to guide you through this storm. It is hard as there are so many lost and stranded souls seeking help and only a few healers walking with a torch in their hands. How can we unite and help each other? It is hard as you wait lost and stranded on the cold shore, trying to get someone’s attention.

I know at this stage, we the humans suffer from stress, depression, fear, domestic violence, financial crisis, and death amongst so much more. How do we get over this stage?

A bridge separates our problems and the solution over the river of obstacles.

I know it is too dark for us to see the other side of the bridge. Yet, please know we the humans across the world are all standing on the same side. The answer is across the bridge. We shall find her as time crosses us to her. Until then, let us cross one step at a time. First and above all, we have health crisis. Yet, this crisis has stepped over and taken job security from so many houses around the globe.

For those of you who are going through domestic violence, please speak up and call for help.  We the humans have landed upon the biggest crisis we can face, known as death. Take this time and reflect upon your personal journey through life.

Maybe you have chosen your soulmate who might not be your twin flame.

Remember there is a huge difference between the two. One is someone in your life who might have been with you as a family member or a friend in your previous lives. The other one is your twin flame who is your complete half. Do not take violence as a sacrifice for love. No one should be a victim of violence, be that a child or a grown up. This is the time for all of us throughout this world to speak up and face the truth.

Secure and safe we felt within our homes and our found jobs.

Yet, today we are all insecure within our homes as job security has taken a toll upon the humans. Remember where and when we have health back and we are all upon our feet, we shall all find a house upon Earth under the blue skies and build our nest once again. At that time, we shall find financial security as we find our chosen job at our own time and pace. When and where we have secured our health, job security will be weighed upon the weighing scale on its own. Time shall heal all of this financial and physical pain.

For stress, depression, and fear, we can depend on meditation.

There are many different forms of meditation you can look up and take a quick course to help your individual quest.

I found my path of seeking through different forms of meditation and yoga. My search had finally landed me upon the door of prayers. I found myself sitting in a quiet place or even in a crowded bus and was still able to meditate. I close my eyes and focus on my breathing technique first to calm myself down. Slowly, I bring my heartbeat and anxiety down to a stable position where I start praying. The sweet words of a prayer are my stability through my rough journey in life.

Here, I would like to share a small part of a dream I had years ago.

“I was walking through a crowd and I had landed inside of a hospital. There were beds after beds, yet all were empty and people had left their shoes behind. I saw a huge pile of shoes and asked where was I that people forgot their shoes and had went barefoot?

I followed the sound of prayers that were being recited in a huge room. It was like an open area or a meditation room of some kind where all the people were saying in union, “Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa.” In the middle, I saw a huge statue of a woman who all were calling “Guan Yin,” which sounded like “Quan Yin.”

I had then found a few friends of mine and walked to a different place as I kept on praying. I realized within my hands, I had my rosary as I landed within a church. There was a huge statue of the Virgin Mary. I started reciting the rosary as I watched even here people had forgotten their shoes. I kept reciting “Hail Mary” as I thought to myself what was happening my Lord.”

Yet, I had not known how true my dreams would become in such a short period of time. I realized my dream had started from China through Italy. The whole world today stands in front of God, The Creator in union for guidance and mercy. Today, I want all of you to pray in union as this is our meditation. Please practice your breathing techniques as you recite a prayer for all the humans across this globe.

I believe in prayers to be our bridge of mercy, our saving grace, our only hope when and where there is none.

The health care workers are our saving grace as even they too stand in union in front of God the Creator.

I awakened and started to recite a prayer I had written as I found the prayer in a dream. You all know of the prayer as it is in my published prayer book, “Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.”

I call this prayer, “The Merciful.”

Where there is no hope, there is but one.”

Ann Marie Ruby's book

Distanced through space yet united through prayers

After I published my book, I had seen another dream in which I tried to send my prayer books to all whom needed them and had their doors open for them. Financially, this is not possible for me to do, yet please find my books on Amazon.

Know that I want to send my personal blessings to all around this globe as we in union fight this catastrophic storm.

We are keeping a physical distance from each other to save one another. Yet, today I ask all of us to unite spiritually for one another. Recite this prayer with me. Within this prayer, I have united all the children of this world. Within my prayer books, I have written prayers which I call songs. These songs have united you the Hindus, the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the religious and nonreligious.

Within my soul, you are all the creation of the one Creator. My Creator had created you with all the love and blessings as the Creator had created me too. How can I the child ask my Creator to love me more than you? If you are wondering you are the only one the Creator loves, then ask yourself the father or mother of your children, which one of your children do you love and which one you do not.

I know the answer is simple.

We are all different. Our paths are different and we can practice our own ways of life differently in peace. Differences are beautiful like the rainbow that appears after a sun shower or storm. Today, we are all going through this storm together as we all sit in this gondola together. Remember like my dream, a lot of people have left their shoes behind and are in heavens above. They are all in peace today yet their families are mourning in a different way as they can’t even celebrate the end of their beloved family member’s life. Please know your beloved family members’ lives are being celebrated throughout this world within all the homes and hearts of the humans with humanity.

I had written a blessed prayer within my first prayer book which I call, “Consort Of Life Is Death.”

In this prayer, I walk from sunrise to sunset and explain to you why I believe life is a day. May you find peace and serenity within these prayers I call songs as they have found peace and serenity within my inner soul.

Ann Marie Ruby's book

Finally, please spread hope in the time of crisis as positivity is the final cure that will cure this world. Through peace, serenity, and blessings, we shall all end up at the new beginning of dawn. A new day shall come upon us as we shall all cross this path with tears, blessings, and spiritual hugs. All financial and physical struggles shall find an end as we cross this bridge over the dreadful river of life. This journey is hard, but through the blessed mercy of the Merciful Creator, we shall all be in safety. Until we all land upon safety, please keep within your mind, body, and soul, the meditation and prayers that find peace for you. For me personally, it is the miraculous prayer I had received within my blessed dreams, “The Merciful.”

Remember, the world is distanced through space, yet united through prayers.


Ann Marie Ruby


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