The Netherlands Land Of My Dreams by Ann Marie Ruby


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A book is eternal as for eternity, she is alive through her readers and unites all readers throughout time. Each book is alive as it is completed from the eyes of the beholder. From the composition till the end, my books talk for themselves. If I could only explain in words what it feels like as you start to write a book and you preplan the whole conception in your mind. As I create my books, it takes a different form. At times, the books talk for themselves and become complete at their own time and will. Today, here are some personal facts behind my book, “The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.”

This book became an overnight bestseller. I wrote this book with all my love for a land I call my dreamland.

The Netherlands was introduced to me through the mystical door of dreams. Within my dreams, I saw this unknown land and her history, her people, and the different provinces. I decided to visit this land. For years, I only knew what was shown to me.

I believe in dreams. As I had toured this country, my dreams became alive. I do not speak about my dreams in this book, but I must say, this book was created completely as an inspiration from my blessed dreams. I believe this land is blessed. All whom get to travel to this land shall also find this blessing. Yet, I wrote this book for all the tourists to have as a keepsake memory of your visit to the Netherlands. This book is also my gift to all of you whom cannot travel to this land yet now you too shall travel through the pages of my book.

Through this book, you will get to know a land, her people, her culture, and the kings and queens of this majestic land.

You can also become a tourist as you travel through her twelve provinces, see all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and much more.

My admiration for a Father of a Fatherland had given my inner soul the strength to write about this dreamland. How a leader had united his citizens and fought for equality of all religions in a time of division, was very inspiring. This reason had given my inner soul inspiration to research more, visit this land, and write about this land.

As I had visited the New Church where the Father of the Fatherland, William the Silent, still sleeps, I had begun the concept of my book.

I had visited this land and within my soul brought back my memories which have now become immortal through my pen and paper.

You too can walk through the history of this land with me. Even though William the Silent had lived in a different time zone than myself, he has become alive through my pen and paper through history.

For this reason, I have written a poem I call, “WILLIAM THE SILENT” which I have included within this book. Recite this poem. Get to know a leader who had united his children as they call him the father of the Fatherland.

As I had traveled to this land, I found out about the mystical North Sea. She too travels like myself and made a stopover at the shores of the Netherlands. Learn how the Dutch had to find a way to befriend the North Sea as they reclaimed their land.

Standing by the shores of the North Sea in the beaches of Scheveningen, I had composed one of my favorite poems which I call, “THE NORTH SEA.” I have included this poem in my book as well as eight other poems as they found their place throughout my book. Recite this poem and see the North Sea through the eyes of a tourist who loves this land.

I composed all of these poems as an inspiration from my journey through the Netherlands.

These poems shall be there for the Dutch as they now have taken a place for themselves within this sacred book. These poems are there for you the lovers of poetry. You too can now recite them. Find out how a tourist can love a land not of his or her birth.

The cover picture and all the interior pictures were made with intricate touches from my designer. She sat with me as I personally had all pictures converted to look old and intricate. One such picture is of myself looking into the North Sea. We made this picture to look like an intricate sketch from the past. When I visited the North Sea, a French artist had made a portrait of me. He loved drawing it as much as I loved him drawing it. No, I did not include this picture, but I have made all pictures to look like sketches without losing their authenticity.

I also included a picture of William the Silent looking over as you recite the poem written just for him.

I have walked through the twelve provinces within this book.

A reader told me this book was her summer vacation. She could not afford to travel but she traveled through this book. She told me she loved the book as the pictures, the poetry, and all of the quotations were more than she could have had even if she did travel.

This comment was what I had wanted this book to be. Not just a travel book, a book of poetry, or a picture book, but a book for all whom would love the Netherlands just like I do. I want you to see this land through the eyes of a traveler.

I am like the mystical North Sea, who traveled to this land and gave her blessings through my pen and paper. Upon this land, I landed and had left like a flying bird that travels far and near.

From my love for this land, took birth these amazing words which became poetry within my book. I must say for myself, I absolutely loved reading these poems over and over again. Do find this book and fall in love with a land I call my dreamland.

I believe in positive energies. The universe is always there as she is waiting for us to open the door of positivities all around us. All books are filled with positive energies of their authors.

Why would you read this book?

Once in your lifetime, do travel to the land of tulips, the land where the mystical North Sea too had to stop over. This land cannot speak for herself. Yet, through my words, may all the world citizens see what I see within this land of my dreams. People had traveled to this land to be healed by the powerful mystical North Sea. The witches from the past had traveled to find freedom from being burned at the stakes. Within the famous tulip fields, worldwide movies have come to life. Love blooms within the air even today as you see couples taking an oath of ever after here. So your dreams of traveling to the Netherlands will come to life, through the pages of this book.

Oh the blessed travelers of time, through the pages of this book, you too can travel eternally, as the past, the present, and the future travelers unite within this book throughout time.

Read through the pages. Remember to keep a note for your future generation, where you had visited or stopped within this book. Remember when they too read the same book, you shall unite. You shall be there within their travel journeys through the pages of this blessed book, I call, “The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.”

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Ann Marie Ruby




*The cover image is me in the Binnenhof Complex, The Hague, the Netherlands!

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