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As a child, I asked my first-grade teacher in Australia, “Why do rainbows emerge after the rain?” He had told me,“ After the storm when the phenomenal rays of the sun hit the water beads, it causes the rainbows. It’s like an amazing painting has been displayed after a storm.”

My favorite subject in school was art for a while until I found my other favorite class, lunch where Australian pie became my favorite dish. Later in the years, I always wondered how I was able to draw a perfect rainbow at my will. If I craved an Australian pie when I was home in the USA, I could bake the perfect pie at my will. Yet if I lost interest, I would again lose my talent and the pie would not be perfect or the rainbow would not even look like a rainbow. I realized everything in life had something to do with the miracles of willpower.

“Follow the double rainbow after a rain shower and all your dreams will come true,” I was told so many times. “Try wishing upon the stars on a clear night’s skies and watch all your dreams materialize,” I was told. Yet when the dreams did not come true, or when I would get tired of following the magical rainbow, did I lose hope? No, I never lost hope. For how could I lose something that only belonged to me? I was the sacred treasure chest that kept hope locked within my inner magical chest.

Do you believe in willpower?

“Willpower is the wagon to the destination. For without willpower, there would be no vehicle carrying the destined to the destination.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

Do you believe in hope? Also, do you believe in the power of a prayer?

The magical power of a prayer, the mystical belief in hope, are all tied within the willpower of a human. I believe when an innocent heart calls upon hope with complete faith and inner willpower, it is then the same person will find his or her answers to his or her own quest. It’s not simple or easy yet it is only possible with complete faith.

Life is a journey, and you are the traveler walking upon the path. Your footsteps have created this path. Throughout this journey, do remember you the traveler have within your hands your travel guides. Your own willpower is your own guide. Let this scope of willpower guide you to your destination. Be positive and complete the journey your own way. For how could you get lost and stranded on this path as it is your own dream and you are being guided by your own willpower?

I had a dream recently, where I saw a mother was crying as she lost her child.

I did not know the person but I know I probably will meet her soon. In my dream, I watched how hard it was for her son, as he was crying not for himself, but his own mother. He knew he would be in peace, yet he worried how hard it would be for his mother. In my dream, I watched him ask God why it was so hard. Never did he pray for himself yet for his mother. I saw God say, “May your willpower bring peace to you and your mother.” He told his mother he would live the days he had being happy, filled with love and joy. He made his mother promise she too would live her life in peace and joy, and always be happy.

I remember in my dream, I had asked them to recite my written prayer, “Life On This Earth Is But A Day” from Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest. In the poem prayer, I had compared the complete journey of life to a day, be it one hundred years, or maybe just a few years. The message was to be happy throughout the journey of life. In my dream, the young man too had lived happily and I don’t know what had happened as I remember praying for the son and I heard angels too were saying there are always miracles happening throughout the journey of life.

“Miracles are the blessed doors that open to only those of whom believe.”

-Ann Marie Ruby
The journey of life is filled with sweet and sad songs where at times, it seems life is anything but fair.

The everlasting clouds don’t seem to disappear. Yet remember the biggest star will appear from beneath the dark clouds. The ever-bright sun with his magical rays will come blessing this Earth and all of her children. After the pouring showers, we will all see the magical rays of the sun again bringing upon Earth a magical rainbow.

You don’t have to follow the rainbow looking for the pot of gold. For you hold on to the pot of gold within your blessed hands. Remember to sing the sweet songs of a prayer and never give up on hope. For within your own soul, you have upon you the willpower to achieve this goal.

My message is don’t ever place a hole within your belief system. For if you keep the gap open, it is then the negative vibes will find a chance to enter your inner soul. It will then contaminate your inner self with all negativities of this world. You would then too be overfilled with negativities to float with the positivities of life. For how would you save a sinking ship if you didn’t even know where the hole is? Don’t let yourself sink within negativities but fill in the gap with positivities called hope.

“Today you be the beholder of positivity and spread your wings to protect all from the wind of negativity.”

-Ann Marie Ruby
Today awaken for yourself and all the people around you.

Take a break and breathe in all the positive energies. Breathe out all the negativities from your soul. Do the positive breathing techniques and see how graceful and positive you will feel. Now I know you too will be able breeze through life with ease. Believe in yourself and say it over and over again, you can call upon the positive vibes. You can be positive and spread positivity through your willpower. Believe in yourself because I know you have it within yourself as we the believers of the positive vibes have within our hands the miracles of positive willpower.

“Hope is another word for miracle.

Belief in hope

Is a phone call to the miracles.

Accepting hope is possible through faith.

Hope arrives to the beholders through,

The miracles of positive willpower.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

P.S. The picture is of myself holding my books. The only way I am able to write so many books is through the miracles of positive willpower.

Blessing from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

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