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Positivity is found within oneself, not within the others you follow. Spread positivity as you be positive.

Dawn peeks through my window as my personal timer. I usually don’t close my window drapes as I love waking up with the sun playing peekaboo with me in the mornings. Fresh coffee and peace within my inner soul are my companions as I immerse myself in morning prayers and blessings.

I can see a peekaboo view of Mount Rainier from my house as she stands tall, warning us she is beautiful yet not to forget her fury. Mount Rainier is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the United States. Warm summer nights and open windows in my log cottage are a perfect summer vacation.

Yet, always there is something missing in each perfect picture we frame within our memories.

The uncut grass and over growing weeds in the perfect gardens are growing faster than the flowers. The fish ponds need to be refilled as the hot uncalled summer reduces the water level.

Life is a blend of perfections and imperfections. Nothing in this life is guaranteed. There is no smooth ride through life. The truth is out there where hurdles blend within blessings and life finds her own course as we figure out our own destination.

I found out within the walls of a majestic house and marble floors, there was a very snobby person whom I did not like. As I watched her looking back at me through the reflection pond within my soul, I let her move out. Today, I see a spiritually awakened person in her place as I watch and see myself in her place. A person who sees the teardrops of all, not just the ones reflecting in my own pond looks back at me. I see a person who finds dawn as the perfect gift of a lifetime, not just vacationing within the Caribbean islands. I realized both are perfect.

Nothing is wrong with vacationing throughout this globe as long as I don’t let myself be left within the Caribbean Sea. The journey through this Earth and life is perfect as long as the person living the life does not get lost within the journey of life.

Find yourself first and know it’s your perfect life.

The hurdles or blessings are your personal journey to awaken you to be a stronger person through life. Let your journey be there as a guide for all the travelers whom follow your footsteps. Leave the footsteps on the path as guidance for all the future travelers.

Watch the reflection in the pond. Know there is nothing wrong with this picture as this is your personal painting of a person you know you are proud of.

Today, as you watch all over social media, people are taking a summer vacation, or meeting up with family, do not let this put you down. If you cannot take your family on a perfect summer vacation or be with your perfect family members, it is alright. Be yourself first and take a deep breath. Let go of all the disappointments and the inner anger. Set yourself above all of these feelings.

Feel for yourself and know you can take a walk under the blessed stars and count on them as your perfect vacation or family members who watch over you every night.

Celebrate your personal awakening and know life is a journey. You are the traveler and this is your personal diary, not the perception of other people or their personification of you.

Let go of all the disappointments. Know there is a star above in the night sky watching over you. Now look into the pond and see the perfect star shining back at you. This is where you should awaken and know there is no need to put up a show or a drama. This is your life, your way. You are the perfect star who is going to be someone’s blessed messenger in the future.

Send your personal messages through time as you travel your way. Send your personal messages to the future, where others shall be walking through the same path you have walked upon. Let them know you are the life traveler. You are leaving a note for them to be guided by within the future.

Life is perfect just the way it is and we are all different.

Don’t let social media be a peer pressure stage, but be there spreading your words of wisdom. Life is different and we all are there as the perfect stars. Some you notice and some you don’t, yet all are blinking within their own space.

Financial, physical, or emotional burdens shall all be there as companions of our lives. Today, allow the positive vibes from your inner soul to be your guide. Call upon the positive energy from this Earth and let this be your perfect summer vacation and perfect family vacation. Let your positive energy be the healing power your soul needs.

Spread this healing energy throughout your inner soul. Allow this to spread to the people who need this energy. After you finish your walk through the park and the reflecting water displays a positive person within her, let this positive face be the guide for the next person who shall come and be at the same reflecting pond you were standing by.

After your walk through the memory lanes of your past, know there is only one way in life and that is forward.

Let us walk with the positive healing energies on our own path of life forward.

This summer, I want all of you to take a permanent vacation from all negativities of life. This summer, give yourself a gift. Let this blessed gift be your personal vacation from all negativities. Befriend positivities and gift the future generations throughout time. Be positive. Let this Earth gift you positive energies as your best friend throughout life.

The footsteps left upon this Earth are individually created through individual journeys of life. This summer, don’t worry about building a sandcastle, but leave your positive footprints for all to be inspired by.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby





*This cover image is from my trip in the Netherlands.


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