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I hear you the lost and stranded are losing faith on your journey, yet you only need to have faith in yourself the traveler. For life is a journey where you become the traveler. For how could a journey be completed without you the traveler? Within my eyes, life is a journey because I am the traveler. 

“I am the traveler and my life story is my journey through life.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

Yes, true it’s hard and at times I only have tears as my best friend. However, after all the tears have dried out, I realize I needed the tears to take out the thorn that caused the pain. I realized my journey continues with all the pain yet I won’t be the wounded but the healed. Keep walking forward and remember you are the traveler who completes the journey. Believe in yourself and then look back and say, I believe in the journey, be it bad or worse or be it good and the best, it is your journey, you are the traveler.

Be strong and know life is ahead of you, not behind. Pain and struggles are our enemies we must get along with until we are able to find a solution. The journey never ends as that’s why it is called a journey.

Today all around this world, people are confused about this journey through life.

I hear some are saying life is a struggle. Some say life is not what I expected it to be. Yet some say in this life for my companion, I have the wrong people. Yet do you ever ask yourself what is it that you thought life would be? 

I hear people say, the other side is always green. The food displayed in the window or across the table always looks delicious. The family across the road seem to always be happy. Yet why can’t you find all this happiness within your home, your heart and at your will? Remember confusion is only a fog that evaporates with knowledge. For me, confusion was also temptation that I never fell prey to, as I always love the bright sun pouring through the windows. If I were to sit and watch a rainy day, then it would be for the man of my dreams, if not with him.

Yet all you have to do is feel happy, be happy.

Open the windows and let the sun stream in his bright lights. Open the windows and let the bright stars twinkle their magical charm within your small cottage, your one-bedroom apartment, or the castle you have created with your own family.

For companions, I have my Lord’s holy commandments, where no sin shall touch me nor shall I sin against my Lord’s words or his humans. I have my faith in my Lord to keep me steady upon the bumpy rides of my life. Blessed I am as I have seen in my dreams the Holy Archangels who had guided me through the major obstacles of life. For joy, peace, and blessings, I will always have my basic moral values. I will make sure I smile and bring happiness to myself and all around me. For I believe when you choose to be happy, you can just be happy and bring this joy within your home and friends.

For entertainment, I will keep writing my books and send them out to you. Through the pages of my books, you too can dream a little. Awaken your faith in infinite love, prayers, poetry, or even critical thinking. 

Do I believe in the travelers of life? Or do I believe in the journey of life?

I believe in the travelers as I know through the lane of obstacles, and through the lane of blessings, the traveler chooses his or her path. Yet the travelers are the ones who through their footprints create their own journeys of life. For how could you be the traveler and not believe in the journey? Who ever said the journey was going to be easy?

There would be bumpy rides and at times pleasurable times. Yet the journey would be completed at the end of each life. The journals of all individuals would be with the Creator and at times, some of these journals even make it in the human libraries throughout time. These would all be the learning pages of history for the next generations. The Travelers is a prayer I had written in my prayer book Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest, as to how I chose to travel through the journey of my life. 

“We are all the travelers and our life stories written through our footprints on Earth are our individual journals through our travel journeys.”

-Ann Marie Ruby
What do I fear most in my life?

I fear sin as I love my Lord more than I love myself. I believe no sin is bigger than my love for my Lord. Also, I believe like my written prayer, no sin can touch me as my love for my Lord and my Lord’s love for me keeps me in an eternal bond with Him throughout eternity. For how could I love myself more than my creator? Then how could I forego the commandments of my creator? As a diabetic, I avoid carbohydrates and sugar, and had never fallen prey to temptations even while I am traveling. So why would I fall prey to the temptations of life through the journey of life?

All of you have asked me about my twin flame so many times, it really is bothering me. Yet I can’t change my answers for anyone. Like always, my answer is the same. When I find him, the man of my dreams, the man in my dreams, I will announce this singing on top of this world where even the Angels will sing with me. I know I would want him to be and he will be an honest man with basic moral values who believes in humanity. 

Until then, I know I am the lonely traveler traveling alone at this time. Yet when I do find the man of my dreams, he will sing with me, our love for our Lord and our Lord’s love for us will keep us in an eternal bond throughout eternity. 

Be the traveler with basic moral values.

Don’t hurt anyone or take away from anyone what does not belong to you. Keep in your traveler’s bag only the items that belong to you, your basic moral values. No religion should divide you from all other human beings on this Earth. No race or color should keep you from holding on to the values of the basic humanity. Do not divide amongst one another but let differences be there and respect one another. 

For all of you dating couples, or happily married or maybe you all whose marriage has hit the rocks, please give one another a chance. Don’t ever be unfaithful to one another, be it in your minds or physically. Keep the vows you had made. Remember if you break a promise, then all of your given vows too were nothing but a broken promise. Be honest with one another and remember life is not a romantic movie but a journey over the bridges of troubled waters. 

I had created my romantic series books with everlasting promises, eternal vows, and the obstacles of life.

I had weaved in sorrows, tears, love, and blessings in them for no life is without them. Yet all of characters had one thing in common, basic moral values. They all had honor, dignity, and courage. They did not fall prey to sins of the human mind, in one life or any other. For I believe they are all my children representing how I would raise my children. Like Jacobus would say, be the honorable noble man. How Erasmus would say, vows given are infinite. As my honorable knight Theunis would say, even beyond death my vows are eternal.

My female heroines are not afraid of keeping their promises to their heroes. Margriete kept her promises and said eternally beloved, I shall never let you go. Griet had held on to her beloved eternally and repeated throughout time, I shall never let you go. Anadhi had said eternally she will keep her vows from the beyond. I am their mother as I too believe in my twin flame, the man in my dreams. For him, I shall eternally keep our vows alive. 

For in this journey through life, I want to travel on the road that has opened for me.

Yet at all times, I know I too enter the wrong path and take the wrong turns. Yet at that time, I have within my lips my repentance, redemption, and blessings from my Lord to keep my feet steady on a rocky and bumpy road ahead of me. The journey will be written completely at the end of the path for all of us the travelers. Remember not to fall prey at the doors of temptations that hide along the way for these brief temptations fade away and then you are left with only regret of why, how, and what if.

Be honest to yourself and all others around you.

For then, you shall always be happy in even the wrong decisions of life. For then, we can say, hey at least we tried. Life is only a day, as life ends at the last breath. For then, we are all separated by a breath with all the travelers of life. So for now as you are still journeying through life, travel light and be happy. On this path, spread joy and happiness. Take along with you the blessings from your co-travelers. Leave along the path blessings, and lessons learned from your own travels. Be the travel guide for all, not the one bump on the road everyone wants to avoid.

Those of you who are lost and stranded and are trying to figure out what to do, I say give life a chance. Give your husbands or wives another chance. Don’t feel like life is a misery but let life be a journey filled with happiness. How you ask? I say it’s easy. Look in the mirror. If you see misery, then know you are spreading it. If you see happiness, then you are spreading it. Learn to be happy by throwing away all miseries and sadness from your luggage of life. Travel light. Be happy and spread joy, peace, and blessings.

One life to live, then live in peace and harmony within the commandments of the Lord.

I chose to be happy and spread peace and joy, even though I know life is a journey filled with all different packages. How would this life journey be simple as we sleep with tears and heavy hearts? Yes, I know how I too sleep with a heavy heart and tears I spill for my twin flame. Yet I know I will be with him sometime during the journey of life. At that time, I will adjust my travel journey with his as I want to go ahead on this journey holding on to his hands until our last breath. Until then, this is my journey and never shall I fall prey to anything or anyone. My strength is my belief in my Lord. For so many times, my Lord has said to me to remember, this is my journey as I am the traveler.

P.S. Dear all,
Please know I love you all yet I can’t answer all of your questions as I get a lot of questions. I will try to answer through my blog as many as I can. My manager Zara will handle all of your questions as she will pick and choose whom to answer. I will go through all of them slowly. If you are going through emotional stress, please do not hesitate to get proper medical help, or let your family members know. Love you all and be strong. 


Ann Marie Ruby

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