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2017 book predicted the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today is July 24th, 2021. Looking at the date got me thinking, where did the time go? I was told time passes by if you are having fun. Yet I watch the tears spilled all around the globe at lives lost. Time still passes by us. Yet I try to have fun and bring joy through my words around the globe.

I had also tried to warn you all in my then 2017 published book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, about the danger that loomed around us that would come true.

The name of the virus was unknown to me then. Yet today it’s called COVID-19. I ask you the humans who only criticize, yet not ever compliment, to be a part of the cure not the cause. 

I had asked everyone to be aware of a dark day that loomed around the corner. A disease would come and hunt this globe as it would spread in the air. I had written about this in detail in my book. Yet I did not even grasp how big this would be. Yet I still tried to be the lone warrior and fight for my human brothers and sisters. 

As I tried to warn you, you all tried to stop my words. Time passed by since I had published my book. So many of you, had sent me compliments as I know you too have faith in the nightly dreams. The powerful dreams that come only to guide us. Religions were all created with profound dreams of the dreamers. Yet if today someone warns you about any kind of obstacles, that someone must face criticism. As always there appears an ocean of the critical minds. Without thinking of the consequences, always standing like an obstacle called the mouth of the critic. I ask you, why be the mouth of criticism and not the mouth of compliments?

Warnings are guidance from heavens above.

Time passed by as did my dreams. They came and I wrote them in my diaries, then I shared them bravely. Yet I left a lot of them hidden within the pages of my diaries as I feared the harsh mouths of the critics. I realized though, in today’s light of day everything is about the mighty mouth of the wrong. For you the critics can make the wrong and bullies seem like saints, with your mouth. Yet why not use your mouth to do the right thing and not the wrong?

Like the waves, time too passed by me. Yet there were so many things happening around all of us. It seemed time would stop and not go forward. Yet time is passing by us without any mercy. With time and tide, so many lives too were lost due to a virus. Yet do you ever think, we could have prevented this virus? If only everyone had known about the risk. 

Today I wonder how this year had landed upon our path. Life in lockdown never seems to end even though we are heading toward the end of the year. Actions of the wrongdoers are again taking us backward instead of forward.

We all need to adjust with time and be merciful to one another. Well, it’s almost time to get the sweaters out as winter looms around the corner. I know we still have some time left to enjoy the summer vibes. If you all are heading out for a quick summer vacation, please know the virus is still looming around. Get vaccinated and help yourself and all others around you. Don’t be a walking danger for yourself and all others. 

The prowler we fear that might break in through the doors, or windows at night are now prowling around invisibly. Like a friend, they are hiding in front and behind of us, because they simply don’t care. You the prowler, it is time you pick up your acts. Have mercy, please care for all the lives lost around the globe. This dangerous virus that looms around is getting stronger than us, as she is taking advantage of our division. 

Get vaccinated and make sure your neighbors too are vaccinated.

If all of us are in the same boat, then what’s the fear? The fear and prey are all of you. For it is you who refuse to believe the dangers that you spread. For you the unvaccinated are swimming around us the vaccinated waiting in the boat, as water snakes. You all are poisonous and don’t care about your bites. Your sneezes and simple coughs, are more dangerous than even a snake bite. It is known we can take care of the snake bites if handled within time. Yet this invisible virus you spread in the air, is invisibly infecting all.

Today I ask all of you to wake up and see there is hope in front of us through the blessed hope known as the vaccinations. This will set all of us free from the imprisonment of the virus. This virus though invisible, has kept all of us as prisoners. Let’s enjoy the summer with caution. Let’s hope for a better winter holiday. This dream however rests on your shoulders if only all of you too awaken from this nightmare and give the humans your blessings and get vaccinated. 

You still ask if I had seen this day years ago?

Yes, I did as I predicted it in my book published in 2017. I had warned all about a virus that will spread throughout this world. As seen within my dreams, it came from a lab near a fish market. I had also talked about the symptoms and asked all to pay heed to my words. Also, I predicted the vaccination that would come in three shots. I did not write about the vaccination in my book. Yet I spoke about this on my Twitter as I had said, the shots would come out soon. I was criticized then and again when the shots were two doses not three. Yet I remained true to my dreams and knew we needed three doses to be protected completely. I did say this at least a year before the vaccines were even in the picture. 

Now I say to you the critics who had criticized my book and my promotional book trailer don’t believe in me. At least now after the events are in front of your eyes, be the helping hands.

Help in the cure and don’t be the cause.

For you are the same person who keeps buzzing about everything and are always critical about everything. I had blessed souls who had lovingly accepted my book. So many of you had said you needed these books. This book had renewed your faith in dreams and belief in the heavens above again. To criticize and demean a person is easy, it’s only words. Yet to see the nightmare take place in real life, just not in my dreams, is scary. Today at least do your share and be the human with humanity.

Let us in union defeat all the obstacles if only you would help. Today we all are living in the one night’s dream I had written about years ago. Why not today believe in what you see in front of your eyes? For today, it is not my eyes you read through but your own you see through. So today in this daylight hour be the helping hands of the human.

Do your share and help all humans who need help instead of showing your back.

It only takes a brave human to do the right thing. I was the brave warrior, who had the courage to write about my dreams, even in front of you the critics who had so much tried to prevent my words. Yet remember, you can’t stop the truth from happening. 

Today don’t be the critic but be the brave and know we are all living in the one night’s nightmare I had written about so long ago. One night’s dream has lasted over two years in front of all humans across the globe. Yet where there is darkness, there is always light. We can all be the candles of hope. Today let’s all become the Spiritual Lighthouse. I had held the lantern, for all of you on that one night, only trying to guide all to safety. 

Go and do your share and be the lantern of hope for all. Like the lighthouse glowing in the dark, you too can guide all from the dark to the light. Become the Spiritual Lighthouse for all humans across the globe. I know I will always be the woman with a lantern for all of you. 

You can watch the book trailer of my book published years before COVID-19 had come to this Earth.

Yet I had seen this and tried to do my human share and warn you all. Be safe and keep all safe, as we have the solution in our hands. Go and get vaccinated and do your share. 

Watch the trailer you had all so criticized and asked but how would I know what the future will bring. I ask you how is it what I was shown by the Holy Spirit, one night years ago, looms around as COVID-19 today? Don’t forget I was shown the cure too. 

Don’t be the critic but be the wise and maybe you can prevent something rather than spread it. I am blessed I did not stop my words at the mouth of harsh human critics who even today criticize the scientific scholars who are trying to only help and guide. 

No, you can’t stop an author or a scientific scholar for we will keep on blessing you with our blessings. For where and when there is a critic, there and then will be a positive mind who will say we need you. Yes, as I had so many criticize how I knew there will be a pandemic, I had so many of you plead with me not to stop writing as you needed my words. Today I bless your kind words and send prayers to you for keeping me going. I am truly blessed as you all have kept my pen going and I have become an international number-one bestselling author. 

You can read some reviews of Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, given before anyone knew about the pandemic, by clicking here.

Today, I only hope you the critic would do your share and be a part of the healing society not a part of the infecting society.

Do your share, be a human with humanity. After all of this is over, may we have a memorial all across the globe and remember all the lives lost due to this virus called COVID-19, predicted in my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, within chapter 34.

Be safe and do your share to be a part of the cure not a part of the cause. Here you go. You can watch the trailer of the book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby which predicted the historical pandemic in chapter 34.

Today as you all know me as the fiction author, I also want you all to not forget I am also one of the most thought-provoking authors who made it as one of the top eight thought-provoking authors. All my critical thinking nonfiction books are written keeping scientific and religious proofs backing them as to how I see them. Enjoy both selections of my books, nonfiction and fiction.


Ann Marie Ruby

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