Autumn: The Teacher Of Hope
The cover image is a picture I took while driving from Seattle, Washington to Spokane, Washington.


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After a long journey through the classroom of Ms. Summer, let us all enter our next classroom.

On the 22nd of September 2021, we will enter the classroom of our next teacher. She is Ms. Autumn, the teacher of hope. 

Hope is the first light of dawn after a dark night’s nightmare. If tonight you are wide awake sleepless, then know hope is around the corner. Keep the candles of hope burning throughout the dark nights for they shall carry you toward dawn. Now as dawn breaks through, do open your inner window of hope for she will greet you with a message. Today let the wind chimes ring a sweet tune, and today let hope flow through the air as hope is brewing in the air. Don’t miss this miraculous lesson of life for she has landed upon us as the amazing teacher of nature.

Today without any paper or pen, without any syllabus or any book, arrives our teacher. This teacher neither talks nor writes but just shows us through actions. Pay heed and you too will learn from this amazing teacher of life. For you and me, this is Autumn: The Teacher Of Hope.

We the citizens in North America and you around the globe are all preparing to welcome autumn.

The trees are all dancing in the cold brisk autumn wind.

Morning dew shines like sparkling glitter on top of the green leaves as the sun bathes them. Green leaves are all turning red and orange, dancing with autumn colors. Today I too bathe in the sun which is not too hot nor too cold. The brisk walk in the morning today feels refreshing and rejuvenating as I know autumn is almost here. The clouds too are dancing in the skies as the sun peeks through them.

Nature is our best teacher as she is letting me know to never give up on hope. I realized all the houses around my neighborhood too see the same clouds and the same sun. I know it’s just not my neighborhood but the world too sees the same clouds and the same sun. It’s because life too shows all of us the same pain and the same joy, yet maybe in different ways, or on different paths. Filled with pain and tears, life is. That’s why we have clouds floating above us. Yet look behind the clouds, the sun is peeking through.

I watched my trees dancing in joy as they are glowing with colors. Yet autumn the blessed teacher while arriving in my neighborhood, whispered a song in my ears. She said the leaves will all fall off as fall has come upon this part of the world. I realized the amazing flutes were the blessed brisk breeze of autumn’s arrival notice. The musical notes told me not to be upset at the fallen leaves for it’s called rejuvenation. 

The fallen leaves are a sign of cleaning up and removing all the obstacles out.

Ms. Autumn told me to watch out for our next teacher Mr. Winter. He will arrive with more lessons from nature. She said she wants us to be ready for a harsh cold winter yet to also enjoy the journey through the snowflakes and the Christmas cookies. She asked me to light a fire in the fireplace and enjoy the sweet candies of falling snowflakes.

Ms. Autumn also advised me after Mr. Winter leaves us, we will find ourselves in the classroom of Ms. Spring. She will have her own lessons which she will take us through. The bare branches will rejuvenate and awaken with green foliage and colorful bulbs and flowers. All is a cycle through nature as these are our different classrooms and they are our different teachers of life. 

Today though I walked upon the soft green grass and under the blue skies. I realized my wondering mind must learn from all the amazing teachers of nature who come and visit all the humans each and every year. Ms. Autumn today though told me she is our next teacher as she is about to take her spot in the same classroom she enters every year. 

The classroom, this Earth, remains steadfast. The teachers too are always here waiting for their students. Yet we the students are not steadfast as we travel forward to the future. We are the travelers who move on past the classroom called life. 

As today is the present then tomorrow the future will have new students upon the same classroom.

They too will learn from the same steady teacher called Ms. Autumn.

May the life diaries of the past students be there for you the future students as a friend. Turn through the pages of the past students’ diaries for guidance or let them be there as an open book. Today remember you the present are awake under the same skies a person had stayed awake under years ago. They moved on through the same house yesterday leaving behind only those journals of life. Take notes from them. Go and read some pages of a diary, you can find upon your hands.

Not all diaries are written or kept yet the classroom is always open as the travelers are always moving forward. You too can learn from the same teacher who never left you or will never leave the future students. 

Don’t worry about the diaries you never found as a guide for you can write your own diary as your own guide. Yet when you are traveling, do take time and talk with the other travelers of life.
For the diaries that never found a library or a reader can be found through the word of mouth. The travelers share the stories that were never written yet retold throughout time. Learn from the stories that are found within the pages of a book and the stories that are retold through the travelers of life. 

Don’t forget to enroll your name within the blessed classroom of Ms. Autumn.

All you have to do is go on a walk through your own neighborhood and look at the big oak trees that have names carved on them. Watch the branches swing and retell the stories of the people who had sat under the same tree as they too were travelers of the past. All you have to do is open your inner eyes and inner soul to enjoy these tales of the past.

The huge oak trees were watered through the tears of the past travelers’ pain and sorrows. They were covered with love hearts from the past travelers’ love stories. They all stand still as we move forward. The teacher Ms. Autumn too comes and visits the classroom each year at the same time. She welcomes her new students each year as we the students too know she is always here for us, always as are the other teachers she shares the classroom with.

My message to you the one who is sleepless today covered in sorrow, hold on and brace yourself for spring will follow as we enter autumn, followed by a harsh winter. If you are careless and walking without any thoughts, autumn is here as a warning, guiding you to a harsh winter ahead of her. If you are trying to be focused then know, you must keep on walking forward as life is a one-way path.
In life, let the journey be a learned prayer where we keep the candles lit. Yet keep an eye on the candles when a windstorm approaches. Keep the candles safe on a rainy day. Don’t burn them out on a sunny day, because the summer storms too appear even on a sunny day from nowhere. Keep your candles safe and become the candles of hope for all around you. 

Tonight as you lay in bed worrying, don’t worry and be happy.

For watch the dark. Watch and let her know dawn is around the corner and will appear at your window too. All you have to do is just open the windows and let the light of dawn stream into your home. Be the light, be in the light, don’t fear the dark and never hide within the dark. Remember all you have to do is keep your candles of hope glowing until dawn. 

Today as we all wait for Ms. Autumn to arrive upon our classroom, let’s wait with hope. Let’s learn from the past, and let us be the best gift, for the future generations, as we welcome our next teacher for she is Ms. Autumn: The Teacher Of Hope.


Ann Marie Ruby

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