With the end of summer, we get ready to welcome the arrival of fall. Change within Mother Nature is a blessing. We the humans learn from this and always incorporate the changes of life.

I watch the green leaves turning bright orange, as I know within this amazing beauty lies the hidden truth – the leaf has but reached her end of time.

Soon she shall fall off the tree leave the tree bare. I know time shall pass by as new green leaves but take birth as spring but reaches our doors.

Life is complete as we see the similarities within nature. Each life is a blessed candle glowing within his or her time. The candle burns herself or himself to give light within all around. This candle also lights up another candle before her time is but over.

Beautiful and serene are such examples of life as seen by the religious scholars, philosophers, poets, storytellers, psychics, or mystics throughout time. Each person within his or her time zone throughout history has left behind footprints for the future generation to be guided by. The sacred poems have lighted up the blessed nights for so many travelers. Within these sweet words people have lived through their own sweet dreams.

Mother Nature within her glorious changes has also given joy and peace to so many travelers throughout time.

The sacred travelers without any modern technologies have enjoyed the movies of nature. They have written inspirational songs throughout time for all to enjoy. Also, they have lived under the open skies and above the green fields during cold winter or hot summer nights to bring to life the amazing stories of nature and her sacred journey to the doors of the future.

Today as you too enjoy the amazing sights of Mother Nature, hold onto the sweet memories of the orange leaf as she falls off the tree and allows another green leaf to be born in her place.

Hold onto the sacred journey of the leaf and know, even if this leaf is but a person you had loved, or a beloved pet, or just a stranger you had no clue who he or she was, the traveler of this journey has taken her or his journey and it has come to an end – they have completed their journey. Life is complete within the changes of life, within each individual journey.

Serene and serenity are but within the end as it is within the beginning.

I had watched the harmonious celebration of Aretha Franklin not within tears but so much joy. Additionally, I had watched the life journey of a great man admired by so many Americans putting political views aside, John McCain. I know life is a complete blessing.

Two very different yet blessed souls have taken their part within this journey of life that we the past, the present, and the future travel through. The travelers are different and the timing separates us, yet the path and the journey are but the same.

Life is lived not just for oneself but the journey of life is there to teach and guide all throughout time. Be it a journey of a well known person or an unknown person. The journey in itself is what becomes history. The person who lived this life becomes a historical figure only because of his or her journey through life. I had written a prayer in my book, “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest” which I had named, “Life On This Earth Is But A Day.” In this prayer, I had compared the complete life to a day as individually lived.

May all throughout this globe celebrate life to be complete as this is a miracle beyond human minds, yet a complete miracle.

As all of you now know, I believe in complete miracles from the beyond and miracles we the humans celebrate each and every day. Today I celebrate fall as she comes with her own miracle. Her vibrant colors will be written within songs, poems, and retold throughout eternity as she blesses us and takes us over to winter and spring.

Believe in life and believe in the miracles of life, as even when you are but not watching, the green leaves bloom back as if they were always here.

Your life will bring her own miracles to your door as you open the door with faith and accept the complete blessings.

Blessings from Seattle,

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  1. Oh my goodness, you write so beautifully! Reading this is like a breath of fresh air. I also love Autumn for its transition from living in the moment to savoring & reflecting.

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