Today I had awakened to a beautiful autumn morning. The leaves have started to fall, announcing their last concert on Earth, yet giving us an emotional colorful display. The sun’s glitter had fallen upon them. I saw upon the chest of the fallen leaves, there were teardrops of the first morning dew. The wind blew the leaves upon Mother Earth as she hugged them within her chest.


The beautiful display of life is but filled within Mother Nature. A morning walk lifts the mind, body, and soul as I breathe in the natural air. My devotion to nature is my spiritual awakening through the natural elements of life. I believe throughout Mother Earth, we have all the examples of life.

Throughout these small morning walks, I take upon my soul the blessed spiritual awakening. A blessed gift from Mother Earth.

I had thought I needed to visit the Himalayas or go to the Caribbean, to awaken spiritually. I had thought my mind needed this huge vacation to find peace within my soul. Did I find this peace above the mountains in India? Or did I awaken spiritually after a dip in the Caribbean?

Beautiful were both places and after a lot of money spent, I knew I still searched for the love and awakening of my inner soul. I had asked myself, “Where does one find peace?”


I had seen the advertisement on television of children hungry and cold, animals dying and looking to be rescued. These advertisements had been the first step to my awakening. I watched the first sign of peace struck my soul as she appeared in the forms of teardrops. Soon, I saw her fall for unknown people, unknown reasons, with which I had no relation to, or I had not known of. I had also known I could not afford to help financially even if I willed. Then how could I help anyone? Therefore, I knew I must awaken myself first.

I must wake up and feel for all, not just myself. It hurts when I fall, or trip, or just get sick. Yet, I also knew everyone feels the same pain, yet, why did I not feel the pain of others. I must have hidden all of my inner feelings and only saw myself in the mirror. Yet, the invisible humans standing in front of the mirrors all around this world are all visible to themselves. This had hit me hard and I wanted to feel and get the answers to my newly found feelings.

For that night I had a dream. I was sleeping within the dream as I needed to wake up and begin the new day. In the dream, it would be dusk and the sun would set as I lay asleep. I remember, I had said, I must awaken for “Life On This Earth Is But A Day.” I had written this prayer first, then I had written another blessed prayer as dawn had but reached, “Consort Of Life Is Death.”


I had awakened and knew I must wake up from all the self-pity, sorrows, and the personal feeling that everything is about me. Throughout my life, I had walked my life through struggles and just trying to survive.

I realized life is lived by everyone, the rich, the poor within their own walls, their own way. Some within tears, and some within joy. All of us live with health issues, wealth issues, and wisdom issues, and above all we need love.

The love and acceptance of a parent, letting us know they accept us even though they might not accept our ways of life. We all want that special person who loves us unconditionally, where what ever life brings upon us, the two hands united never gets separated, even in death.

I had prayed for that sacred hand to hold onto my hand and I asked my Lord to accept my prayers. I held my hands up in a prayer and realized as I had prayed, but my Lord is always there. Throughout all of my struggles, my mistakes and achievements, my Lord is always there. When I had lighted a candle that night, I knew it does not matter if there is anyone or not, I will be there for all whom need a helping hand. Never will I criticize anyone, or hold onto my anger as I convert this to love and acceptance, for I knew my Lord watches all of us and different though we are, my Lord accepts all.


I had walked into a Mandir in India and prayed with the Hindus.

Also, I had walked into a Mosque in The Caribbean and prayed with the Muslims.

Additionally, I walked into a Synagogue in Maryland and prayed with the Jews.

Yet, I also had walked into a Church in the Netherlands and lighted a candle and prayed for all.

Life is a sacred blessing I realized, and we the humans must awaken ourself first and accept ourselves as a complete human being. Whatever we may wake up to upon this day, be it in poverty or within wealth, accept yourself first and then awaken to see the world within the eyes of acceptance.


This new sight is a sacred awakening and this is your meditation complete. Breathe for the first time as you have reincarnated, and realize this fresh breath comes from your inner soul. Maybe you cannot travel to the mountain top or the Caribbean Sea or the European countries, but you have traveled and taken the most important journey of your life.

You have taken a journey through yourself and have awakened your inner soul where accepting yourself first is the first step. Then see how all the mountains of this world are within your reach, all the blue oceans are but within your soul, and all the countries of this world are but your home.

You might be asking, “How?”


Within your acceptance of yourself, you have awakened to this new world where all are but your family. Where you shall see how happy you become as you see a mother traveling. Your feeling shall be, “I wanted this for my mother.” When a child climbs Mount Everest, you shall say, “Yes, I wanted that for my child.” When some child is rescued and adopted, you shall be the blessed soul who shall spread tears for this unknown child and the unknown family.

This is the human with humanity. For the wellbeing of this one world, you have awakened yourself first, then as you take your first steps through this newly found serene meditative soul, life would be perfect.

I know firsthand how this journey feels. I have taken this sacred journey myself where I never had to go on a religious pilgrimage, or go on a world tour. All I had to do, is awaken myself from this deep sleep I had kept myself within.

This journey has been a challenge but it is worth every breath as every single soul upon this blessed Earth is worth it. All the humans traveling through this journey of life, wherever you might be within this stage of your life, at the dawn stage of your life, or but at sunset, life on this Earth is a blessed journey.


I welcome all of you to take a trip through your self and find yourself first, as you awaken, you too shall find all the travelers taking a journey through life are but your one family.

For the wellbeing of yourself and this one world, awaken yourself first. Take a short walk outside within this autumn weather. Watch the fallen leaves of fall. You too shall see how each leaf fallen or the new buds that await their arrival to be announced at the first sight of spring, are but your examples of life.

Open your eyes to this newly found spiritual awakening. Know life is a blessed gift. Live this life within meditation throughout all the activities of life. Within this meditation, you remain awakened and your eyes are but open. For the first time, you shall but see, hear, and feel all things around you.

Within this prayer, life is a sacred journey awaiting your sacred footsteps to be placed upon the path of life. Each footprint laid upon this path through life is a gift from the past, the present, and the future. I would want you to take a short walk today and awaken yourself, be it a minute, enjoy this autumn walk as you watch nature and know all of this a gift for you, as dawn is but a wake up call and the sunset is yet a kiss from the past.

Laugh, love, and live, for yourself and all around you.

The wellbeing of all humans shall be found when you take care of yourself first. I love all humans alike for I am but a human awakened with humanity. I believe the wellbeing of all humans are but within each individual souls awaiting to accept all humans as one.

Blessings from Seattle,

*Picture is from my backyard!


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