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Sacred travelers, come and journey through a magical land known to you all as the Netherlands.

This summer, I gift you the traveler, my sacred traveling destination in my newly published book and overnight #1 best seller, “The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.” Within the pages of my book, you too can travel through the Netherlands without even leaving your own house.

As a reader just told me, she felt like she traveled to the Netherlands. Through the pages of this book, she also felt like she was there within the past and present days. This reader had sent me her blessings as this was her summer vacation.

My dreamland I call her as I have found this land to be a magical land where one can find the romantic tulips, the colorful windmills, and the amazing canals.

This land is forever a traveler’s dream destination.

Sitting in your own living room, you can today travel through the history of a small European country, and discover how the Dutch found their independence. Come and walk through how the Dutch have reclaimed their land, and won their battle against water.

You can travel through the twelve provinces. See for yourself how much this country has to offer to us the travelers. Each part of this country has its own heritage and sightseeing attractions. The vast historical pasts and stories are still alive throughout time.

This summer, travel through the canals of Amsterdam, go and see the historical windmills in Zaanse Schans, or take a romantic canal tour through Haarlem.

Do stop by the province of Overijssel and the village of Giethoorn (known as the Dutch Venice). Only then, would your blessed eyes find peace in traveling and bring back home romantic dreams.

This world has given us various vacation spotlights known to all the world citizens.

This summer, I bring to you a country that is so beautiful and blessed but does not speak for herself as the Dutch are the most modest people I have found within my life traveling throughout this world. The Dutch are known to be honest and modest, as they say, “Doe normaal.”

If you can afford the journey of a lifetime, I would recommend my dreamland, the Netherlands. If you cannot afford to travel yet you would love to, then pick up my book and travel through her pages. As my readers have said, they felt like they had traveled through this sacred land. You too will have your summer and winter vacations through a land I call magical and mystical.

Magical I call this land as not only my words, but read within my book why even Walt Disney himself was inspired by this land.

Walk through the tourist sites, culture, food, and interesting facts of this magical land, as you walk through the history too.

A magical kingdom she is within my eyes. She is ruled by a very modest King, his beautiful Queen, and their blessed family members. I have also walked through the history of the Founding Father of this land as I have written a sacred poem for him within my book.

For this blessed kingdom, I have written ten poems within this book, scattered through the pages for the poetry lovers. A poem awakens the inner love of a soul as this is my gift for this land.

Like my poem “The North Sea,” I too had become a traveler as I had landed upon this land like the mystical North Sea. Recite my poem and know why I love this land and the North Sea.

Poetry is the powerful expression of personal feelings shared throughout time by all the people who recite them.

-Ann Marie Ruby

Throughout time, this book shall be my gift to the Netherlands. I call this sacred book, “The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.”

Today, you too can be a part of this amazing journey as you pick up this book. Walk through this magical land, her history, tourist sites, culture, and much more.

My readers have said this book had given them a journey of a lifetime, through a land they could not afford to travel to yet, but will make it their travel destination.

With love, time, and effort, the cover design and all the interior pictures have been created. My graphic designer and I had converted each picture to look intricate and beautiful. I touched the pictures and felt a warmth within my inner soul. May you too find and feel this same love and joy as you touch the pictures.

May my blessings be with all of you throughout time through the pages of this book.

You shall find me watching the North Sea within the pages of this book as you recite the sacred poem I have written for her.

This summer or next or even during your winter vacations, do stop over. Visit the land, the water, and the people who have taken a place within my soul throughout eternity. This land is, “The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.”

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Ann Marie Ruby




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