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In the cover photo, I am standing under the amazing sun, on the amazing beach of Scheveningen, the Netherlands.


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Life is the only miracle, gifted to all humans across this globe. Yet the journey through life is what becomes a challenge as it differs from human to human. This magical life at times takes its toll on the human mind, body, and soul. It leaves behind its unwelcome footprints within the human households. These signs appear through time in various forms such as rage, sadness, anger, and depression. Yet I ask depression, why do you always trickle in through the middle of the night? I ask depression, why are you hiding in the dark? Is it because you are known to all as Depression: The Dark Alley?

Today I had received quite a few questions on how should one deal with depression? Why does it come at the bluest time of a human life? How do we free the society from this dark path?

I ask you to never ignore your depression. Always call on your family, friends, and your medical providers. They can all do their share and walk with you through the dark cold nights of depression. Don’t walk alone, as it is always safe to be within a group when you are walking in an unknown dark alley.

You had asked me, if I get depression?

I must say I am blessed I don’t let depression enter my home. I might get upset or sad or even suffer from emotional and physical pain, yet I have been known to knock out my own depression, through all my emergency supplies available to me or around me. As I hear the knock of depression on my door, I tell them to leave. Yet now I have delisted my address from depression’s diary with a lot of fight. I was victorious in this fight.

How do I do this?

I love to wake up at dawn and meditate. Yet I know meditation is not a cure, neither is it a treatment for depression or sadness. Yet it helps me personally to just do the breathing techniques and let go of all my inner negativities and take in all the positivities found within the chest of Mother Earth.

While I go outside, I also try to do the sun meditation. I try to just gaze at the sun during sunrise or sunset. Also during the day, I try to sunbathe with my eyes closed. It has helped me personally. While I find the obstacles of life give me anxiety, I love to just watch the sun. It releases my inner angst.

After a long day, I try to take in my lemon water. Fresh squeezed lemon juice in a cold glass of water revitalizes my inner and outer soul. I feel like when I drink my fresh squeezed lemon water, I can think clearly. I feel rejuvenated from within.

This picture is a cup of hot lemon ginger mint tea, I ordered during my travels through the Netherlands.
As I had traveled throughout this world, I had always ordered fresh lemon water with a few pieces of ginger and some mint to keep me going.

I drink this on very rough days as well as relaxed weekends. At times I know newly discovered food or places or events make me uneasy. I just take a piece of lemon and breathe in the smell. This instills a calming sensation to my whole mind, body, and inner soul. It helps reduce the tightness that hides quietly within my hidden soul.

During the lonely nights, or during a busy work schedule, or while I am trying to meet a deadline, I just take a break and listen to sweet musical notes. Music actually touches my inner soul. It awakens me from my deep sleep when I need to wake up. Yet music also helps me sleep when my tired body needs to just relax. I feel like music is the magical healer of the mystical world. Open your inner doors and invite some musical notes to your home. Watch how these invited guests become your mystical healers throughout time.

Remember your first stop sign through the journey of depression should be at your medical provider’s doorstep.

These scientific scholars are there to help. These scientific scholars are devoting their entire life to only find a way out for you. Go and give them your hand of friendship as they are your friends waiting in disguise. Why not give this magical friendship a chance?

Twin flames who are living in the same household, can actually help and guide one another. For you can get yourselves out of all the darkness the world places upon you.

How you ask?

Love potion is the magical healing potion that can be found within the heartbeats of the twin flames. Hold one another’s hands and take a walk through the sunrise as you watch dawn break. Why not sit in one another’s company while you say your goodbyes to the sun as he sets at sunset? Be there for one another and watch all the obstacles disappear like the magical fog that too disappears with time.

For all the singles who are trying to find the love of your life, yet you can’t and because of this you are depressed, don’t be.

You can use this lonely time to stay awake and dream with your eyes open, for right now. For these sweet dreams are just a dream but tomorrow they will be your reality. For this is the time you need to get up and let go of all the obstacles. Then accept all the blessings of life.

Life is a complete journey, when we all have finished our travels through life. Until then, we are all still writing our life’s journal. Let this journal be filled with what you can give your life as a blessing. For until the diary is finished, you need to remember, you are the author of your diary. For right now, the pages in front of you are all blank. The pages left behind are filled up. Yet tomorrow is a gift and today is a present where you have the right to write your own diary. Make your own diary your own way. Color the pages, draw some love hearts, some sweet stories, and spread the love onto all the blank pages you are gazing at yet not filled.

Depression is a dark corner, a dark side where no one wants to be.

It’s lonely and dangerous. If you are standing in the lane of depression, please go and find help, called a friend. Be the candle of hope for the person who will be standing on the same path you are standing on in the future. Light the candles of hope along the path of life for they will guide all others who are following you. The path is known to you who is suffering from depression today. So be the guide tomorrow for all the others. As today you can stand in the light and say, you picked yourself up. Today you have rewritten your diary, the way you wanted it to be.

The ones who have asked me how to get out of this path, I can only say, get help for yourself and all others who will share this same path. If you can walk out of this dark road today, you will be the candle of hope for all standing on this dark road tomorrow.

Rewrite your travel journal and be the lighthouse in the dark road of depression. For you are the warriors who will be the hope and blessings for all tomorrow. I believe in you as I know tomorrow you will be the guiding light standing to help and guide all out of the path called Depression: The Dark Alley.

“Be happy and spread happiness. Smile today and let your smiles become contagious. Then spread this joy throughout the globe. Life is a gift, accept this gift. Share the gift of life as you gift all others across the globe this blessed gift. You can gift it now just by being there to share.”

-Ann Marie Ruby


Ann Marie Ruby

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