Today I have walked upon the path of dreams and the question that has come upon my door is why? 

Why dreams and why spirituality? These have an impact upon our lives, why? Humans have walked upon all different paths yet the wellness of one another is what binds us into a society. The differences within race, color, and religion that we carry within ourselves is but our strength. This strength awakens the inner soul of all, as we grow and accept each other for who we are. 

Dreams, spiritual awakening, natural healing, yoga, and meditation are but all connected to each other. To understand one, you must travel through all of these paths. Today, I take a break from my Netherlands blog posts and for the wellness of humanity. I will talk about your requested topic, dreams. 

From all over this globe, I have received questions on the topic of dreams. I can only walk upon this path within my own walk of life, my own journey through dreams. Maybe as you read through my personal dreams, or as I walk you through my own journey through life, you can also help yourself through your dreams. 

Life is a complete miracle, where we find dreams that are just that dreams except when these dreams come to life in front of us.

Sometimes the people, the places, and the events within our dreams come and stand in front of us. It is then dreams but become reality, a miracle completed.

I have received quite a few questions, why? Why do we see people within our dreams who are very close and as if life is perfect with them? Some dreams are sweet and memorable, yet some are very frightening. We live within them, but when awakened we remember the dreams completely. Who were these people? Where are they now? The dreams felt like another life.

Why did we not see the people we walk and live with, yet the unknown faces remain sacred within our souls? 

I had these questions within my own walk through life. I had ignored them just like you do today. One day my friends had come over and shared their personal dreams and strange it was, because they were repeating my identical dream. They saw me and my life, but with people unknown to me and them.

My research had begun then, as I knew these dreams were guidance from the past, the present, and the future.

I had written my blessed book with the questions and answers that had come to me from my own dreams and the interlinking dreams of my family and friends. It is then I had come across reincarnation and the people of the past. The future had also come upon my doorstep with events yet to take place. What did I do, you ask?

I had traveled through time to only find out my dreams were actually events that had taken place, but within a foreign land. Through the blessed search engine of Google, my dreams were in front of me, yet they had taken place before my lifetime. 

I had found out some of my dreams were yet to come from the future, as I had seen hotels and shops that I had visited but actually these hotels had not even existed during the time of my dreams. Tears had come as my companions as later within the news were the buildings and the shops just being built. This was the future I had seen before anything even was.

People I had not even known have also taken form in the news or the Google search engine. I don’t know why yet I know these are miracles from the beyond. 

I know reincarnation is a fact where people remember the past for reasons they will find out within the future.

Yet reincarnation is alive within the souls who have seen the proofs themselves. 

Future sightings are just that, yet to come events are being brought to you for the same reason the past lived life activities were brought to you. The circle of life is when you complete the circle. Believe in dreams and try to see if these dreams are your past life activities or yet to come future activities. 

I know letters have come to me, as a mother foresees her child getting hurt or is but in trouble, so she could protect her young. A soulmate sees his or her life partner as they call upon each other. Some of us humans see danger signs appearing to guide all others for the sake of humanity.

Life in itself is a complete miracle. Where there is hope, there is always a path out for we the seekers. Did I find the answers to all of my dreams? 

The answer is no, but yes I have found enough evidence from my dreams and real life experiences to know I believe in dreams. I believe they are complete guidance for us the seekers. Within my book “Spiritual Lighthouse,” I have talked about dreams, reincarnation, and religious and scientific proofs on dreams. 

I have also talked about my own dreams and one particular dream where I mentioned my soulmate, whom I still wait for.

I know you all have asked me, did I find my soulmate? Did his name appear within my dreams? I had seen his name appear to me, yes. He had come within my dreams to reveal himself, yes. Yes, I know who he is, yet I do not know if he even knows anything as that is yet another miracle in itself. 

I will not reveal this to him as I am a believer in miracles. I want him to awaken with the revelation himself and when it is time, it shall be. It is like, never awaken a sleepwalker for keep an eye on him and from afar pray and always know it is time and sacred prayers that are but answered within time. I know sometimes, these waiting periods could be really stressful yet I believe in waiting. 

I believe there should be human decency to be accepting of the other’s faith. What if he does not even remember, then it is okay because it is my Lord’s will. I believe in my Lord completely and I know it is like the prayer I had written, “May my Lord’s will always prevail.”

Never place yourself in a conflict with the other person’s views.

Remember it is we the humans who live for each other as a complete global society. Accept the views of all and let there be peace.

I know you all want to know about my soulmate. I tell you my Lord first, then all the others. My Lord has created all of the humans to live with each other and be one family. Let us be one family. 

Answering your questions, one particular person asks why do you not know the person you dream about yet you are really close to? Why do you not dream of people you know? I ask you to walk the path of reincarnation. Try to recall as much as you can and research the events and things around you within your dream.

What about time periods in dreams?

Was it in the past?
Or is it within the near future?

As an example within my book, I talk about dreams where I knew the events and places I had seen were from the past. Yet, some events and places I had seen did not exist and I had been patient and later I found out the buildings were being built in front of me, so there were past and future events. I hope this helps you, whom I speak of, but I will keep your name private as I will not disclose any name.  I ask all of you to have faith in yourselves and your dreams.

Always in life, hold on to positive energies as within our dreams negative forces too play a role and it is then you know it is time to close this door.

I call all negative dreams a nightmare and I know that is when we have a choice. We always have a choice. Like within my book, I had written about the past lives and examples of the historical periods and time were left with me, so I could travel through the pages of history. The research I had done had proved to me, about the time periods and that some are from the future where I had written the facts within my diary and waited as I saw the future take place in front of my eyes.

Always know the difference between nightmares and dreams as you know to distinguish between wrong and right. Why and how you ask?

Like in life only right is but right and wrong is wrong. I had a simple question from one particular person who had asked, “Why do I always see I am taking a left turn and within my dream I know I should turn right?”

Another one is, “I always miss my turn and within my dream, I know I had to take a U- turn to get back on track.”

Another one had asked, “I saw there was a huge truck coming toward us?”

These are what they are, “You have chosen the wrong path, or you missed your opportunity, or there is some kind of obstacle or hurdle you will but encounter.”

Do not ever give up hope for life is a miracle and if we have to make a U-turn or a right turn, or avoid something, or even give up a job opportunity for another one to come, it is better to know, and get back on track.

That is what dreams are, miracles from the beyond, always guiding us throughout eternity.

Please find my book “Spiritual Lighthouse” as a complete miracle for all whom need some guidance within the land of dreams. Within this book, I talk about my personal journey through dreams.

Hope is alive within the souls of miracles, as she lends her blessed hands and guides all to her house, the House of Miracles. 

Believe in yourself and your dreams, for know you are the only one who could make this dream into reality. Never give up hope for as you keep hope alive, all things within your life shall take their own place, within their own time. 



Blessings from Seattle,

*The cover image is from the New Church in Delft, taken during my trip in the Netherlands!



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