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Eternally Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go is the first book of the Kasteel Vrederic series by #1 international bestselling author Ann Marie Ruby! After the huge success of her previous books, she now brings to you her fourteenth book awaited by her international audience. Find out why her readers call her books, “the best books ever” and critics hail her books as "must-read" and "most thought-provoking." Her writing style is famously known for making readers feel like they’ve made a close friend. As a globally renowned author, she now brings to you an unforgettable, ageless, timeless, and passionate historical romance fiction, based in the Netherlands.

Travel time to a timeless era gone by, where a passionate lover, Jacobus van Vrederic, fights destiny to keep his promissory vows. Journey with him during the sixteenth century through the Netherlands, when passion, love, and hidden secrets change his life forever. As he travels through a war-ravaged country fighting for her freedom, will Jacobus be able to fight destiny and time to find the vanished love of his life, or will time be a barrier?

Eternally Beloved is a tearjerker, heartwarming, and everlasting historical romance fiction, you too will want to be a part of! This is such a book, for when you come to the end and close the pages, you will still live within the land of Eternally Beloved as you shall never let it go.


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