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This is my summer reading gift for the spiritually enlightened, or the blessed humans seeking the answers to the unanswered questions of life. This summer, I have published for you my book, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

Summer holidays and family vacation remind me that time spent with family and friends is in itself a vacation of the mind, body, and soul. Yet, what about those whom have no family or can’t afford a vacation?

I enjoy my personal family and friend time too. Yet, my mind wanders off to those of you whom don’t have any family or can’t afford a vacation.

I believe in soul families. I believe if you look deep into your soul and try to awaken from within, you too shall find your soul families.

Rich or poor, you too shall find them if only you want to find them. The woman in your grocery store who is so nice and kind, she reminds you of your mother, sister, or just a friend. The mailman who delivers your mail reminds you of someone you may know. The stranger who helped you with your grocery or your luggage in the airport reminds you of someone you knew. Yes, these people are all your soul family members.

Today, you be the family man who is there for the orphan who is praying for a miracle, as he or she falls asleep with tears as his or her best friends. Be the good neighbor and deliver bread to your neighbors if you can afford it. Watch out for the child that fell off the swing in the park. Talk with the lonely man in the mall who just wanted a person to talk to.

From dawn through dusk as you walk from the park through the mall and find strangers who needed a person to talk to, your summer vacation is complete.

Dawn brings a new day upon us with hope and blessings. As the sun sets and darkness evolves all around us, please don’t fear the unknown darkness. Remember a new day waits with hope and blessings around the corner.

Don’t fear the obstacles or the painful memories of life. Today, create new memories within your minds and let the miracles take place within a new day.

For all of you, I have written my book, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light” as I call this my answers to the unanswered questions of life.

I answer the mysteries of birth, death, reincarnation, twin flames and true soulmates, dreams, miracles, and the end of time. Within this book, you the lonely traveler shall find peace and serenity within the doors of the unknown. I walk you through all of these doors holding on to the hands of hope.

I personally have found hope when and where I was lost. Or maybe it is hope who had found me. Hope gave me her helping hands so I can stand on my own feet.

For all of you, I have written this book where I introduce you to my best friend hope. As you too accept her, she will be your best friend too. Like a glowing tunnel of light, she will guide you out of all the fears of the unknown.

Today, as you awaken and accept the blessings of dawn with my book within your hands, I know you too shall never be alone or lonely as you too shall believe in the miracles of life.

Find your twin flame and your soul families. Let go of the fears of death as you accept birth and reincarnation as a miracle from the beyond. Don’t fear the end. Dream of a new beginning as you are being guided from the door of miracles through your personal dreams.

This summer, I give all of you my blessings and a personal gift through my blessed book. If you are a lonely traveler, know I have written this book for you. May this book guide you through your life. May you never be lonely, as these pages become your best friends.

A reviewer has said she felt I was with her through the pages of my books. You too shall find me as a friend through these pages.

Another reader has said this book has removed her fear of different religions and religious views and united all the humans into one family. This has given her hope all humans come from the same place and shall return to the same place.

This summer, do not feel lonely or fear death or fear life, but keep the candles of hope burning for your twin flame.

May this summer give you a fresh new beginning within hope through the pages of my book, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light By Ann Marie Ruby

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

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