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Be My Destiny: Vows From The Beyond is the third book of the Kasteel Vrederic series by #1 international bestselling author Ann Marie Ruby! After the huge success of her previous books, she now brings to you her sixteenth book awaited by her international audience. Find out why her readers call her books, “the best books ever” and critics hail her books as "must-read" and "most thought-provoking." Her writing style is famously known for making readers feel like they’ve made a close friend. As a globally renowned author, she now brings to you another timeless, beloved, and heart-throbbing paranormal reincarnation romance fiction, based in the Netherlands, United States of America, and India.

An infinite love story that began in the sixteenth century continues through the twenty-first century. This love story buried within the walls of a sixteenth-century castle can only be unveiled by the buried.

Eternal twin flames, Erasmus van Phillip and Anadhi Newhouse, infinitely searching for one another have risen from ashes like the rising phoenix, life after life, yet to be separated by destiny. So, in this life they rise again fighting fate not to be destined to destiny, but through the mystical doors of dreams and reincarnation, they travel time calling upon one another like the singing nightingales. Who says the buried remain buried and won’t reveal all the secrets even though the walls of a castle seal them? Now takes birth an infinite love story as these blessed twin flames awaken in the twenty-first century from the sixteenth century and say, “Be My Destiny: Vows From The Beyond.”

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