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The Kasteel Vrederic library opens its doors to the public once again, as it opens for all its fourth diary. Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond is a paranormal romance murder mystery novel by #1 international bestselling author Ann Marie Ruby! After the huge success of her previous books, she now brings to you her seventeenth book awaited by her international audience. Find out why her readers call her books, “the best books ever” and critics hail her books as "must-read" and "most thought-provoking." Her writing style is famously known for making readers feel like they’ve made a close friend. As a globally renowned author, she now brings to you another timeless, beloved, and heart-throbbing romance fiction based in the Netherlands and the United States of America.

A twenty-first century blind son of the famous Kasteel Vrederic finds his twin flame floating away from him toward the Grim Reaper in a gondola. How does he defy life and death and prevent her from leaving Earth? He takes his only clues, the sound of heartbeats and his birth given sixth sense, to solve the gruesome murder that she was a victim of.

In Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond, you will get introduced to a blind son of the Kasteel Vrederic family, Antonius van Phillip, the nephew and adopted son of Erasmus van Phillip and Anadhi Newhouse van Phillip. In this paranormal thriller, you will see how Dr. Jacobus Vrederic van Phillip, the biological son of Erasmus and Anadhi, guides his brother to unite with his pronounced dead wife, while trying to solve her murder mystery. A paranormal book where everyone realizes family members are bound with one another throughout time.

While one is sleepless, the other twin flame is sleeping eternally. Now how does Antonius van Phillip awaken his twin flame Katelijne Snaaijer from beyond Earth, and solve a murder mystery, she is a only witness to yet also a victim of? Find out how the musical sound of heartbeats guide him to his sleeping beloved while he solves the mystery sleepless in a heartwarming and infinite romance novel where through the guided heartbeats, love is defined as eternal, like the name says, Heart Beats Your Name: Vows from The Beyond.

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